Learning disabilities can be overcome

There is an excellent article in the September, 2008 Canadian edition of Readers Digest. You can read it all here. Titled “How Do You Spell Success,” it says, loud and clear, what I have been saying for most of my adult life as a dyslexia specialist and special educator — that children and adults with learning disabilities or attention deficits disorders CAN succeed with accommodations and supports.

Read this series of articles that I published here before. They explain how anyone can compensate for their learning problems. It’s not easy and requires a lot of hard work and commitment. But, with new ways of approaching reading and writing, learning disabilities can effectively be overcome.

5 thoughts on “Learning disabilities can be overcome

  1. OT but have you visited the Invisible Hand. Got there by accident today and was shocked at the defense a lawyer used in a case.


  2. The Reader’s Digest article is interesting. In reference to one quote from it: “While some people outgrow ADHD, one never outgrows an LD.”

    There is a growing body of evidence that this about LD needs to be reconsidered. There is some work going on in Utah, which deals these kinds of disabilities and many others not from an approach of accommodation, but instead literally retraining or re-organizing the brain. I have made use of their techniques and feel they are worth considering.


    I’ve been quietly reading your blog for a while and appreciate your contribution to Canadian education issues.


  3. Leslie — When I was in private practice, I saw change and major improvement all the time — to those who used the techniques I taught them — at a minimum of three times a week. I knew their brains were being reprogrammed but could never prove it. Now, there is so much going on in terms of research regarding brain plasticity. I agree with you that LD can be overcome in some people. But, certainly not all.

    But, it requires commitment and regular and constant practice and repetition of tasks that normally are the most difficult. To those who persevere, that is when change can happen.

    I wish I were younger and could get involved in this research now. So many exciting new things are happening. But, when I can write on it here, I do. I will look at your link this coming week.


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