Ontario & BC gov’ts vs teachers’ unions

Occasionally, when a post at my Crux of the Matter blog is about provincial politics, I will cross-post it here for BT visitors to read. It starts:

Teachers unions are always running a political campaign against something. In Ontario, its been report cards, trying to have fewer. In B.C., its been about standardized testing, trying to have none at all. In Ontario, parents have no doubt that the testing issue is surely the next battleground.

So, what is it all about, other than teachers’ unions simply battling government and parents so their members can earn more money for doing less? I mean, even as a former teacher and teacher educator, that is what it looks and sounds like to me.

Moira MacDonald has a column today in the Toronto Sun. She follows the Ontario education situation pretty closely and seems to think that the teachers’ union did not win everything they wanted in the battle of the report cards. What they wanted were two annual report cards instead of three — by dropping the fall report. What they got were two report cards and one fall “progress report.”

More at Crux of the Matter.

4 thoughts on “Ontario & BC gov’ts vs teachers’ unions

  1. I’ve watched for years how teachers and administration take every opportunity they can get to shut down schools to take paid time off. We all know of the union battles to have teachers do less and less in the classroom as you suggest. We also know that teachers want less and less responsibility over what happens in their classes too. But what is most worrying is the trend of teachers to shove the very fundamental aspect of their job; teaching onto the backs of students themselves. I think we have to start drawing a line in the sand for which teaches cannot cross.


  2. Well SD, I checked with my retired English teaching husband and we decided on writing it out as “it has been.” Whether “its been” or “it’s been,” both were clearly grammatically wrong. Thanks for the heads-up.


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