Video response to myths of prorogation

Here is a video Hunter at Out of the Dark put together in response to the over-reaction and myths put forward by many in the media and opposition parties with respect to the extension of the Christmas recess into a prorogation of parliament.

Even if the prorogation is actually from December 30th, 2009 until March 3, 2010, if you count the number of days beyond what would have been the end of the Christmas recess — January 25th — there really is only an additional 17 days for the prorogation. Truly, much ado about little!

The Truth of the 2010 Parliamentary Prorogation

20 thoughts on “Video response to myths of prorogation

  1. Thanks Sandy, it was due to your help that this video was created. A lot of citizen reporters offered advise and links and images to make it happen. Believe it of not, the photo of Layton really is a photo shopped image! H/T to Don!

    We need to respond to this proroguing nonsense, sometimes with facts, and sometimes with humour.


  2. Bravo, great post. Frankly, the only ones complaining about the prorogation are the (left-wing) media and people who’d never vote Conservative in a million years anyway.


  3. Does the 17 days exclude or include the Fridays that the MPs don’t usually sit in the HOC? I thought they usually head for home territory after “work” Thursday


  4. This is a great video! Well done everyone.

    Don’s photoshop skills are amazing too!

    So what the opposition parties and media are ranting about is 17 working days. I wonder if they would like to have those days tacked onto the other end at the end of the spring session? Would that make them feel better?


  5. Thank you to all concerned for this production. Thank you for the across the board communication and cooperation between bloggers and interested parties. It’s so much richer and certainly proves that sometimes, it “takes a village”.


  6. This video is poorly put together and misses the mark by a mile. However, if it gives the echo chamber over here something to cheer about, have at it. There’s little to be happy about in Conservaworld these days.


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  8. Liberal Albertan — I approved your comment just to show your pettiness. It was put together by amateurs and is meant to send a message with humour. You are obviously humourless. There is lots to be happy about in this country because the Conservative government is steering the ship very well — in the midst of a global downturn. Now, Ignatieff is another story.


  9. The real funny thing here is that the opposition can kick and scream all they want, but unless Libs (God help us) regain power that they would be prepared to give up the right of the PM to prorogue Parliament


  10. sorry new lap top…with very sensitive keys. Now to continue my point. Unless the Libs. are willing to give up the right to prorogue Parliament (should they regain power), then whats the point of all of the huffing and puffing. Great video, thanks.


  11. The libs voted against extended hours, two yrs in a row, so how serious are they about working.
    There is a long summer holiday coming, plus an Easter break. If they were serious, they could introduce a bill to cancel said recesses.
    OT, but why no pics of the supposed overflow crowd for iffy yesterday. The reports try to say this happened, and I think a lot of us thought of an auditorium. Looks like a very small room to me.
    And if libs were so anxious to work, why did they vote for such a long Christmas Break.


  12. much appreciated – wonder why the CPC does not propose a bill to limit the use of the (oft used by liberals) “prorogue” option, and then see where the outraged lieberals cast their vote ?


  13. Maybe Iggy will offer that up once an election is called and he and Harper are in the final debate night… wouldn’t be the first time a Liberal has practiced the “say anything to get your vote” approach… just look up “Red Book Promises” or “Axe da Tax” on google and you’ll get the message Albert Lib


  14. or maybe “Not with standing clause” if your short term memory is better than your long term one…


  15. Like it a lot. Conservatives need to respond to every allegation by the left on a timely basis. It has cost us before so many times. We need to get out the word on how we see things and why we do what we do. Good job.


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