“Crux-of-the-Matter” on U.S. site

First posted on December 9th, 2009 and updated recently, my thanks to U.S. based academics Drs. Howard Margolis and Gary Brannigan for featuring my article on “How to write a college/university essay.“That acknowledgment is very much appreciated.

I would encourage regular readers to check out their site and their recent book at this link, as well as my review about that book.

8 thoughts on ““Crux-of-the-Matter” on U.S. site

  1. Thanks Joanne. It’s the model I used when I taught university — with regular students, as well as with those who were struggling through with learning disabilities.


  2. Congrats Sandy-
    The next thing to add your accomplishments; you probably will be invited to speak at a University in the USA.


  3. Thanks Jen. Re speaking at a university — already did that given that is what I used to do before I retired. Now, I just write. 😉


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