Consequences of Ontario’s ELP/full-day JK/SK

The headline at reads: “Daycare system near collapse, advocates say” and states (h/t Jack’s Newswatch): “The loss of $63.5 million in federal child care cash next month and the fall launch of all-day kindergarten for 4- and 5-year olds is creating the ‘perfect storm’ in Ontario’s child care system, advocates warn.”

Am I surprised? No, not at all. In fact, since the Ontario legislature passed legislation to implement Ontario’s early learning program — referred to as either the ELP or full-day kindergarten — I have been writing that, while it was a good idea in principle, it likely was going to be a financial boondoggle with many unintended consequences.

So, does Premier McGuinty blame the timing of the implementation of the ELP for the reason there is a perfect storm? No he doesn’t. When questioned recently in the legislature by NDP leader Andrea Horwath, he said: “I call upon my colleague to join us in the efforts that we are making to convince the federal government that they should restore that funding on a permanent basis.”

So, now it is somehow the Conservative federal government’s fault that the McGuinty government didn’t weight all the potential consequences of implementing the ELP in 2010, even though they have known for four years that the federal cash would run out in the same year. In other words, the McGuinty government has no one to blame for the pending “perfect storm” then themselves.

c/p Jack’s Newswatch.

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