Help for parents to advocate on behalf of their kids

There is so much to do and keep track of when a parent is advocating for their own children, particularly at this time of the academic year as final report cards are being completed and schools are making plans for September. This is especially true if a school district wants to promote a child to the next grade who is clearly not ready to move ahead.

So, parents need a carefully prepared time line, a plan and a strategy about who to see, when they should see them and what they should expect, depending on legislation and regulations in the province or state they live in.

Just how do parents go about developing a plan and strategy to advocate on behalf of their kids? Well, to begin with, I would recommend they check out the various links on the Header Page — tips and guidelines that can help them move forward. And, no matter how alienated a parent may feel, they need to remember that, while they are not the professionals, they do know their children better than anyone else.

Endnote: For more information about the importance of parents being their child’s advocate, check out the side bar topic on “Dave Rutherford Show” where I was recently a guest regarding the “no fail/social promotion” issues.

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