Aboriginal “Charter of Forgiveness” for residential school abuses

Too often bloggers and professional journalists don’t write about positive news because negative stories or partisan controversies get more readers — as in if it bleeds, it leads. Well, not today as we learn about the aboriginal community’s “Charter of Forgiveness.” That charter is certainly good news because forgiving is one of the most difficult acts for human beings to do, particularly when physical and sexual abuse was involved. So, it is a huge step forward for the entire aboriginal community, to not only have a “National Forgiven Summit,” but to give the government the charter. As the CBC reported (h/t Jack’s Newswatch):

“Federal Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl has accepted a ‘charter of forgiveness’ from members of the aboriginal community as part of the healing process for survivors of Canada’s residential schools.Chief Kenny Blacksmith presented the charter Saturday at the National Forgiven Summit, a conference of Aboriginal Peoples in Ottawa.The charter was signed by elders and survivors, as well as young people, who said that the damage from residential schools is intergenerational.”

Next week, the long awaited “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” will begin to hold hearings on residential school abuses, a commission that will provide victims and their survivors a forum where they can share and record, for history, what really happened.

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