Ottawa-Carleton school board to ask if students are gay?

Why on earth is the Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board conducting a census about employment, religious affiliation and sexual orientation? I thought that was why Statistics Canada needed to maintain the mandatory long form census. I mean, can’t Ottawa-Carleton Board officials simply access general demographic data already available at StatsCan?  They certainly don’t need sexual orientation information to develop a health curriculum — given that is what the Ontario Ministry of Education does for them.

There are apparently two separate surveys. For students in JK to Grade 6, parents are being asked to complete the survey — a survey that includes asking whether or not they (the parents) are employed and their level of education. The second survey is for students in Grades 7 to 12 to complete themselves and includes asking them their sexual orientation.  As Matthew Pearson of the Ottawa Citizen writes (H/T Simeon/Sam Drakich):

“Both surveys touch on a wide range of issues, including academic abilities, bullying, extracurricular activities, cultural backgrounds and language, and religious affiliation. They ask respondents to identify the adult caregivers students live with most of the time, and provide a number of possible responses, including two fathers, two mothers and half the time each with mother and father.”

“Not surprisingly, the survey for older students includes questions about plans after high school. But it also asks about gender — and includes “transgender” as one possible response — and sexual orientation. Students are asked to identify their sexual orientation from a range of possible options, one of which is “prefer not to disclose.”

Prefer not to disclose? Might I suggest another possible option? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

3 thoughts on “Ottawa-Carleton school board to ask if students are gay?

  1. Easy answer tear it up and throw it in the garbage. These people are your typical left wing nosy bleeding nut jobs. Haven’t they just had elections for school boards?


  2. P.O’d – good idea. I would encourage as many students as possible to lie. Make their survey useless.


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