Keep pressure on McGuinty re subsidizing foreign students

Hopefully, the Canadian media and conservative bloggers, particularly those covering Queen’s Park in Toronto, will not let up on the pressure for the McGuinty Liberal government to cancel the program to subsidize international doctoral students to the tune of $40,000 dollars a year.

That money is Ontario taxpayers money. It should be spent on Ontario students, not foreign students who have never contributed to the Canadian economy in any way. Here is what I have written before on this topic.

This is not about prejudice or bigotry towards Chinese-Canadians who work extremely hard and pay taxes like everyone else. No, this is about a government, a Liberal government, who is willing to spend Ontario taxpayers money to bring people from other countries to get entitlements they don’t deserve. 

If you live in Ontario, write to your MPP and the Premier and tell them you want the allocated $30 million Ontario tax dollars to go towards lowering university and college tuitions.

Can you just imagine Liberal and media reaction if it had been a conservative government who had announced such a policy?

Update: Here is a link to the Ontario PC Party’s petition: “Keep Ontario dollars for Ontario students.” Print it off and get all your friends and relatives to sign it and send it c/o MPP Jim Wilson. The Queen’s Park address is at the bottom of the petition. Let Dalton McGuinty know that he shouldn’t be spending Ontario taxdollars to educate foreign students.

Further Update: For some reason I have been having some problems getting the Ontario PC petition link to work. If anyone has similar difficulty, I would recommend visiting the Ontario PC Party website and then click on their direct link to the petition.

7 thoughts on “Keep pressure on McGuinty re subsidizing foreign students

  1. McGuinty’s idea not that bad but politically not so smart. I believe if he loses the election it will be the HST that does him in like Gord Campbell. Always a disaster to listen to Bay Street capitalists who insisted Harper and Flaherty encourage the HST over mainstreet that did not want it.

    When the choce is “the people” or the fat cat parisites on Bay St, how stupid is it to listen to the latter?


  2. You only bring in foreign talent when you lack it. Does Canada lack talent or is talent not being developed here anymore for political and economic reasons? That is the question.


  3. “the people or fat cat parasites on Bay St”? No doubt living one’s life with such a simple view of the world makes for a comfortable existence, however it seems a little vacuous. What happens when large numbers of “the people” work in the corporate sector involving the “parasites on Bay St.”? Keep in mind that we’re not all suckling on the public teat.


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  5. It’s an outrage that the government would even think of scholarships for foreign students when the average Ontario family is struggling to pay the basic needs. My daughter will be graduating with a huge student loan. In the past year our taxes have gone up, our hydro bill has increased and the cost of transportation is almost out of our reach. What about us, Mr.McGuinty?? Where do we come in? Right, I forgot. We pay the taxes!


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