Brains alone will not get you into McMaster Medical School

Here is a very interesting article from today’s Globe and Mail. Written by James Bradshaw, it states: “In late October, the first 3,548 applicants to McMaster’s program took the Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics, or CASPer. With its advent, the school is putting less emphasis on students’ grades than ever before in an effort to groom better, more balanced doctors.

To read the whole article, go here. What readers will find is that, although McMaster’s medical training admission criteria will depend less on grades (although it goes without saying that all students will need to be smart) and grade point averages, more  emphasis will be put on an applicant’s problem-solving abilities, communications skills and cultural sensitivity. Not a bad thing when bedside manner is nearly as important as skills.

2 thoughts on “Brains alone will not get you into McMaster Medical School

  1. It sounded good until I saw ‘cultural sensitivity’ which is a Liberal politically correct term.


  2. Real Conservative — Cultural sensitivity may have been co-opted by progressives but it is also a conservative value. I appreciate a doctor that is gender sensitive, for example, since I have had my share of chauvinists over my lifetime. I saw an example of it just recently. I was at a gyn. and a woman came in with a head covering, who was obviously Muslim. There were two doctors on call, one female and one male. Given she was pregnant, the nurse directed her to the female, who also happened to be my doctor. That was a type of cultural sensitivity I would have no problem with. We conservatives have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater just because progressives have made ideas politically correct. In the example I site, IMO, it was just being polite and understanding. The other issue is that all my doctors are now female for a reason. I may not require any cultural sensitivity but I do require choice, which in many ways is the same thing.


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