ON seeks extension in stimulus funds for skills training

Louise Brown has a column in ParentCentral.ca that explains what the Toronto PTP Adult Literacy and Employment Program does and why it is important to continue funding it. If the results show that adults are benefitting and getting out into the workforce, it would be tax money well spent. For example, Brown writes:

“In an open letter to Ottawa, Ontario’s minister of training, colleges and universities cautioned the shutdown of stimulus dollars would throw 13,000 students out of programs like PTP, deprive 29,000 students of help finding a summer job and remove training and job help for 7,000 new Canadians. ‘The effects of the recession aren’t going to end on March 31, especially for those folks who don’t have a lot of education,’ said MPP John Milloy, whose letter urges Diane Finley, federal minister of human resources and skills development, to keep providing an extra $315 million a year for training and literacy.”

However, in my opinion, what is confusing are the discrepancies in the numbers. On the one hand, there are claims that 1200 students are helped a year, while the above quote talks about 13,000 students. Which is it? Canadian taxpayers should not simply be funding jobs for teachers. I mean, let’s face it, $315 million is a lot to spend in a single year for that many students. So, the onus is on the Executive Director, Barbara McFater, to prove to the federal government and all Canadians — with specific results — that the money is being well invested.

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