Anti-Americanism & anti-conservative bias on CBC news

As Michael Coren recently said on his show (H/T Richco and General Brock), the knee jerk reaction by the Canadian media, particularly the CBC, to blame Sarah Palin and the U.S. Tea Party Movement for the Arizona tragedy, has been absolutely appalling.  I mean, as Barbara Yaffe writes today in the Vancouver Sun, we have our own history of political violence. And, Yaffe doesn’t even include the FLQ crisis of 1970 when Quebec provincial Cabinet Minister Pierre LaPorte was shot and killed — when there were Liberal governments in Ottawa and Quebec City.

Yet, there was Neil MacDonald on CBC’s The National two nights ago, reporting from Washington in the most hostile and critical tone I have ever heard. To access the video, simply click on the link in the right side bar, dated January 10th, 2011 and titled “Political rhetoric fuelling violence.” Then wait for the advertising to finish.  In MacDonald’s piece, he readily admits the alleged killer was mentally unstable and probably not a conservative or a Republican.

 Unfortunately, however, he doesn’t end his reportage there. Instead,  he shows a heavy-handed one-sided video presentation that consisted of a series of cut and paste video clips and a one-sided interview on the benefits of progressive thinking.  Unprofessional? Definitely. Unethical? Possibly. One thing is for sure, the splicing together of random clips reminded me of the time Stephen Taylor outed CBC reporter Christina Lawand for using a similar technique to misrepresent what PM Harper had said.

Specifically,  there are two clips where conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh speaks. In the second one, you can hear MacDonald’s voice over saying “This from a man who said the following” and then we hear Limbaugh saying:  “There is going to be a gang rape by a Democratic Party.” 

Now, the way I interpret that is not that Limbaugh was saying that those in the Democratic party should be raped but, rather the exact opposite, that the Democratic Party was going to rape someone else. And, given the vitriol thrown at Palin during the 2008 U.S. election, that was close to what happened.

For three examples, check out this New York Daily News opinion piece dated September 20th, 2008. Celebrity comedian Sandra Bernhard is quoted as saying Palin would “be gang raped by my black brothers,” black activist Charlie Rangel refers to Palin as disabled and comedian, Margaret Cho, says that Palin was “the worst thing to happen since 9/11.” Now, think about that last comment. More than 3000 people were killed by Islamic extremists on 9/11 but Palin is worse? If that is not violent rhetoric, I don’t know what is.

And, spare me the business about Palin showing Gabrielle Gifford’s congressional district as a target.  As Coren says so eloquently, that was a metaphor for taking back the district, not killing anyone. All politicians refer to targeting a riding or constituency. It is no more sinister than that.

The crux of the matter is that the CBC’s anti-Americanism and hatred towards all things conservative (including when Newsworld program hosts allow Liberal and NDP pundits and politicians to continually interrupt and talk over Conservative guests),  is destroying what little credibility they have left.


(1) Jack at Jack’s Newswatch has a number of links regarding the Arizona tragedy.

(2) BC Blue has a post up about how an Edmonton journalist has linked Ezra Levant to the Arizona assassination. Truly, what is really scary, progressives in this country, like in the U.S. are attempting to shut down free speech in any way they can. Speaking of hate speech?

(3) Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post — Massacre followed by libel (H/T Celestial Junk).

(4) Kerry Forrest on how Michael Harris bashed conservative American radio hosts and found it hard to find any callers who agreed with his point of view. Interesting.

(5) Sarah Palin responds at Canadiansense.

(6) A common sense column by a progressive, Thomas Walkom of the Toronto Star. Blame gun laws, not Palin.

(7) Mark Bonokoski in the Ottawa Sun says massacre in Arizona was NOT politically motivated.

10 thoughts on “Anti-Americanism & anti-conservative bias on CBC news

  1. The most disgraceful aspect of this story is that Neil MacDonals made these remarks not hours, but days after the murders, time in which many reporters established there was no evidence whatever linking the killer with S. Palin or the Tea Party.
    This struck me as familiar, and in a minute I had sourced the CBC story of Sept 2008 speculating that S. Palin was actually Trigg’s grandmother. The reporter, one Neil MacDonald. See this post from NP Jonathan Kay:
    “There is no record of the birth,” McDonald added somewhat breathlessly. “Some suspect that Trig is actually Palin’s grandson, and that Bristol, the now-pregnant teenage daughter, is the baby’s real mother.”

    All total nonsense, of course. Total taxpayer-funded nonsense.

    This is more than just a tiny factual slip-up. This was a marquee segment on the CBC’s crown jewel — The National — delivered by the network’s Washington correspondent at a major political event. How is it that McDonald would base his whole story on a political hoax that thousands of humble Web surfers like my friend had debunked a full two days earlier?

    This CBC “reporter” has a pathological hatred of Governor Palin that is beyond explanation. Yet he is free to spread rumours under the guise of reporting.


  2. The so-called progressive left is watching their vaunted social engineering agenda slowly sinking beneath the waves and, now that the public is coming to realize that these costly programs are little more than make-work projects for all the university grads with useless degrees, they are in a panic. They can’t abide the fact that taxpayers would some day push back against their smug assertions that they, and only they, have the solutions to the problems facing Canada and the U.S. and they react with vitriolic attacks on anyone with opposing views and, in usual lefty fashion they blame conservatives for driving the rhetoric. The CBC demonstrates their progressive bias in every program they offer up as fact, and you can almost see the steam coming out of Evan Soloman’s ears every time someone has the temerity to disagree with his progressive/socialistic agenda.


  3. Everything here makes good sense.

    Gun laws have nothing to do with this, as there are many already on the books.

    This is a isolated incident. Isn’t it comical how the left have to go back to T. McVeigh to build their case. Strange how a Muslim in the USA army was alleged to have killed 13 fellow soldiers while the leftists were screaming restraint on his motive.

    This has to do with people who live in reality versus people who live in their own mind.

    Communism and socialism need to be destroyed.

    Toronto has a higher crime rate than the Great State of Vermont yet Vermont is a very liberal state with lax gun laws.

    Gun control only controls law abiding citizens.


  4. Steve — I corrected the errors and took out a line so as not to inflame the rhetoric even more.

    Canada is very different than the U.S. in spite of what the CBC spouts. Given our health care system, etc., we are already socialist, albeit not as far left as the opposition would like. In fact, our Conservative government, ideologically, is somewhere in between Democrats and the Republicans — if we can even do a comparison. Mind you, doesn’t stop the CBC from such comparisons.


  5. I usually find hateful, anti government rhetoric in the CBC comment section on the internet. If Neill MacDonald is worried about media using violent anti government rhetoric he need look no farther than the CBC. The “at issue panel” is always anti government. They continually predict Stephen Harper’s government collapse.


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  7. When liberal Scott Reid said “KILL HIM, KILL HIM DEAD AND PUT HIM IN HIS GRAVE” CBC welcomes him into their club. No outcry or outrage nor a public apology to the PMSH was ever uttered nor don’t expect one. Yet the CBC has the audacity to find fault with Sarah Palin.


  8. i have a theory about the CBC lets say they present a story on their website with only the proviso that it can be commented on. then they let the ”readers”loose to spew every form of anti Harper or anti Palin venom .This is the real point of the story. i challenge anyone to go on there website and see there is no way that these comments are representative of Canadians . if they were there would be an overwhelming socialist majority. Why in the hell do i have to pay for this?


  9. The left in Canada are anti-American and when Republicans are in power they let loose. It was a gift to us for Dems to hold the all three houses and have cover in cooperating with Obama regarding the war in Afghanistan, environment etc.

    The Left were stuck with invoking George Bush in 2010 as an excuse.

    Sarah Palin, Conservatives were blamed and “facts” were not necessary. Like most cases the smears demonstrate the desperation of the liberals and their entitlements.

    The writing is on the wall in Europe, US and Canada and a day of reckoning is coming to pay the note.


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