What has the Harper gov’t accomplished in five years?

In the mainstream media lately, Liberals and journalists have been asking what the Harper government has accomplished over the past five years. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all those asking that question, to check out the list of accomplishments here. As readers will note, as of February 4, 2011, there are 70 accomplishments in total with the 20 most important highlighted in blue.  

So, in answer to the question: Is Canada better off after five years of the Stephen Harper led Conservative government? Absolutely!

11 thoughts on “What has the Harper gov’t accomplished in five years?

  1. Goldhawk On CPAC said the Harper Govt. did nothing in the 5 years he was in Govt. I sent him an email with your list and asked him to be truthful with his guests and callers.


  2. Good OG — I want everyone to do that over and over again until they get the message — we are not stupid and as gullible as some in the media believe. Look what happened to Rob Ford — the more they trashed him, the more popular he got. I was going to say “not by a long shot” but feared it was no longer politically correct to say.


  3. The Libluvin media just can’t make up their collective minds.
    They attack everything the Harper government does, insisting he’s changing their liberal Canada , and then on the next page say PMSH has done nothing his 5 years as PM.

    Sandy, thanks for the countless hours of work you have put into this link.


  4. Your welcome guys. I also just went in and highlighted five more to a total of 20 out of 69. How anyone can suggest the Harper government hasn’t done anything is just, in my opinion, wilfull ignorance — of the don’t ask, don’t tell variety.


  5. Yes, I’d also like to commend you on a job well done. I was looking for the amt. that PM Harper paid down on the debt and couldn’t find it? I think that is something that no one seems to mention in the media also.


  6. Yes, Ontario Girl, I used to have that entry on my list about the two payments off the debt. But, once we had to be in deficit, I removed them for the time being. If in the 2011 budget, we can show that those billions paid down made a difference overall, I’ll add them again. The balance has always been difficult. I don’t want my list to be interpreted as spin because it isn’t. Every accomplishment is reality no matter whether the numbers are up or down. And, yes, the stimulus phases are accomplishments because they kept the country solvent and were insisted upon by the “coalition” crew.


  7. I just felt that showing the amt that was paid down on the debt, before we went into deficit, was something positive for the way the PM was working towards balanced budgets. Of course all that changed after the coalition threats to spend more, thus where we find ourselves today. The partys first original budget was correct…too bad. I still have faith. Better then the Lib/NDP/Block Coalition. Now that would be trouble. Thanks for your explaination.


  8. Given the economic turmoil worldwide over the last few years I don’t think there’s the black mark against the Cons that’d happen if we were standing out in running a deficit or increasing the debt. As it is our fiscal position relative to lots of other countries is quite laudable. What does strike me is how some parties, federal and proincial , are dead keen on putting in multi-billion dollar plans that won’t go away. This isn’t about stimulus spending that’ll end once it isn’t required, rather this is about a permanent runup in spending. I have little respect for politicians who promise the moon then hit the floor and roll for cover when asked how much it’d cost and how they’d pay for it.

    I saw Iggy in that position, regarding their so-called “childcare plan”, and it was painful to watch (in a good way!)


  9. FYI — I just added the following “Endnote” to the bottom of this post:

    I will be busy over the next little while dealing with both health issues and finishing a research report. As such, new postings on Crux-of-the-Matter will either be few and far between or not at all — meaning if there is a federal election, I will not be taking part as a blogger. However, I plan to leave this post and link to my Harper government accomplishment list at the top during my absence. Comments on posts older than 30 days will automatically be closed, while more recent comments will be on full moderation. My sincere thanks to all the regulars who have stopped by here and the theretirededucator.com over the past five years!”


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