The Liberal & media attack on Bev Oda is mysogny!

I have been on hiatus for a couple of weeks and during that time I have been able to sit back and watch television and read the blogs. And, what I have seen and read is not pretty. In fact, in the nearly fifty years of following politics, I have never seen and heard the opposition parties and most of the mainstream media, behave as they have in the last few days, with their over-the-top allegations regarding Conservative Cabinet Minister, the Honourable Bev Oda, and “not” continuing funding for Kairos Canada.

In fact, the venom they are spewing is an embarrassment to all Canadians, regardless of political affiliation. Clearly, what we are seeing is the extent of the desperation of the federal Liberals, NDP and Bloc, for power,  not what is best for the country — just as we are coming out of a severe economic downturn.

As many know, I worked for an Ontario MPP from 1995 until 1999 who also happened to be the Parliamentary Assistant to a minister. In that role, I know first hand that staff use the electric pen to sign documents for their bosses all the time. It is not considered “forgery.”  On the recommendation of the PA or Minister, staff might also be instructed to insert words like “not.” It is not rocket science. It is business as usual.  And, given how many documents are signed by a Cabinet Minister in any given week, it is not lying to not remember who inserted a particular “not.”

In other words, Oda did not perjure herself. She did not lie. She did not forge her own signature. It is all exaggeration and bullying and, like with Helena Guergis, is nothing short of mysogny.

Yesterday, for example, the Liberal Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff said outside the HOC in his scrum, “this woman, this minister.” When did he or anyone in his caucus refer to a male MP as “this man, this minister?”  He also said: “She has to go.” Why? She didn’t do anything wrong. Everything that is being alleged is heresay and bluster, information they have known about for two years!

I have tried to recall a time when a male member of the Liberal Party has been treated like this? Either by the media or the Conservatives. Yet, when the Conservative Party of Canada ads came out, using Michael Ignatieff’s own words, the Liberals and many in the media called them “attack ads” and the Conservatives, bullies.

Well, this blatant media bias and embarrassing nonsense in the House of Commons has to stop.  And the Speaker of the House should be doing his job instead of playing partisan politics with people’s lives and traditions. When the royal couple’s wedding and subsequent Canadian visit was announced yesterday, for example, he should have put a stop to the disrespectful screaming and yelling. This is Canada, for goodness sake.

So, where are all the feminists out there decrying the treatment of Oda? What is it about conservative females that it is okay to treat us like scum? Can professional females like myself not be considered feminist simply because we currently support PM Stephen Harper and the federal Conservative party? And, why not? Isn’t that what choice is supposed to be about?  Not that all women must choose the same options, but that we have the right to make different choices.

On reproductive choice, for example, my choice would have been to not have an abortion. I also chose, along with my partner, to have both a career and a family.  However, I respect women who make other choices, particularly those who choose to work full-time in the home. The irony is that feminism began (and yes, I was in school during that decade and remember well the separate “male and female help wanted ads”) in the 1950’s as a reaction to not having those  types of choices.

Is it any wonder, then, that women do not want to run for political office? Oda chose to run for a seat in the House of Commons. Her voters elected her. She is accountable to the people of her riding and the country. As such, a quiet dignified parliamentary committee investigation should be allowed to examine all the facts. In the meantime, she does not deserve to be treated like a piece of dirt to be stepped on and laughed at. 

Yet, that is how Canada’s federal opposition parties and the media are treating Oda — which, in my opinion, is mysogny.

C/P at Jack’s Newswatch.

54 thoughts on “The Liberal & media attack on Bev Oda is mysogny!

  1. For some unfathomable reason, the Opposition believes that they must oppose every aspect of the Conservative government. What’s best for the country is irrelevant. The Toronto-based media has always maintained an anti-Conservative posture. You’re correct, Sandy. Ms. Oda is being attacked without justification. This is another example of just how thin Canadian unity is. In Canada, principles are flexible. Women have equal rights (sometimes).


  2. Thankyou Sandy! The old white men of the MSM seem pretty pleased with themselves while they pile on to destroy Bev ODA. I find this whole thing revolting.
    I sincerely hope that Prime Minister Stephen Harper stands with this cabinet minister in the battle with the old boys club!


  3. Great post. Nice to see some common sense on this blown out of the water situation, by the drowning opposition members, being supported (once again )by the Liberal media, CBC and CTV. NNW is having a feeding frenzy over this. Give the dogs a bone…..
    These are the very parties that say “WOMEN” don’t support PM Harper.


  4. Like you, Sandy, I worked in a Minister’s Office in Ottawa in the 1990s (it was a Liberal Minister, but that doesn’t really matter, all ‘MOs’ operate in roughly the same way). They also used the signature ‘arm’ to sign-off on documents of all kinds (even stuff to the PMO) when the Minister wasn’t around. In most ‘MOs’ there are literally hundreds, sometimes thousands of items that need to be signed every week. Very occasionally, something is signed in error. What the opposition is screaming about this week actually happened occasionally in the office where I worked at the time.

    I agree with you completely, the historionics we’re seeing out of the PPG and the opposition parties is ridiculous. It’s one thing to criticise a Minister, it’s another to spit venom and hate like crazed fools. By way of contrast, when Jane Stewart was in the middle of what has come be known as the ‘$6 billion boondoggle’ she was given a hard time (and rightly so, some answers were needed) but it never descended to this. In fact, I don’t think Diane Ablonzcy–who was handling the file in QP at the time–ever raised her voice in the house.


  5. Does anyone else recall Robert Fife musing about the demotion of Bev Oda before the last changes to the cabinet in January? The old white guys in the MSM and the opposition have been plotting this for a while.
    I am no feminist but this whole thing has hit a nerve with me.


  6. I agree Bob in Ottawa. I was equally outraged over the treatment of Rudy Dhalla a few years ago. It is wrong to get so personal. I just can’t imagine how that poor woman is feeling today seeing the photo of her smoking all over the media. This is nothing short of abuse.


  7. I totally agree with your comments and do not, for a minute, believe that it is justified in any way. I’ve even read blogs on “Blogging Tories” that seemed very quick to judge Bev Oda before they have the information to make that judgement.

    Thanks for your comments …….


  8. Excellent piece Sandy, ( I wish you would have stuck it to the disgusting media harder). One thing that is being overlooked here is the fact that Oda made clear this funding was to be denied. Her beaureacratic underlings instead tried to sneak something through on her – maybe she would just sign it without reading it.

    So to me the big story is the rougue elements within her ministry. Can you imagine the outcry if she would have signed the “approved” copy and then treid to rescind it?


  9. Excellent post, and I agree 100%. There are many questions re that document, including the date stamps. Could you answer this, in your work with the MPP, did you or the office or whatever, keep copies of signed documents. Whenever I have signed, there is always a copy for me and thee. And the dates are handwritten.
    I suspect dirty work at CIDA or Kairos or civil servants attempting to pull a fast one to say, see, she approved funding.
    Just had a call from a client, and she asked what I thought of the minister forging a document. I set her straight in a hurry. She said, all I have seen or heard is what is on TV.
    She will be searching the net for Kairos, committee meeting etc. As she has just been thru a lot of business needing signatures, witnesses, dates she is aware of how things are done. I think Bev and the PM were blindsided by this attack. Why did it take so long for it to come out she was out of the country on that day. Why didn’t the others signers put on the date.
    And couldn’t she go after that photographer who published her picture without permission. And I hope the PM sicks his lawyers on to Iggy for defamation of character for calling him a liar and making unproven accusations against him.
    The good news today is that, if we have an election May 2, we can send iggy and a lot of his caucus to the unemployment line.
    Has iggy considered what will lead the headlines in April, and the photo ops for our PM and his wife as they attend the Royal Wedding on April 29. At least he picked the right day for an election, Monday.
    I think the Speaker should get a lot of mail re his handling of the HofC and letting the opposition yell and scream when our side is talking.
    I doubt if their hidden agenda of making the PM so mad he calls an election so they are off the hook will work.


  10. Well said, Sandy! This is exactly what I wanted to read, a thoughtful, well researched, factual take on the event. I had already decided on their abysmal treatment of Minister Oda but I hadn’t wrapped my head around the event and now you have provided that clarity.

    Sadly, all of these crazies from the Opps know this reality that you have so clearly explained and they have chosen to create a political circus instead. One can only assume that the optics for a naive Canadian voter is what they are after. Not the truth or respect.

    I hope you send this to all major news outlets. It’s required reading.


  11. Welcome back Sandy!! Great post.

    What the opposition parties and liberal media are doing is totally disgusting. For me that photo of Bev Oda grabbing a smoke was the last straw.


  12. Misogyny? Is it misogyny to express regret that someone so spectacularly unqualified for the job should be in it?

    I’m a fifth-generation Progressive Conservative, and I am disgusted by the lack of truth I see in the culture of the Harper Government. Bev Oda’s case is a spectacularly clumsy example of this gang’s lack of reverence for the facts. Harper’s denials yesterday reminded me very much of Bill Clinton’s denials back in the day, and my gag reflex reacted in the same way.

    Rod in Forfar


  13. very good Sandy, and please send this to the major networks before their political shows at 5. Someone has to tell them right from wrong. That picture of Bev was very much abuse and all the women’s groups should be screaming over that, and the papers should be sued for printing it without her consent.


  14. Rodcros — What on earth are you talking about? Your position is obvious given you have a “dump Oda” petition on your blog.

    IMO, there is no lack of truth culture in the Conservative government. It is not a lack of reverence for the facts when someone is denying they did something. And, comparing this situation to Clinton is just another example of what I am talking about. You have obviously never worked in a political environment because as Bob, says, Cabinet Ministers, Liberal and Conservative, are faced with hundreds of documents each and every day.

    However, I approved your comment just so others could see what the Harper gov’t has to deal with — a complete lack of logic.


  15. Thanks for this post Sandy, it should be sent off to the media hacks and those opposition MP’s who are savagely attacking Bev Oda. Like you, I have never seen anything like it, words can’t describe how appalling it is. Surely she can take some action to deal with this, they should not get away with it.


  16. Forgot to add, the treatment of this poor woman constitutes abuse. Can anyone imagine the stress this is causing her?


  17. Ruth — I don’t feel comfortable sending my URL to CBC or CTV but anyone who wants to is more than welcome to do it. Yesterday, the pile on was beyond disgusting and, in fact, was repulsive.


  18. Liz J. — I just can’t imagine how this is affecting her. I cringe to even think about it.


  19. Mary T — I see where you had to put “Marry” again. Sorry about that. But, hey, we all know who you are!!!! Re your comment on the speaker, feel free to send his office the URL for this post.


  20. Jo — Your comment ended up in the spam filter. Sorry about that. I agree. That photo was the last straw for me as well and got me off my hiatus. 😉 I wanted Bev Oda’s name to get on the search engines so that another side of the story was told and heard.


  21. Things were somewhat different when Liberals formed the government. Yesterday I heard a couple of times on MSM news, that Ms. Oda would be the first Canadain cabinet minister to be found to be in contempt of parliament. A search of brings up this ruling by the speaker Mar 2001, concerning Justice Minister, Anne McLellan:

    “The Speaker stated that in this instance, the denial of information necessary to Members in order for them to do their work had been the key consideration for the Chair. In his view, it was clear that information concerning legislation, although denied to Members, was given to members of the media without any effective measures to secure the rights of the House. The Speaker ruled that this constituted a prima facie contempt of the House and invited Mr. Toews to move a motion. Mr. Toews moved to refer the matter to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs for further study. The motion was adopted and accordingly, the matter was referred to committee”.

    I don’t know how this played out, presumably Liberals used their majority to prevent a finding of contempt. It would just be good for once to see some historical content from commentators and the media on matters like these.


  22. I was always under the impression that Rod in Forfar was a long time NDP supporter in Manitoba. Who knew he was a long time Progressive Conservative supporter? Not Manitobans…


  23. Jane Taber has more rude comments too.
    I would love to tweet her, but I’m afraid of what I might say.
    I’m sure glad you came back from hiatus….we need you here. Thanks.


  24. Fay — Interesting. Rod an NDP supporter eh? That’s the thing about the blosophere. You can’t claim to be a PC when you are not and then have no one notice. LOL


  25. Thanks Ruth. The atmosphere has been so hostile, I have, for the most part, ignored what has been happening. At least twice a day, however, I would visit BLY and that was where I noticed what the opposition and media were doing to Oda. And, frankly, this morning I just couldn’t ignore things anymore. If those of us who have a voice do not speak up, then who will? There is an old saying something to the effect: “It is enough that the good do nothing for evil to triumph.”


  26. You know Martin, now that you mention the Anne McLellan incident, I do remember. The thing is the way Toews dealt with it. He quietly and respectfully referred it to committee for further study. That is exactly where this incident should have been left. Yet, even the committee is making a political football out of it. And, yet, Liberals and progressives say it is conservatives who are promoting the lack of civility. Well, it is no longer just about civility. It is about stopping verbal abuse.


  27. Sandy; good and valid points, the opposition coalition puff up their chests and defend women’s rights, say they are equal opportunity employers and then denigrate Conservative women in Caucus and cabinet: Remember Rona Ambrose when she was environment minister, Helene Geurgis as minister for the status of women and also parlliamentary secretary to the foriegn affairs. Lisa Raitt and the list goes on.
    A question: The defunding Kairos was done in October 2009, why all of a sudden in February 15, 2011 28 months after the fact is it such a priority, could the Liberal Party of Canada be playing political games because of an impending election?
    Second: Could this ploy be a way to received free advertising from the MSM? Thereby circumventing the election advertising rules?

    I am not condoning Ms. Oda, the proper way for her to handle the defunding was to right not in place, initial the change and put the date the change was made. This is simply a mistake and not a breach of Parliament as the LPOC with their Coalition partners are trying to potray. If the Speaker of the house can only rule that there is no breech of parliamentary previledge.


  28. To Rod, gee, for a 5th generation PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE you have sure been in the dark for the past several years. That party has not existed Federally for a long time. The PM has never been leader of that party.


  29. Rodcros – Oda was elected. In a democracy, that is sufficient qualification. Your terminology is intentionally insulting. It’s been my observation that people usually resort to insults when they have no substantiated complaint. I appreciate your stating of your biases (5th generation biases). I have never supported or joined any political party. I don’t have a dog in this fight.

    I see Bev Oda as being slandered by the Opposition and the media. I don’t know if it’s misogyny or if she’s simply being attacked because she’s a Conservative. I do know that her detractors are on their knees scratching at the ground in an effort to dig up some dirt. That type of excessive zeal is neither objective nor reasonable.

    The published photo of Oda having a cigarette outside is really an extreme stretch in an effort to discredit her. This is not journalism. It’s the biased, intentional misinformation of the public for political purposes – THAT’S THE MAINSTREAM “national” MEDIA IN CANADA ! The Opposition is not concerned with truth or what’s best for the country. Neither is the mainstream media. Neither is Rodcros.


  30. Liberal MSM treatment of Bev is beyond despicable, I’m beginning to think liberal MSM is full of hateful misogynistic males. I cannot believe some of the assertions MSM is throwing out there, they are talking like she’s been found guilty of some offense and they lick their lips in anticipation regarding what her sentence is going to be in one incident the guy talking said parliment could sent her to jail. Tried in abstentia via a MSM witch-hunt now they are slathering at her sentence, gawd I’m surprised they haven’t dug a pit to stone her in.


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  32. I am disgusted as well–I have been on every site telling this garbage MSM what I think. What else can we do? Any ideas?


  33. Susie — Just keep telling the media, what they are doing is wrong and nothing more than yellow journalism. And, feel free to send the URL for this post to Liberal and NDP MPs, and the Speaker of the House. The politicians are, afterall, supposed to be accountable to the Canadian people.


  34. I thought that was a rather disgraceful exhibition on Power Play by Travers and Robert Fife on Wednesday, to celebrate the unflattering and tasteless picture, that Canadian Press captured and circulated to all the news media of Bev Oda and the cigarette, which they guaranteed would be carried and shown all over by their professional ( using term very loosely) brethren – doesn’t say much for our media does it as it sinks to another low?
    For Travers and Fife to make light of this disgusting act, and their ensuing guffaws, should raise the ire of women across Canada, for this juvenile treatment and intrusion of a private moment. To think that 24 hours earlier, both Travis and Fife were lecturing politicians about tasteless and vulgar personal attacks, and that they had no place in a civilized society( do we recall the picture of Chretien that was condemned by these same two individuals), yet in this case they applauded, if not cherished, this disgraceful act. They can not deny that they were amused and relished this offensive photo and its’ resulting publicity, which they helped contribute to. Are we to assume that journalist have a different standard and code of ethics which may be even worse than that of politicians – or are these two an exception to the rule? I will believe, they are the exception, when I hear some of their brethren condemn them for their disgraceful actions, or that they sincerely apologize to all Canadians and women in particular, or preferably both.
    Any journalist worth his salt would have condemned and despised this act of yellow journalism.
    I am reminded of the old saying “I hear the laughter of the vacant minds”
    Does CTV and Power Play owe their viewers an apology – you decide?


  35. Bev Oda has been our MP for several years and has done her job with integrity. This attack on her is unbelievable, and disgusting. She is well respected and liked in the Durham region, and will win her seat again.


  36. Thankyou Greenleaf for that information. I am not the least bit surprised given the list of accomplishments on her “About” page. Maybe she doesn’t have the slick charisma of some, but that shouldn’t matter one bit. If I was one of her constituents, I would be very angry.


  37. One of the reasons I put this blog on hiatus was the nastiness of the parliamentary press gallery and opposition. Yet, in the weeks I have been away, it has even gotten worse than it was in early January. I can’t even watch CTV or CBC news anymore, let alone their politics programs. I actually miss Don Newman, as he was was at least respectful to his guests.

    It seems that the desperation for power by some in the coalition parties and the hope by some in the liberal dominated media to get rid of the Harper conservatives, that they have lost their professionalism and dignity.


  38. I cross-posted this column on JNW and UV, a regular contributor, left that link to the Guelph Mercury as well. Blow back may just be what is happening. And, thank heavens if that is the case because I would criticize this reaction to a political event no matter which political party was in power — if it was an Ontario Liberal Cabinet Minister, for example. Wrong is wrong, abuse is abuse, no matter what the politics.

    Some people have the vision that a Cabinet Minister sits at a very neat desk signing off on letters and documents. That just isn’t reality. In fact, Cabinet Ministers rarely see the letters they are supposed to have signed. Each Minister has a separate communications department, staffed by public servants, with anywhere from a dozen to thirty or more employees. My boss, as the Minister’s PA, would sign off on things he knew the Minister had not seen and would likely never see. It’s the sheer numbers. It’s physically impossible to do. As I have said elsewhere, there is probably no way to know who put that “not” in the document — just that Ms Oda had made it clear that Kairos funding was cancelled.

    Given that Oda was responsible for all of CIDA, can you just imagine the number of documents she was supposed to sign off. If her staff used the electric pen, then she didn’t even see the document. Period.

    No, I would look deeply into Oda’s department to get to the bottom of this story. Plus I would wonder why it has taken two years to come to the fore. Like who tipped off the Liberals and their coalition partners and when did they tip them off.

    Boy, do I ever hope that the truth comes out — all of it, even if some of it is not flattering. But, making things up and throwing allegations around as fact, it is beyond yellow journalism.


  39. One other thing about these polls that show the Conservatives near a majority. I think they are scare tactics. I can remember when the Reform Party was close to winning seats in Niagara. The polls showed that reality three days before the federal election. The St. Catharines Standard had a front page edition two days before the election something to the effect: “Reform set to sweep Niagara ridings.” And, guess what? It scared people and the Liberals won in all four ridings. You know, the scary agenda business. Well, given their behaviour, the current federal Liberals and their partners are the ones with the scary and hidden agenda.


  40. Perhaps we Conservative gals and pals should start an online petition asking our fellow Canadians to sign it condemning Liberal MSM? We need to ask the court of public opinion if the public want’s to hold the Liberal MSM accountable? I’ve had all I can take of the liberal media attacking this native female like she isn’t a human being but mere meat for them to rip apart to help the liberal party score cheap political points. I couldn’t watch powerplay, I was sickened after mere minutes.


  41. I would support such a petition or FB page. By the way, Bev Oda is of Japanese heritage, not Aboriginal. But, it is still just as wrong to score political points at her expense. Funny, it was wrong when the former federal PC Party had the ad of former PM Chretien’s mouth misalignment, yet the media is showing the dark glasses Ms. Oda wore when outside smoking. She has just had eye surgery for goodness sake. Another double standard.


  42. Double standards are what to PPG and Ontario Media elite are all about. This is yet another chapter of the viceral hatred of the CPC government from the media and the Lieberals who have yet to get over the fact they lost in 2006.


  43. Great post Sandy, the treatment of Minister Oda has been sickening to witness. The bullying currently being performed by the media and their coalition comrades is nothing less than “repulsive”. Yet another example of how unfit for office Igg and his coalition comrades are. A disgusting, targeted, contrived, co-ordinated, lynching. Despicable, vile behaviour from the media and the Lib/Separatist coalition.


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  46. Rodcros here. First, a bit of background. Yes, I am or was a fifth generation Progressive Conservative until Mike Harris made a reluctant Liberal out of me. I deeply admired John Robarts, Bill Davis, John Crosbie, Joe Clark, and my personal favourite, Flora McDonald. John Matheson was the one Liberal in my early years who won and held my admiration. Frankly, I never thought much of the others, but there was nowhere else to turn when Harris and his acolytes took over in Ontario, and then remnants of his crew formed up around Harper in Ottawa. After he left to grow fat on Bay Street.

    Why am I so angry at Stephen Harper? He’s a plagiarist, for starters. I learned early on in my career as an educator that a plagiarist must be stopped early and firmly, or he or she will come to no good. The culture of the Harper Government in fact has come to no good. The fundamental decencies which make up Western-style democracy don’t seem to mean anything to these guys. The PMO rules the country. Harper prorogues and leaves Dimitri Soudas in charge?

    A prime minister should bring a people together, not split them into warring factions, but Harper has made a practice of this. I see the current neo-con government as a barbarian invasion, and all I want is for them to be gone, so that we can find our way back to some sort of balance in a civil parliamentary democracy. With a census. With signatures that mean something. With respect for one’s colleagues and one’s department, not contempt for underlings. Where blind loyalty is not the only admirable trait.

    The Bev Oda situation was the last straw for me because it was so inelegant, so classless. This group of legislators write laws, but they lack the ability to follow them. This should not be. Where is the discussion of policy? In the last five years it’s all been political games and omnibus legislation rammed through without discussion.

    This summer I interviewed Michael Ignatieff and he stuck me as a man I could live with as a leader. He’s not overly cunning. He shows a good reverence for Canadian democratic tradition. I wrote in my newspaper column at the time that he is a better conservative than Stephen Harper, and I’ll stand by that.

    Thank your for your attention and consideration. Parliamentary democracy evolved at the same time as the watch: both depended upon the opposing spring principle. Balance and a certain delicacy are essential to the maintenance of both, and we need to work hard through vigorous and well-intended dialogue, to allow our Canadian democracy to flourish, rather than to dwindle and wilt under oppression.

    Rod Croskery, M.Ed.


  47. Rod — There is no plagiarism involved in politics. Staff are hired to do a job. Staff fill in when they have to. Staff do the job of communications. There is no other way. For starters, having worked for an Ontario MPP, I can tell you that few politicians do their own research or writing. They simply don’t have the time. My boss would give me a point form outline or ideas on the phone and I would go from there. He would read the speech, make changes and I would revise. If it was a speech before the legislature, I sometimes had to do it in 20 minutes to a half hour. Such are the pressures.

    I too am a progressive conservative but, as a woman, I can tell you I would never want MI as my leader.

    IMO, Jean Chretien was by far a greater dictator than Stephen Harper will ever be because he had three majority governments. But, that kind of power in the PM’s office is the essence of our democracy. MI would be no different.

    So, I guess, we will simply have to agree to disagree.

    P.S. Nice to have an M.Ed visiting here. I sometimes miss my graduate students and the debates we used to get into. So, keep stopping by. A variety of opinions are always helpful. Also, if there is ever a particular issue from your neck of the wood regarding education, just drop me a message via the Contact Form or send me a hyperlink of an article.


  48. On a sidenote…

    Where does one go to actually see the details of the national childcare program the Liberals keep promoting?

    I saw Iggy extolling the plan not long ago and he seemed to go AWOL, at least figuratively, when asked to provide any substance. Whether or not I’m in favour of the concept itself I get a little dubious when we’re not entitled to hear the details.

    I’m old enough to recall when Kim Campbell was crucified for suggesting that an election campaign is not the time to discuss policy, however I’m increasingly inclined to agree.

    The campaign is a nonstop avalanche of soundbites and photo-ops without allowing nearly enough time to allow sombre discussion of what we’re told on one platform issue before we’re shoved on to the next one.

    Personally I don’t think the media itself is capable of absorbing, analyzing and providing thoughtful insights duing the campaign period. A friend likens, possible uufairly, them to a bunch of tweens doing “OMG!!” on a daily basis. 😉


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