Canada’s economy strong thanks to Conservative policies

It’s time for Canadians, no matter what their political affiliation, to celebrate how quickly our country is leaving the recent economic downturn behind. Yes, it’s true, we don’t have to be shy. According to a recent international poll, Canada is considered an economic superstar. Meaning, it’s also time we stopped letting Liberals and their media enablers change the subject with their never-ending faux scandals — like the recent CIDA Minister Oda onslaught.

So, what exactly don’t the anti-conservative forces want Canadians to hear or read about? Well, given what L. Ian MacDonald’s writes in his Gazette column today, they don’t want us to hear how well our economy is doing as a result of Conservative policies.

So, it’s worth repeating that Canada’s economy is:

  • Strong in spite of the fact that in December 2008, the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition demanded the implementation of a huge economic stimulus package;
  • Strong because the Conservatives know when to stop social spending to pay down that deficit;
  • Strong because the Conservatives are not paying down the deficit on the backs of the provinces (a decreasein social transfers I remember Mike Harris complaining about very loudly), or inappropriately using EI premiums (as the Liberal government of Jean Chretien did in the mid 1990’s); and
  • Strong in spite of a dysfunctional mainstream media that presents news and opinion in such is a negative and distorted way, it would be tempting to call it treasonous. 

Let’s also not forget the Harper government’s record of accomplishments — many of which relate directly to the policies that have made our economy as enviable in the international community as it is.

28 thoughts on “Canada’s economy strong thanks to Conservative policies

  1. I was so happy to see this post Sandy.
    Nice to get clear of the MSM.
    glad you are back
    we have to keep on top of the latest contrived scandal but the
    “NOT gate” has been beaten to death
    I refuse to watch CBC or CTV
    I watch our local news


  2. Thanks fh.

    For the person who just left a comment suggesting that it was the Chretien/Martin government who put in the policies that now make us great, that is partly true. However, they did it on the backs of the provinces and illegally by using the EI fund. The provinces have only recently been able to get their heads above water, but some like Ontario somehow managed to become “have not” anyway. The thing is that it is the continuity of a government that helps the country. Similarly, the damage that Trudeau did affected Mulroney so put in policies that eventually helped the Liberals (eg., remember the GST that Chretien was going to axe?)

    Just saying.

    So, if you want a comment approved so you can take part in a rationale debate, you can disagree all you like. Just don’t speak in such a condescending manner.


  3. Ian McDonalds piece this morning was like a breath of fresh air, after reading all the media columns all week piling on Bev Oda.
    The Conservative MP’s and PM Harper are an honest and respectful change to what we had in the past. Computers are a god send to get at the truth ,when the media are trying to supply their Liberals with yet another cross country smear campaign.
    It worked in the past but not any more, hopefully.


  4. I read the article on NNW written by Ralph Goodale and published in the Nipawin Journal. I was absolutely livid after reading all the assumptions stated as facts and the misrepresentations he made. (Rather ironic in that he was pleading for truthfulness in government!)
    I tried to post a reply, but couldn’t seem to do it. I hope someone else tries to refute his claims and is successful in posting it. Ralph should not get away with his lies.

    Ralph is our MP. I tried calling his office (couldn’t speak to him… he was in the mtg). His receptionist was snippy, kept interrupting, wouldn’t let me finish my thoughts, and hung up on me. I tried calling back, and she wouldn’t answer. My call went to an answering machine, where I left my phone number. Haven’t heard from anyone yet.


  5. Welcome back Sandy.We can Bi- – h and complain all we want here,but nothing is going to get into the newspapers.When is Fox coming to Canada,anyone?Or maybe we should buy a National newspaper and only run headlines smearing the Liberal papers and media outlets like the CBC,CTV.Every time the Liberals or one of their MSM friends lie or try faux scandals,how about suing them.Keep them tied up so much in the courts they will start keeping their big mouths shut.And they will need to use their own money to defend themselves ,not the tax payers.Just a few random thought,s.Again welcome back.


  6. Good ideas Bert. If I was independently wealthy (LOL- I wish) I would gladly start a Foundation “Truth in Media” and then do just as you suggest — not just for mainstream media and the Liberals but the whole lot of them, conservatives included. All that would have to happen is sue one or two and then the rest would get the message.

    Thanks for welcoming me back. Lord willing, I will stay until after the next federal election (if it is this year) and the Ontario one in October. Then, I may call it a day if all goes well. Of course, I have said that before. 😉


  7. Sandy: I don’t believe this

    Question of the day on CBC P&P

    What is more important to you:
    the situation in Libya or
    Doctor shortage in Canada.

    After 24/7 Bev Oda,…the Govt. announces their DR plan today…now they want it to look like the Govt. isn’t involved in anything to do with Libya?

    Now they have Paul Martin on and Soloman asked if he thought Canada isn’t doing enough ? OMG…Martin said its too bad Canada didn’t get its seat on the security council??? Paul Martin was a big buddie of Gadhafi. This is so sick.
    CBC propaganda .

    Next up…a new poll by Frank Graves for CBC….and Soloman said we won’t believe it….oh boy here it comes.


  8. Ontario Girl — Thanks for taking one for the team. Let me know what this poll is all about. I can just imagine if they are excited about it. But, you are right. The CBC really is involved in Liberal propaganda. It is now completely out in the open for all to see.

    The good news is that my husband had breakfast with his brother this week and he and his wife are very NDP and even they are fed up with the media and say they don’t watch CBC and CTV anymore. So, many Canadians, not just conservatives, are noticing the current “embarrassment.”


  9. I called this last week after the 1st Frank graves poll…Oh what a tangled web they weave


    Everyone drops and the Liberals go up.
    CBC Talking points…Big lead evaporates…Bev Oda effect….Conservatives CRASH…women voters re-coil when voters sense a CON. majority, it’s politically un-palidable. People ARE paying attention, says Graves urged on to not forget Soloman’s Liberal talking points.

    Greg Weston Brown envelope guy….”21 Con appearances”….”smell of pork”…”post ODA odour”…”chicken in every pot”.They threw money around in 2008…
    Soloman….not new money …old stuff bla bla bla on & ON …the minister(Health Minister knock down now) isn’t a very STRONG MINISTER.

    CBC needs to be de-funded…bottom line.


  10. Yes, Nipawin’s population is small… but it appeared in NNW. I actually did send a letter to the editor… so we’ll see.

    What I wanted to do was post a comment, but couldn’t seem to. Last time I looked, no comments had been posted.


  11. Ekos poll, blah blah blah round and round we go, eh

    After the worst ‘feeding frenzy in the media in Ottawa, I haven’t seen anything like this since 1991 (Normon Spector)
    CPC numbers drop….. oooh big surprise.
    It’s the media reaction to Harper nearing majority territory, that moves the polls.

    But LPC numbers still barely crack 27%,
    still CPC has a 5% lead.
    Ideally CPC should go into an election at 35% +/- so as to gain momentum.

    Now the media can do another boring round of ‘will there be an election’.

    Chapstick says 70 CPC events this break week,
    wow, at least we know they are working, eh.


  12. That poll was so predictable. We all knew this was going to happen. You know what? Let’s just not get our shirts in a knot. The truth will come out and when there is a federal election, the voters will get a good look at their options. It is the good news in this post that some in the media and opposition don’t want Canadians to find out about. Send the URL for MacDonald’s article to all your friends and relatives. Drip, drip, drip can work for the positive as well. Just like the Olympic song said: “We are the champions” and that includes all Canadians that are just trying to get through each and every day, no matter what their political affiliation.


  13. Articles appear on NNW because the pointy shoes at send it to them!

    googled Goodale’s article,
    the only ones to run it:

    Nipawin Journal (ralph sent it to them)…/


  14. And the Liberals/media have picked their next scandal.
    I predict they will Oda-ize Ms. Ouimet,
    as they continue the same theme:

    ‘..Liberal committee member Navdeep Bains said Wednesday that given the government’s reputation for secrecy, it is well possible that she was being pressured from above to dismiss sensitive cases…’

    For gawd’s sake CPC get out infront of this one, it’s bigger than a NOT.


  15. Ms. Ouimet, a lawyer, served with the federal government for 25 years.

    Frasers report is very damning on her,
    and some civil servants may have some slainin’ to do when investigations are re-opened.
    examples of wrong doing not investigated:

    30. In one case of disclosure of wrongdoing, the complainant alleged that he was directed by his manager to accept a late bid on a procurement contract contrary to the Treasury Board Contracting Policy and applicable law.
    The manager who allegedly issued the direction also allegedly had an interest in the organization that submitted the late bid.
    Although PSIC recognized that the alleged actions by the manager would constitute a wrongdoing, it refused to investigate the disclosure because the contract was never awarded,
    and because PSIC was satisfied that the situation had been properly dealt with by the Senior Officer of the government organization…’


  16. In the last federal election, the Liberals only won 8 seats west of Waterloo, Ontario. That’s correct. The entire western half of the country totally rejected the Liberals. That’s been the trend since the 1972 election.

    The CBC’s perspective is representing a shrinking piece of the country. It’s not much more than a Toronto-based media reflecting a Toronto bias. The CBC has reduced its role to that of a propaganda device – not to be taken seriously.


  17. Sandy, that wasn’t an Olympic song, although it has been used widely for sports events and other contexts. Perhaps you were thinking of “Olympic Fanfare & Theme” (1984) by John Williams? We use that at the NS Tattoo as a second half opener, but Harper is welcome to borrow either next election night (or my personal favourite Mercury power ballad from 1986’s “The Highlander”) to celebrate his new majority government 😉

    Getting back to the main theme of this post, I’m afraid that Canada’s recovery is something of a mirage — sort of like sitting on one of the higher hills watching the arc float past. There will be a recovery, but it’s going to take twenty more years and the repatriation of Taiwan to get there.

    It doesn’t actually matter if Harper wins a majority next time, by the way, because the social unrest we’re going to soon experience once things really start to go south is going to force him to join with Ignatieff in some sort of national unity government anyway.


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  19. John M — “going to force him to join with Ignatieff in some sort of national unity government?” What alternate universe are you living on John? Ignatieff has already said he will not talk to Mr. Harper because he wants to be PM. So, the man won’t do what is in the best interests of the country, only the best interests for himself. So, if what you say comes true, there will be another Liberal, guaranteed. If it was John Manley I could see such a unity government, but there are no statesman left in the Liberal caucus that I can see. Wish it were otherwise.

    As many have said here already, the way the Liberals and the media are behaving lately is beyond disgusting and childish. Yet, there is so little self-awareness, they obviously don’t see themselves for what they have become — an embarrassment to Canadians.


  20. For all those anti-Harper government folks out there, save your energy. I am not going to approve your comments. I don’t mind disagreements, but the stuff I’m reading is just plain nonsense.

    My bet is that the Liberal party has blogging and social media trolls on their payroll, who simply spend all their time trying to jam up the comments wherever they can. Well, sorry, not here — even those who write negative while trying to appear positive. Nice try!


  21. Bob Rae has indeed lost it. I used to respect him, even though I disagreed with this beliefs. I can remember when Mike Harris and he would banter back and forth in the legislature and it would usually be funny. Not any more. He is a very angry man. Why he ever thought he could ruin Ontario and then become Prime Minister, I have no idea. Then again, compared to MI……


  22. I thought of that caption because, remember, it was Liberal Leader MI, who said the puffin should be the Liberal mascot — and you know what those birds like to do. This is a family site so I don’t want to be too specific. 😉


  23. Photo Caption:

    waaaaaa…Iggy, I was supposed to be LEADER, when Canadians dump you at the next election……baaaaaaa whats taking you so long. I am hanging on by a thread. I made a boo boo and Canadians are going to see through me AGAIN. waaaaaaa.


  24. Sandy, I take a certain amount of pride in being Canada’s most depressing blogger (my brother is America’s most uplifting one, so perhaps it evens out).

    Rest assured I’m not an LPC troll on the Bev Oda issue, perhaps a Presbyterian one? 😉

    That alternate universe is called the financial crisis and there are some fascinating Canadian angles. Did you know that the world-wide credit crunch started right on Bay Street in August 2007? The following weekend bankers from all over the world flew into Montreal, assembled at Desjardins HQ building with over truck load of St-Hubert rotisserie chicken and … just stared at each other.

    The official start of the crisis likely goes back to Black Thursday Feb 8th of that year, or maybe even TV images of laid off workers in the parking lot of Mortgage Lenders Network’s big Connecticut HQ about Jan 3rd, but it was the St-Hubert event that summer, following the June 20th collapse of the two Bear hedge funds, that notified the grownups we were all in the soup.


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