Colin Firth & “Kings Speech” win Oscars — deservedly!

I rarely watch the Oscars anymore. Yet, last night I did because I was cheering silently for “The Kings Speech” and was delighted when its main actor (H/T JNW) Colin Firth won for best actor and the movie itself as best picture. However, I would have loved it had Geoffrey Rush also won for his supporting role as the speech therapist Lionel Logue. Rush was absolutely brilliant in that role. Here is a video, for example, of him being interviewed about his experiences working on the film.

 I am not a movie reviewer so I won’t go into technical details as what was good about the film. It simply is one of the best movies I have ever seen. And, yes, I know the work I did in my special education practice helps me understand what stuttering can do to a person’s self-esteem. But, all that aside, it is one of those movies that simply draws you into it.

So, if readers haven’t seen it, I recommend they do so. There is so much negative news in the world today that viewing a movie like “The Kings Speech”  is a good way to see how disability can be overcome or accommodated with grit and determination and King George VI obviously had that in spades.  

Congratulations to Colin Firth and all those connected to “The Kings Speech.”

2 thoughts on “Colin Firth & “Kings Speech” win Oscars — deservedly!

  1. I had the same motivation for watching as you, Sandy.
    “The King’s Speech” is my favorite movie, ever but I do tend to gravitate towards period pieces and historical dramas so the others didn’t even have a chance from my pov.
    I’m not a Christian Bale fan but sense that I will have to see the “Fighter” now to assess why he won over Rush.

    It was a pretty lazy effort though. I thought that it was a lousy AA and had it not been for the Movie that I was cheering on, I would have abandoned the program.


  2. A wonderful film. The audience applauded at the end when I saw it a few months ago.

    My father was in the RAF and he used to receive magazines from his mother in Kingston Ontario. He would pass them on to his fellow RAF officers who were amazed to learn of Mrs. Simpson and Edward the VIII carrying on. So the news when the King abdicated was an even bigger shock in England because the background news had been censored. Edward the VIII was adored, a bit like Diana. It was quite amazing when he was no longer king.

    As for the awards, I wish that Paul Giamatti of Barney’s Version had been nominated for an oscar, or even the whole film.


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