New CPC ad “Canada is our home” narrated by PM Harper

Now, this is a pre-election ad that I can promote. Narrated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, it says and shows why it is so great to be a Canadian. Send the URL to everyone you know. H/T frmgrl at Blue Like You.

Remember, as the PM says, we are all in this together and that there is still work for the Conservative government to do. As such, no matter what our political affiliation, let’s ignore all the media and opposition faux scandals, investigate the ones that need to be in a dignified fashion, and then move on while looking forward — for the good of the country.

Update: Looks like Joanne and I posted the video for this positive ad at the same time. CanadianSense has also posted on it as has Gerry Nicholls, who doesn’t like it. I do and think people who are not into politics like some of us are will like it as well.

14 thoughts on “New CPC ad “Canada is our home” narrated by PM Harper

  1. Game, set, match.

    This ad will work. Reminds me of Morning in America.

    This is a great time to be a Canadian and the opposition are on the on wrong side of history.


  2. Last month CPC releases adds saying “Ignatieff, he didn’t come back for you”. This one has the tagline “Here for Canada”.

    Guess we know the narrative they are trying to set up.


  3. Great ad, he looks like such an adoring Dad too.

    We don’t expect it will go over with the usual subjects, the media or the Opps, they don’t like to see or hear the PM at any time.

    It grates on them that he’s far more capable to run the affairs of the country than anyone else in politics today. Let their jealousy and hatred eat away at their souls.


  4. I very much like this ad…if CBC and the media won’t give us all the positive good news of the CPC Govt., then do it ourselves with more ads like this one. I also like the ad showing the beautiful family. Ignatieff dumped his children when they were young.


  5. Yes Phil, the narrative is that PM Harper has been in Canada all his life and didn’t come back from anywhere for the big prize. That doesn’t make him any less cosmopolitan as it were.


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  7. Let’s leave it Phil. I don’t do “fawning” here. But, I do do positive about the Harper government and praise when I think it is warranted. My accomplishment list is sometimes ridiculed in much the same tone of voice. But, the reality is that every single item was vetted so that it would not be spin. Canada is a great country and it is doing well right now economically and on the world stage.

    As I say in my “About” page, I have no problem with comments that express a difference of opinions, as long as it is done logically and respectfully.


  8. The only reason Gerry Nichols doesn’t like the Conservative ads is because they don’t feature him. If they did, he would be all over them with his media alert nonsense.

    [Edited by blog administrator.]


  9. Brett, I agree but had to edit your comment for legal reasons. Thanks for your understanding.


  10. No worries Sandy. Besides, my comment implies the same thing, but it is only my opinion based on what I see, which is why I don’t give his site any traffic.


  11. I think Nicholls is a nice guy underneath it all. I also think maybe he’s dealing with a bit of envy which he should try to get over and join the Harper Conservatives with both feet in.

    He has aright to express his opinion, we all do, but being a media tool against the present government isn’t a way to go. It paints you as a sore head and not a team player.


  12. In May of 2010 I gave a media alert that I was going to be on the Dave Rutherford radio show. So, I guess I can’t complain about Nicholls giving such alerts via the BT Aggregator. However, doing so almost every day gets a bit tiring — causing one to roll their eyes.

    But, team player or not, it seems to me that Nicholls being anti-Harper and anti-Conservative gov’t is just to get attention. But, hey, I guess if he can make a living that way, so be it.

    However, I will qualify that. If he is going to nearly constantly be anti-Canadian Conservative gov’t, he should remove himself from the “Blogging Tories” Aggregator and go independent.


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