Thanks to “Harper Government,” deficit down to $39 Billion!

Now Canadians will know why so many Liberal and NDP MPs have been out of control in the House of Commons during Question Period over the past couple of weeks, as well as being so obnoxious on the CBC’s flagship politics show during the same period. They were trying to change the subject and possibly even have a vote of non-confidence before the March 22nd budget could be tabled.


Because the Government of Canada, under the leadership of PM Stephen Harper and his Conservative caucus (no matter how many faux or exaggerated scandals are thrown at them), are steering Canada in the right direction. We know that because the Conservatives are on track to getting rid of a huge deficit forced on the country by the December 2008 coalition demand to spend $50 billion dollars on a stimulus plan.

In fact, as the Canadian Press is reporting, the TD is telling Canadians that not only is the budget deficit on track, but that “Ottawa will likely have  big surprise when it tables its budget on March 22nd.”(H/T frmgrl). In other words, the good news that the opposition and some pro-liberal/coalition media are trying to suppress, is that the Canadian economy has bounced back so well, due to job and investment growth, the federal coffers will have taken in $5.9 billion more tax revenue than expected in the last fall financial update.

Put succinctly, there is no lack of transparency or ethics with the Conservatives government. In fact, it is just the opposite. So, the pre-election narrative and election ballot question will remain: Which is the best party or combination of parties to steer the Canadian economy forward?

In my opinion, we now have the proof that it remains:


13 thoughts on “Thanks to “Harper Government,” deficit down to $39 Billion!

  1. ONLY 39 billion dollars! weehoo, breakout the caviar. When my wife tells me our Visa bill is ONLY $15,000 I’ll be equally elated.


  2. Plant Guy — I am not pleased by the $39 billion either but it was forced on the Conservative gov’t and you know it. You obviously also know that if the coalition had gotten in power, or even now, we’d be back up to $55 billion in a nano second. So, being cheeky just avoids discussing the alternative.


  3. The latest Angus Reid poll affirms that Canadians still aren’t buying the fertilizer that Ignaseous & Company are selling. (CPC 39% LPC 23% NDP 17%)
    Financial picture shows the CPC must be doing something right don’tcha think?


  4. Love to see that the deficit is much lower then forecasted but can Harper and his troops stop shooting themselves in the keister because of their nheedless habit of skating on the edge with so many damn issues that in themselves may be minor, have a devestating cumulative effect.


  5. I hear you Guardsman. I understand what you are getting at, but at the risk of sounding defensive, those “damn issues” you are talking about aren’t coming from the Conservatives. They are being exaggerated by an opposition and media that seems to be looking for any kind of gotcha they can find. The reality is you have a public service with thousands of employees. And, like Cabinet Ministers, they are all human and humans make mistakes — and of course, a public service mistake becomes a political mistake as was the case with Minister Oda — no line to sign “not approved.”

    So, while it would be the same for any political party who is in a governing role, some media, like the CBC, are using such double standards to treat each and every little “t” that wasn’t crossed as an ethical scandal. Problem is they have cried wolf too many times and now most Canadians have turned them off — some literally.

    I am concentrating on the positive and, while I will only celebrate once we are back to zero deficit, everything is going in the right direction.

    The other issue, is maybe the stimulus plan actually did do some good. Credit where credit is due I always say. Meaning, while I would not have voted for him, I much preferred Stephane Dion to Michael Ignatieff. At least Dion actually won his leadership and he was principled and true to his beliefs, although, unfortunately, his green plan was based on a set of faulty assumptions. Now that I think of it, his wife was likely right in what she wrote on her Facebook page — the once great Liberal Party is self-destructing before our very eyes.


  6. I don’t think a $39 Bill deficit is anything to celebrate….it’s huge. And it’s certainly not worth trumpeting.

    Shame on the coalition for forcing that on our country.


  7. The libs can try to use the diatribe and screed all they like. Here are some good repsonses to their tired crap.

    They are outraged over “in and out”? What legislative measure are they proposing to “fix” this?
    Are they proposing to eliminate the subsidy political parties recieve?


  8. The coalition would have spent it on intangible and largely unfunded social programs with no end date, creating structural deficits, as Obama did. At least we have a few better highways, transportation options and buildings. I wish the package had been smaller and never have funded auto companies, but the plan to get rid of it is working not too badly.


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  10. Various of the alternatives to the Cons are desperate to add massive new spending programs to government spending; witness the Liberal’s “no idea how much it’d cost but we’d do it anyway” national childcare plan…

    Personally I suspect the Liberals really have ran the numbers are they’re so outrageous that they’re falling all over themselves to prevent anyone from seeing them. Instead we’ll get incremental bits for years into the future adding up to a to an outrageous total when fully in place

    My fearless prediction? $10 billion per year plus.

    What we can be sure of is that the Liberal “$1 billion per year for 5 years” is nonsense for what they claim to be in favour of.


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