Ignatieff says of Harper: You can’t trust “that guy”

Speaking of not trusting “that guy,” we now find out that it is the leader of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff himself, that we can’t trust. And, while I think of it, might I suggest that the Liberal Leader not constantly refer to Stephen Harper as “that guy” — which he was doing even before the election was called. Because, that kind of condescending manner actually tells us more about him than it does “the prime minister.”

But back to telling the truth. We now find out that the emperor (Count) has no clothes. As my blogging friend Joanne at Blue Like You writes this morning: “Whose lying now?” (H/T Dr. Roy on Twitter.) Indeed!  Canadians will recall that Ignatieff was all over the air waves yesterday bragging about, yes bragging, how he would answer questions from anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Well, that was nothing but bravado, because it appears that the truth is the exact opposite. In fact, we are now learning that Ignatieff is actually afraid to debate Stephen Harper one-on-one. And, yet we had to listen to Roger Smith on CTV and the CBC’s Terry Milewski (and others) go on and on about how few questions they could ask the PM. What petulant babies they are. I can clearly remember former Liberal PM Jean Chretien limiting access to the media during election campaigns and I don’t recall such a reaction then.

And, oh yes, I don’t want to forget the various journalists and media pundits (e.g,. CTV’s Bob Fife and Craig Oliver come to mind) recently suggesting that because Ignatieff used to be a professor, he would win any debate with Harper, hands down. Well, that’s a lot of hot air. Having been a former professor myself, I can say unequivocally, that there are lots of professors who can’t debate effectivelly — especially those who think they know it all but don’t.

Well, thankfully some in the media are starting to hold Ignatieff’s feet to the fire. As Stephen Maher wrote today:

The Liberals privately rejected Tory proposals that would have led to more one-on-one exchanges between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff in the leaders’ debate, and then changed their tune in public, says the chairman of the Conservative campaign.”

In fact, it is long past time that the Canadian media travelling with Ignatieff stop walking on egg shells and treat him the same as Harper. Because, as the old saying goes, if Ignatieff can’t stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen.

6 thoughts on “Ignatieff says of Harper: You can’t trust “that guy”

  1. Another Bang On Post Sandy….Kudos

    Unfortunately, it has already been framed as Harper backing down – I am sick of how the media (including friendly ones) are jumping on this without taking the time to find out the other side of the story.


  2. The Prime Minister would win on policy and composure.
    I have seen and heard Ignatieff stumble through fact based questions, looking down for the name of a bill and if it didn’t happen yesterday, he’s lost.
    This wouldn’t be a debate on human rights in Africa or the Liberal’s faux scandal of the week, this would be facts and the realities of governing Canadians.

    Coming from a guy that had his butt covered by the national networks over his ‘Bill Gates’ blob of a mess, he would be out of his league with the PM.

    This PM is the man to hold the reins of this country, not a repatriate that has just discovered his country of birth so that he can sit in the big chair.
    That’s simply an insult to me and should be to ALL hard working, patriotic Canadians.


  3. What does a professor have that any ordinary thinking person doesn’t?
    Letters in front of his name and lots of time to think.
    When I was in school we had a professor who was so boring and ill-informed about his subject that I finally had enough of him. I commented on the fact that I believed in leprechauns and unicorns. We had an hour long discussion on why I would believe such drivel and I explained that it was possible. By the end of the hour he was actually saying I had good reasons and he would look into it.
    I think I could probably do the same with Iggy given a chance.
    Professors for the most part talk about a subject and lose people with the garbledeegoop
    Let them talk to ordinary people and they lose themselves.


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  5. The Count might be adequate lecturing students but debating Harper?
    Wait until the Count’s massive ego forces him to show off his supposed superior intellect.
    Millions will be disgusted .


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