Attention undecided voters! Ignatieff peddling Green Shift 2

Talk about a Liberal Party of Canada’s scary hidden policy agenda! Apparently, the poison pill is on Page 46 of the Liberals’ Red Book # 2 — better labelled Green Shift Redux — and released by Michael Ignatieff this past Sunday. 

It boggles the mind. I mean the Canadian people soundly rejected Stephane Dion’s Green Shift in October 2008. Yet, the Liberals are apparently peddling Green Shift # 2 in spite of that sound rejection but calling it something else, hoping no one will notice.

You know what that kind of arrogance suggests? It’s damn the torpedoes. Damn the Canadian people. Just as in Ontario, the nanny state, the Liberal Party knows what’s best for us. Well, sorry, but they don’t. All they know how to do is spend money they don’t have and cause absolute havoc to the economy. And, the leader of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff and his supporting former MP props always surrounding him,  have the absolute audacity to talk about the Conservatives not being accountable or transparent.

Without a doubt then, the Liberal Party of Canada is not even close to the political centre any more. Liberal strategists, their leader and their candidates are locked into an entirely left-wing green ideological agenda. But, while that would be bad enough, the agenda they are locked into no longer makes sense because it is based, not only on faulty and misleading science — that human activity is responsible for global warming trends — but on the faulty premise that somehow a Cap and Trade market system in Canada could have any affect on “global” emissions.

Yet, the push towards corruption and a devastation of our 21st century life styles continues. As writes, the Cap and Trade carbon emissions system contemplated by the Obama government in the U.S.,would primarily would hurt the little guy — that’s you and me.  How much worse in Canada, particularly since Ignatieff wants Canada to go it alone!

 Although CTV, CBC and CPAC seem more interested in carrying on the tradition of the faux scandal of the day, listed below are some excellent media sources related to the Liberals’ Cap and Trade system, as well as related issues within the Liberals’ Red Book # 2  — from journalists that care about the bigger and more important issues. (H/T and Joanne at Blue Like You)

  • “Saskatchewan Premier’s concern about impact of Liberal green plan on West” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Lorrie Goldstein on “Cap and Trade — Useless, Dumb & Reckless” — Toronto Sun
  • Kelly McParland on “Liberals wrapping costly revolution in soothing blandishments” — National Post
  • Andrew Leach column “Liberals’ significant climate plan cloaked in silence” — Globe and Mail 
  • The Red Book, it isn’t” — National Post editorial
  • Michael Den Tandt on “Michael Ignatieff’s policies target Jack Layton’s base” — Toronto Sun

36 thoughts on “Attention undecided voters! Ignatieff peddling Green Shift 2

  1. This particular Liberal plank is downright scary. With environmental issues ranking about 5% in Canadians’ priority concerns, why is he doing this? Is it to shore up support in Quebec and Toronto to keep CPC to a minority? Most Ontarians are aware of the consequences of radical green policies, from seeing The Green Energy Act in operation.
    Canadians soundly defeated the Green Shift in 2008, when environmetal conserns were much higher. Iggy himself also rejected it after the vote, see this link from T0 Star Feb 2009 http:
    – The G&M costed this out at $30B annually transfered from West to East.
    – A cap&trade program is DOA in the US Senate. Can can regulate NA climate alone?
    – An exchange for carbon trading in Chicago collapsed last year.(see
    -A UN supported Climate Change agreement is further away then ever.

    I think the Liberals are really vulnerable on this, I would appreciate more analysis from the media though.


  2. Jeff — I didn’t approve your comment because it is just too silly. My brother is a bio-geological scientist. He and I have had many discussions. Global warming is real. That it is caused by man is not proven because the scientific models are man-made and suspect. Plus, the notion that a cap and trade system in Canada would do anything to correct the situation is ridiculous. You see — it’s not all or nothing which is what Liberals would like to suggest. Well, sorry, not here.


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  4. I have BLY open still from earlier, didn’t refresh
    and last comment was 1:26

    Don’t see any no-no comments up until then,
    perhaps this is just a registration oversight or something non-conspiracy??


  5. All I ask is show me the evidence. Show me evidence based on real data that withstands open and honest scrutiny. If any government could do that they wouldn’t need to impose draconian legislation. Most people would voluntarily look for alternatives. But no government has ever done that. They simply proclaim AGW and expect us to follow like sheep. It’s time to stop acting like sheep because these ilLiberal imbeciles are going to lead us over precipice. We and our children for generations to come will be broke and all of our liberties will have been eroded to nothing.


  6. Yes I tried it. Don’t worry guys, that is just her server company. Jack’s Newswatch is down too, same picture. I guess that is where Cynapse moved them all. I’m not on the same server as they are any more.

    Depending on the problem, it could just be momentarily or until Cynapse can get home from work to contact the Hub company to fix the problem. I would imagine Jack at JNW has already e-mailed Cynapse.

    So, if you want to gab, just do it here until Jo is back up. We are, afterall, birds of a feather!


  7. I tried Cynapse’s own site and it is down too. So, that’s the problem. Most unfortunate because they all moved to that server because they were having problems with

    For those who don’t blog, we all have to have our blogs on a host server. There are hundreds of them out there. Some more reliable than others. I am on the same one as NB Tory Gal and BC Blue — It is a free worldwide service that makes its income from the extras that we purchase. The choices of templates/themes is reduced but they have gotten better in that they now have premium themes you can purchase — which is what I did for my current theme.

    Anyway, as I said at 2:36pm, not to worry. All will be back to normal soon!


  8. I can’t access Blue Like You either. With regard to GW, I suspect that the period of warming was part of a natural cycle that has now ended.


  9. Iffy thinks it’s ok to scour facebook accounts, when it suits their purposes, but attacks security agents for checking out social media for threats against PM.

    If the girl has something up her sleeve, it’s still there, if not, she has a great facebook story.

    Iffy like this:
    Tory staffer’s Facebook page cites ‘stupidity’ in party’s media strategy


  10. perhaps none of the other parties have read this when they are complaining about the Conservative rallies in London—

    When Ignatieff was here last week, the RCMP got physical with two Free Press reporters, even elbowing a pregnant reporter in the stomach. Told she was pregnant, the male Mountie said: “That’s what you get for rushing a bodyguard.”


  11. Welcome to all the new commenters — Ohboy, Kenneth and Eileen. Glad you could join in the discussion. Sometimes I can have as many as 1200 hits a day and only a dozen or so comments. So, always wonder who is lurking out there? 😉


  12. Hi Sandy,
    Thankyou for this post. I am very frustrated with the MSM and especially CBC’s Terry Milewski. Their anti government rhetoric is vicious and dangerous. I fear for the safety of Stephen Harper and his family.


  13. I agree Fay. I noticed that the PM couldn’t even look up when Terry Milewski was asking him questions today. Milewski needs to be rotated off for a while.


  14. O/T I just called telus and they will be carrying Suntv news!!!We have telus satelite and it is channel 213.I can’t wait I am so tired of the crap on the other networks. We never ever watch cbc.


  15. new CPC ad
    spread the link to G&M and Toronto Star etc…. all the Harper-hater sites

    If the media won’t tell the CPC story, then every rally should go on youtube so WE CAN.


  16. Ruth — I sent the URL and Akin replied: “How did I know this?” So I sent him the link. Now, we’ll see what happens. Thanks so much. We really are a blue team.


  17. I was just going to thank you for doing all the tweets. You are so good at that. Do the reporters never do any research on their own before they spout off about something.
    I heard on the radio this morning that the girls were demonstrating outside before the RCMP wouldn’t let them in…can’t find that link anywhere now.


  18. Both BLY and JNW still down. Whatever is wrong, the company was obviously ticked off at something. If Joanne comes by here, and the problem is serious and will take awhile to fix, remember Jo — “I can set you up on a temporary site again if you want…” It won’t have your current post, unless you saved it on your hard drive (which I don’t usually bother to do other than the accomplishments) but you can write a short one to keep in touch with “your gang.”


  19. The National Post comments are getting nasty. The bullies from the G+M have moved in for the attack. Scary!


  20. Nice site Sandy, glad I found it. In regards to the Cap and Trade, it’s a dismal failure in the EU, the Chicago Carbon Exchange collapsed, and the whole excersize is bogus. There is no “global warming”.

    When we see that hockeystick graph that Micheal Mann published (which has now been disredited, several times), we see a nice single line that is supposed to be the earth’s tempertature. Except one problem. The planet does not have a single temperature. That graph is the average of all the yearly mean data. It’s not a measurement, it’s a calculation.

    There’s lots of ways of getting an increase in an average, and it doesn’t have to mean the planet is getting hotter.

    Fact is, when you look at the actual physical measurements of daily high and low temps, what you will find is summers have not changed since 1900. What has changed around the world is winters are less cold. In fact, in Canada, summers are cooler today than they were in the 1930’s.

    See my detailed analysis of temperature trends in Canada, and elsewhere at

    And a milder shorter winter with fewer heat waves in summer is bad how?


  21. Thanks JRW — I don’t have a lot of expertise in the science or non-science of global warming. Always appreciate the information.


  22. Not only did Mann fudge numbers to get his results, he ENTIRELY IGNORED the Medieval Warming Period, which occurred years before the Industrial Revolution. Kinda punches great big holes in the A part of AGW theory….


  23. Our Prime Minister shows amazing restraint and self-control when confronted by Terry M’s nastiness, throwing words like “creepy” at him. Has CBC Terry asked any question about policy? They seems to be about how many question the media is allowed to ask, or who may or may not attend the CPC rallies. Very deep and penetrating questions!!


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