OECD reports Canada leading G7 nations thanks to Tory policies

The latest report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is another good reason to vote for your Conservative Party candidate on May 2nd.

The OECD is reporting, for example, that Canada is leading all the G7 nations in economic growth, a message that needs to get out there in spite of all the election noise and the fact that we know the reverse would happen — given their promises to raise corporate taxes and spend billions of dollars on social programs — if the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition ever grabbed power. 

Specifically, according to both this Sun Media link (H/T Wilson) and this Kitchener/Waterloo Record editorial, Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative government should take a bow. As the Record states (my italics):

“A leading international think-tank says Canada will lead its peers in the G7 in economic growth during the first half of this year. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development says the outlook for economic growth has brightened for all G7 countries, with the exception of Japan. But the improvement has been most marked in Canada and to a lesser extent the United States….

Canada is now expected to grow by 5.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2011, and 3.8 per cent in the current second quarter. Much of that growth has come from the resources sector in Western Canada and continued strength in the housing market in most parts of the country.”

It is the sentence that “much of that growth has come from the resources sector in Western Canada” that is perhaps most important given the tendency for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton to say one thing while in Alberta, while quite another when they are in Eastern Canada.

For instance, while in Eastern Canada, Ignatieff has repeatedly said, if the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition were to be asked to govern, they would clean up the oil industry in Alberta and implement a Cap and Trade market system — a very irresponsible promise given that it is primarily the oil resource rich provinces that are keeping Canada’s economy strong.

As such, I would ask my fellow Canadians to ignore all the daily opposition and media noise about faux scandals over these next few weeks, particularly coming out of the CBC, CTV and CPAC, when it is the economic issues that will impact our everyday lives.

Therefore, kudos to Prime Minister Harper and his former Conservative Goverment for this good news.

12 thoughts on “OECD reports Canada leading G7 nations thanks to Tory policies

  1. This is the best advertisement we could have in this election period.

    The economy is what affects us all, people need to be reminded at every opportunity of this and what could happen if they don’t give Stephen Harper and his team that majority.

    Will the media play this up? Don’t count on it, they’re into faux scandals, still in full gotcha mode.

    It’s up to us and great blogs like this one to spread the good stuff, the stuff that matters most to all of us.

    Sandy,thanks for all your hard work.


  2. Thanks Barbara. Just sent the URL via Twitter to Andrew Coyne, David Akin and Robert Fife. Who knows if they will read it or not?


  3. Signing off for a couple of days. Will check in to approve comments stuck in the filter as often as I can. Got lots of research to do on a number of election issues.


  4. In today’s Journal de Montreal, there is an article I would like to share with you, written by Richard Martineau who is an editorial. Here’s a short and rough translation of what he wrote about Bertrand Cantat who is invited to do a performance in Quebec:

    “Bertrand Cantat is a singer (from France) who has a dark history of domestic violence….”

    Bizarre how artists have double standard: They are screaming murder when a politician cut their subsidies but open their arms wide open to murderers on the pretext that we should not judge people. Figure it out…”
    Richard Martineau has often been accused of being way too much to the right for a Quebecer. From the articles he writes, I wouldn’t be surprise that he’s a Conservative.

    Also, last night on the TVA network, the news reporting was very good for the Conservatives. They were comparing on how Harper was gathering big crowds in Quebec city compared to Ignatief who could only gather but a handful of people.

    Jean Lapierre, former Liberal and Bloc MP reports on the election every day on Radio 98.5 fm and on TVA, and without a doubt, I would consider him as a canadian journalist who reflects fairness. He often says that we won’t get anything if we vote Bloc. In yesterday’s report, on the news, he said that Quebecer should consider this election as a mini- referendum. The choise is simple. If you want something from the federal government, there is but one alternative: “Vote for the party who will win the election.”

    Also, yesterday, Lisa Frula, representing the Liberal Party in a dicussion panel on Radio Canada said, talking about the fact that Harper annonced that he was going to abolish the Fire Arm Regisrty,”the problem with Harper is that he always does what he says he’s going to do” and this is when the NDP stepped in and said ” and the Liberals never do what they say there going to do!”.

    Lastly, I found the CBC coverage last night horrible.

    [Edited by blog administrator.]


  5. Read the article in the Vancouver Sun: “Liberal lose a candidate in Quebec after “featherheads” comment”. This news is making waves on the Quebec French networks! I wonder how the CBC will cover this,


  6. Yep.I saw this news piece.My decision on who im voting for is already made.The PC’s deserve a shot at a majority.They also must understand that citizens like me will watching closely too after the election regardless of who gets in.


  7. Interesting that when the info was sent to Adler that he appeared not to know about it. What is it about these journalists and broadcasters that bloggers can find information before they do. Seems like it happens more often than not that they spout things that prove to be inaccurate or have “another side of the story”?

    Let’s see if Adler changes his tune on the turfed students after receiving this. I have been yelling at the radio the past few days!


  8. And yet…

    the spin is that we MUST increase spending by billions upon billions to improve our education system. Just sayin’.


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