Why are Canadian media so afraid of a Conservative majority?

Given the severity of the anti-Conservative, anti-Harper, pro-Ignatieff spin right now on all the TV networks — particularly CBC, CTV, CPAC and even Global — how are the reporters and commentators going to deal with a Conservative majority government on the morning of May 3rd, 2011?

Funny that Wendy Mesley is reported to have said on last night’s National that the CBC studio is a “spin free zone.” Is she kidding? That is “THE” spin zone. And, CTV news readers have given up all pretense that they are balanced. Similarly, most e-mail and phone-in shows to CPAC are loaded with Liberal supporters and sympathizers, including pundits and those who call themselves professional journalists. 

Without a doubt, the Canadian media are destroying the profession of journalism with their non-stop day-after-day Harper bashing. How many times have I heard various versions of the comment: “We made Stephen Harper. He didn’t appreciate it. Now, we will destroy him.”

Well, they won’t destroy him because democracy itself is at stake. Do the media think they are smarter or more insightful than average Canadians? Well, they are not. As with the election of Rob Ford in Toronto last fall, on May 2nd, 2011, Canada is about to show the media what democracy really means.

Choice. Our choice, not theirs.

39 thoughts on “Why are Canadian media so afraid of a Conservative majority?

  1. It was reported 4 million watched the english debate. Could be a lot more if families watched. Thought we were not interested in the election.
    Caught some of the french debate, with another poor translator for the PM.
    Iggy’s vote record in in Hansard for all to see, he missed the most votes of anyone.
    Again the west was left out of the debate, but we now know the UN will make all military decisions for Canada under a liberal coalition.
    And what if some of those newly elected ndp/libs say no, we will support PMSH.
    That is the question I will ask any coalition candidate at candidate debates, will you support the overthrow of an elected conservative govt.


  2. Because Sandy they are running interference for the internationalists type Soros one worlders. Powerful vested interests hate independence.

    Liberals will be going into a ‘save the furniture’ campaign given the recent Compas poll and the Nanos leadership numbers.


    A Nanos Research poll of 400 people selected at random from across Canada conducted on Wednesday, the day after the four party leaders faced off for an English television audience, registered a significant jump in Mr. Harper’s leadership scores, to 122.8 from 94.9.

    Further the Compas poll


    Stephen Harper’s Conservatives face the prospects of a majority government—and quite possibly a huge majority. The Opposition parties can expect some surprises. These include the rise of the NDP in Quebec, its possible ebbing on the prairies, and the leadership-driven weakness of the Greens.
    Falling short of a Kim Campbell-style shellacking, the Liberals nonetheless face the prospect of a historic shut out in French Quebec and being limited to islands of support in Atlantic Canada, English-speaking Montreal, the City of Toronto, parts of southern and Eastern Ontario, and parts of Vancouver.
    These are the vote-related findings from the COMPAS Research poll, a representative survey of 2,251 Canadians. Without a major change in the nature of the election campaign, the Conservatives will end up with a lead of 21 percentage points that is potentially growing—more than enough to form a majority government.
    Leadership gives the Conservatives overwhelming nation-wide momentum with some new, history-shattering advances for the NDP in Quebec. Harper is so much more favourably regarded than the other party leaders and especially than Michael Ignatieff that the Conservatives’ advance is being slowed mainly by the residual strength of the Liberal brand. The leader who can compete best with Harper in public trust is Gilles Duceppe on his home turf of francophone Quebec. In Quebec, Jack Layton’s image is rising in this unexpectedly fertile territory for the NDP.
    Like the Liberals, the Greens also face the possibility of declining support as a result of comparatively low confidence in party leadership. Leadership is especially important in this campaign because Canadian voters, like voters in other democracies, have an underlying feeling of unease about the direction of the world economy.


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”


  3. Did we expect the pundits in the media bubble to present all sides fairly during the campaign?

    After the wafer debacle, Helena-Jaffer media frenzy you would think a pause or hestitation would take hold to restore their credibility. (They can’t help themselves)

    The old gatekeepers don’t realize how social media has undone their monopoly. Protests and movements are happening all over the globe with the use of this new medium (internet) and they can’t stop it. From climategate to tea parties the old model of manufactured media narratives is toast.


  4. I was just thinking that this bias and actually borderline hate of PM Harper by the majority press and the fear of a majority by the CBC-CTV has something to do with the money running out.A majority will probably start the ball rolling on the clean up of Government departments that have been leaking documents to the press.Also clean up the CBC for sure and perhaps start investigating some of these rag newspapers and owners.They all had a hand in the unfair attempt to overthrow PM Harper in 2008 and are going to try again this time.That is my opinion.


  5. I saw a woman from the Ottawa Citizen (Susan Riley) on CPAC this AM saying that she thought Harper’s voice was not normal or natural. She felt instead that Harper was using a special hypnotist voice in order to control people. She was dead serious.

    I am not kidding about this! She then went on to say we were in danger of “drifting toward a Conservative majority”.


  6. Susan Riley from the Ottawa Citizen on CPAC this afternoon stated that Steven Harper had altered his voice to make it more hypnotic!!! She then stated that it might work on his supporters but not the rest of us. The moderator never blinked an eye.


  7. It’s been said a hundred times before.
    The CBC will lose it’s funding and those folks will have to find real jobs but I don’t think any of them could cut it in the private sector as there is more to work then just showing up.
    Oh well, there’s EI…


  8. For CBC, I am sure a large portion of it is that they know reduced teat-funding is a certainty with a Consevative majority.

    Another portion I think comes from media members who don’t even realize their bias…it’s been inbred in their community from so many years of Liberal dominance over a fractioned right wing, that a mind-osmosis has overcome their objectivity.

    Stephen Harper is a very strong leader. Strong leaders walk a very fine line between being perceived as benevolent or despotic, and views can very quickly polarize.

    I do wish (and suggest) Harper just talk to people more to show himself as the compassionate and visionary person he is. This would dispell for many, and do it quickly, the manufactured Harper demonization that has been the central Liberal platform plank in every election we’ve seen.


  9. Why are the media afraid?

    For the last 50 years the Canadian media have invested themselves in the myth of the LIberal right to govern. A myth that is based on the false assumption of moral and intellectual superiority. It is the way they have justified their own world view and their place in this world.

    When the Conservatives win a majority government … in spite of this bunch of self righteous and self important frauds and their all out efforts to undermine conservative viewpoint and to subvert our right to demand better and more responsible government…. when that happens it will mark the absolute end of them.

    For those of us who have been paying attention … the MSM have already destroyed their own credibility. For the rest … or at least most of the rest of the general public it will become quite obvious… a crtical turnng point of awareness that the media cannot be trusted.


  10. I seen a few elections and I cannot recall one so one sided by the media. I mean every thing the Conservatives do is being ultra scrutinize.

    Holland was on power play tonight groaning about a government flight that Flaherty took to a Mulroney celebration dinner.

    Listen I have no love for Mulroney but honestly so what? Like the Liberals where not and currently are not spend-aholics

    and this is for Dirk two posts up…
    “you’re getting sleepy, your eyes are heavy, you will give me a majority”


  11. OMMAG — Thanks for the link. This “hypnotize” issue is just beyond the pale and tells us more about why people continue to support the Liberal party in spite of what they have become.


  12. Apparently in the budget there is INCREASED money for the CBC. I read that in a blog on Boldcolors.ca by Joel Johannssen who used to have a site Proud to be Canadian. I was shocked when I read this. One of the main reasons I want a Cons. majority is to do something about defunding this left Lib-loving corporation.


  13. Well Barb, the CBC could do great things for the country, historical and culturally specific programming. The problem is that it’s news coverage is totally biased. And, not only biased but now openly hostile towards anything and anyone Conservative. Yet, there are millions of Canadians who are supporting the CPC, so what does that say to them? It will be a self-fulfilling prophecy if their funding is cut big time.


  14. The CBC folks are crapping themselves. Harper is headed for a majority and he will not say what he will cut to save $11 B.

    For the next 2 – 3 years, we will see many nervous and useless CBC employees hoping they escape the chopping block.

    We hope this is true, but they really believe it. Watch the CBC as they pull out all the stops until May 2.

    I can’t wait for the day Harper says we can balance the budget and give you your tax breaks, but we first need to cut another $1.2B from the budget. Any ideas?


  15. Barb says..
    Apparently in the budget there is INCREASED money for the CBC

    In the budget its refunding for CBC RADIO…$60 million.

    Where does CPAC get its funding? Wonder if there is a place to complain about their bias?? Not that it would help. By then the election will be over.


  16. Haven’t the coalition members stated they will vote against the budget, and 60 million for cbc radio. And, the cbc still spins for liberals.


  17. I totally agree with Hans. Jack’s image is really rising in Quebec and he’s chewing his support from the Bloc. The “uselessness” of the Bloc has become a daily topic on french radio talk show in ridings around Quebec City. The mayor of Saguenay, Maire Jean Tremblay, one of the most popular mayor in the province, is openly supporting the Conservative riding and has encouraged the people of Saguenay to vote Conservative.


  18. The reason that they’re throwing away what’s remains of their reputation and going all-in with the Lib crooks is two fold.

    We all know that they’re all natural born libtards to begin with, or at least they are by the time they get Credentialized at one of those loathsome Journalist Schools of Leftard Indoctrination. But that would be the secondary reason.

    The primary reason is financial. Or better yet “survival”.

    The tusunami wave of change in both the news and advertising industries is getting higher and more powerful by the year. It’s only a matter of time before this wave breaches their sea wall and lays waste to them. They know this is going to happen because they can already see the effect on their subscriptions and their advertising sales. That’s why they don’t care about appearances anymore. They know they’ll be drowned rats soon enough. So they have to scurry onto any scheme that’ll keep them afloat knowing that being a dirty rat is preferable to be a dead rat.

    The bottom line is that they can sell their ability to propagate on behalf of the Liberals in exchange for competitive protection and financial kickbacks in one form or another. These kickbacks will be free for them but they’ll cost you and me plenty.

    Of course this will only come true if those rats find a way of manipulating enough Canadians to get the Coalition that they so desire.


  19. I suspect there’s going to be less and less willingness on the part of Canadians to accept what they’re told by the MSM without applying an element of, for want of a better word, a deflator. Given the Toronto Star’s clear, and increasingly hysterical, bias against the Conservatives it becomes less and less a legitimate source of analysis or compelling argument. Folks will read the Star, and other media outlets, and allow for the bias they’ve come to expect. One of their writers commented today on Harper’s “death stare” when focussing on the cameras and not his opponents during the debate. Give it up, guys, now it becomes unworthy of a journal wanting to be taken seriously. As to CBC and CPAC it should be expected that they won’t take sides on the issue; they don’t have the luxury of representing the ideology of their owners.


  20. Sandy now you are asking the tough questions. The media didn’t make Harper, people like you, me, other BT people and all the supporters who come here helped to put Harper where he is now.


  21. Absolutely, the media is having fits.
    The first thing I’d like to see under a Conservative majority is a complete defunding of the CBC(LPBC?) If Mansbridge and co. want to act as a propaganda arm for the Liberals let them do it on their own damn dime- not mine.
    It still begs the question though.. considering the theft of public money by the Liberal Party, and the question of $40 mil still missing, why does the LPC enjoy any support at all?


  22. PM Harper, speaks exactly like he did as a 20 something young man, entering politics. That woman from the Ottawa Citizen on CPAC is a raving idiot to talk about hypnotism. Sheesh! Does it get more senseless than that?

    As for the question, Conservatives are not inclined to be wrapped around the little finger of the media and this PM absolutely owes these snakes, nothing.
    They lied then and they lie about him now. It’s so infuriating.


  23. If Stephen Harper wins a majority , what will they have to talk about for the next four or five years . They’ve wore the gate out already . Barring a major catastrophe , they’ll have nothing . And nobody to blame but themselves .


  24. Calling it a day. Thanks everyone for a great discussion. If anyone gets stuck in the filter, I’ll release them in the morning.

    Basically, we all agree that the media will only have themselves to blame if no one pays any attention to them after this election is over.

    In the meantime, as others have suggested, let’s listen, watch, read, the media who are fair and balanced on the list on my side bar.


  25. Perhaps what we fail to recognise is that for most of these people it is way beyond rational. It is as though they live on a different planet. I can recall some co-workers during the campaign that resulted in the first win for the CPC and the extent to which they were simply unbelievable. These were normally reasonable people, but they had no critical thinking ability whatsoever when it came to politics. They claimed that the CPC was going to terminate our pensions along with the most unbelievable things. Any attempt to make them see reason was lost, so I just gave up and voted CPC. Now that they have seen that PM Harper and his government did nothing to our pensions, they remain convinced that he and the CPC are equivalent to satan. As a result I don’t bother attempting to reason with anyone so afflicted, as it is a waste of time. Others who are open to evidence and facts may be convinced to change their mind, but not this hard core group of moonbats.


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  27. CPAC could mitigate criticism against it by alternating the calls that get on air. I doubt whether it`s done on a first come, first serve basis anyway. And it would help by not pairing Lawrence Martin with a reporter. Martin is an Harper-hating opinion columnist with nobody brought on to counter him.


  28. Sandy, I have yet to hear a reporter on National television say “Thank you PM and Jim Flaherty and conservative for making our country proud in the international sceen and for taking us through this recession.”
    Instead, I heard the americans beg for our PM to help deal with their country and we take OBAMA, Pelosie and Biden.”


  29. Its truly amazing how differently the media treat Ignatieff. Today every question asked was pointed in the direction to run down the Prime Minister. The media lead it and the count happily followed. It was smears, absolute lies and a Harper hate fest given out by him . When the media met PM Harper in a senior home today, their questions were hateful. Two about Helena Guergis…one about the university of Guelph voting …one about the businesses in Toronto compensation from the G20….one question on Libyia.Negative of course.The CPAC candidate shows are so negative about the Cons. candidates. All they show is negative remarks from other people and a total build up of any Liberals.Now of course they are breaking away for Helena Guergis and CBC is holding it LIVE and straming it online. Anything for a Harper smear. When he is campaigning they only show the reporters questioning him, but they make time for Helena Guergis. Quaint.


  30. Auditor Says Liberals Misled Parliament Involving $$$Millions

    I expect Igantieff and Liberals would like AG to dust off and release some of her other reports while she is at it.

    Liberals misinformed Parliament about millions spent on gun registry: AG
    Last Updated: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 | 4:30 PM ET
    2006 Report of the Auditor General of Canada

    The former Liberal government misinformed Parliament about millions of dollars in expenses incurred by the gun registry, Auditor General Sheila Fraser said.
    The largest portion of her latest report to Ottawa focused on how the government twice failed to properly record tens of millions of dollars worth of overspending at the Canada Firearms Centre.


    AG Fraser lambastes Liberals for blowing budget by a billion dollars on registry‏

    AG Fraser lambastes Liberals for blowing budget by a billion dollars on registry. When Canada’s auditor general tabled her December 2002 report, she set her sights on Ottawa’s controversial gun registry program.
    Sheila Fraser blasted the federal government, run by the Liberals at the time, for exceeding its estimated budget, saying that by the time the smoke cleared and all gun owners and their guns were registered, the program would have cost taxpayers more than $1 billion. Opposition critics were quick to point out that figure is 500 times more than the original $2-million estimate. A look at internal audits conducted by the Canadian Firearms Program suggests the cost of the program has been an issue from the beginning.



  31. Check out the CPAC call in show smear campaign going on against the Conservatives…astounding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Clark and Andrew Cowan

    1-877-296-2722 call in and say you Love Iggy to get them to take your call.


  32. Heads up. CBC is reporting (somewhat gleefully it seems) that Elections Canada is allowing the UofG votes — even though they were unauthorized as in illegal. Shameful. Get the word out there and do everything you can to let EC know they are ruining democracy in Canada.


  33. Some reporter in Sudbury asked Iggy ..”since your talking about people on facebook, how can you explain the people outside right now that don’t agree with your views arn’t allowed in?” He just shut him off and went onto another question. The media there arn’t as receptive as in Toronto and ottawa.Wonder if we will hear about this by the media??Iggy asked the reporter if he got elected to ask his question and the reporter said…”No I got “APPOINTED”.lolol BUT his question was about the Guelph votes You should see the lies Iggy is saying about it. Facebook again.


  34. Thank you for telling it like it really is
    Sandy. It’s called the TRUTH.

    We live in a world of deception; of deception so subtle and great that at times even the strongest people feel discouraged, afraid or tempted to doubt. It is at times like this that we need to remind ourselves and others about the realities of REAL Truth, an entity of immeasurable importance and worth in this age of deceit. Listen to the politicians of any party; – initially – appears to be telling the truth. It’s only when one looks deeper and gathers more and more facts does the truth begin to emerge. Some one said ‘half a truth is worse than a lie’ because you do not know which half you have.

    It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone to be told that truth has its enemies – many enemies! One big enemy is the CBC.

    The greatest legacy for Prime Minister Harper of The Canadian Conservative Government would be to dismantle the Canadian Television Broadcasting Corp. That would amount to a great amount of Canadian tax dollars that could be used for a far better purpose than that of the spin doctors running the CBC.

    Now, that’s the truth. Like it or not!

    Give CBC Television the boot and go back to when the CBC Radio spoke the truth from the many wires located on the Marshlands separating Sackville, N.B. and Anherst, N.S.

    A sign on the highway at that time stated, “Canada Speaks to the World from here.


  35. I just saw a news clip where the reporter spoke entirely about the latest poll in the GTA which put the NDP in 2nd place vs. Liberals in 3rd. All the while the the actual poll results were displayed behind them showing Conservatives with a clear lead but nary a word about that – media reporting has has been breathtaking in its bias against PM Stephen Harper


  36. Northerngal — So typical. I have seen the same kinds of “reports.” It’s like “hello” — people are mostly interested in which party is in first place!


  37. Reminds me of The National last night. Wendy Mesley said…”The NDP are ahead of the Conservatives.” She did a big rant and at the end it was for leadership in some CBC poll….but she didn’t say that. She left the impression Jack was ahead NATIONALLY. The media are getting carried away.


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