Elections Canada a sham of an agency to allow UofG votes!

CBC is reporting that Elections Canada is allowing the University of Guelph illegal votes. Can you just imagine if it was a Liberal party of Canada complaint? Elections Canada would NOT have allowed votes that were not pre-authorized.

Oh, the irony! The Liberals and NDP have been complaining endlessly that democracy is at risk in Canada. Well, they were right, but for the wrong reasons. (H/T Cadoodle.)

What kind of message does this send to the students who voted illegally? You guessed it right if you thought that cheating is okay, as long as its in favour of liberals or progressives.

What a sham of an agency Elections Canada has become — biased, dysfunctional and unaccountable.

Update: To contact Elections Canada to complain —

From anywhere in Canada — 1-800-463-6868

Locally in Ottawa — (613) 993-2974

Elections Canada online message page to contact the Chief Electoral Officer: http://www.elections.ca/courEL.aspx?lang=e

27 thoughts on “Elections Canada a sham of an agency to allow UofG votes!

  1. Sent an e-mail and was told it might take 90 days after polls close to get a reply.
    Hopefully this is one of the first places that a majority PM will investigate, and heads will roll.


  2. Actually when the NDP did this to the Libs in Trinity Spadina in 06, the Libs complained and Elections Canada nullified the votes.


  3. I despair of what a casual foreign observer might make of the Canadian democratic system. Consider we have:

    -Four elections in 7 years
    – a regional party running to split the country
    – a state broadcaster massively interfering against one party’s program
    -allegations of ballot box irregularities 2 weeks before election day

    I would simply like to vote and get this election over with.


  4. Just got a call from some group in BC, asking for 100.00 so they can continue their work. They claim they got rid of the pensions for the likes of Clifford Olsen and a few other things.
    I told them until they went after EC for allowing vote fraud at the UofG they could forget any donations.
    Seems Soros and his group are again interferring in our election, telling all leader to petition the AG to release her report. Ok, only if all previous reports by the AG reporting misuse of funds by the liberals are re published.
    Remember JC calling an election to keep the AG from releasing her report re adscam, and then left Paul Martin to take the flak.


  5. The ‘chads’ debacle in the US election of 2000 pales in comparison to this sham!

    I am outraged and would be outraged no matter the party that raised the dispute.

    Elections Canada seems to make the rules up as they go along and that is not okay when their is structure and rules involved.

    This reeks of bias as does the in and out accusation and because of today’s decision, their credibility with the in and out, joke is just that, a joke!


  6. If you needed any more proof that EC is simply trying to poke the CP in the eye, this is it. It’s a continuation of their pattern. BTW, anyone know of what NEW developments cam to light this past winter or even this past fall that would’ve prompted EC to complete their investigations and file charges when they did? I bet no new information came to light. They lay charges after 5 years, just before we head to the polls, against a party they’ve had pitched battles with in the past and now this? Not a coincidence.


  7. With Reference to the ballots that were stolen that Elections Canada has ruled that the votes are legal.Here are a couple of questions that I hope some one can answer

    1. What sort of control was used in recording the names of the students who voted.

    2. what control was taken to insure that the ballots are not duplicated.

    For FYI, I worked as a DRO during the last election and I am going to be working as a DRO on May 2; we have to check names and addresses from a voter registration list; This is supposed to stop people from voting more than once. we have to keep the perforated stub on the ballot to ensure
    all ballots cast is equal to ballots given out.
    We have to maintain a candidates log to provide to candidate scrutineers. Was all this done and can this information be provided to candidates.

    To quote a Liberal MP this doesn t pass the smell test.


  8. Elections Canada is allowing an unauthorized polling station’s votes to count and that scream unethical and possibly illegal? I filed a complaint, and I will continue to file complaints against Elections Canada to any venue that will take them.


  9. I like to know when EC is going to come to my home or place of work so I can vote more easily. Why are students getting special treatment.


  10. As I just wrote on the BLY thread, if you get an e-mail with the 90 days business, telephone tomorrow. Speak to someone. Leave a voice mail message. Don’t give up. Let’s get the message out there. And, send the URL for this post to all those media links on my side bar, particularly Brian Lilley and the radio guys.


  11. Terry Mildewski was on THE NATIONAL tonight and he said the voting was legal and now the conservatives have been backpeddling about it and accept it.???


  12. An ominous sign of high desperation, the Liberals are trotting out Chretien and Martin. These two who damaged and almost killed them coming out at this time are sure to finish the job.

    Odd too, Chretien didn’t really endorse Ignatieff so is he going to do some events in Rae’s riding?

    Don’t think they’ll be welcome in the West, they may try Quebec where the voters are unpredictable right down to ballot marking time.


  13. “Folks – here’s a sure sign that the LPOC leader’s on his way out.”

    Unfortunately there are 76 remaining as bad or worse than him. They need a house cleaning but I am not sensing that they get that aspect.
    A gentler, more refined Liberal party doesn’t appear to be on the agenda.


  14. “Don’t think they’ll be welcome in the West, they may try Quebec where the voters are unpredictable right down to ballot marking time.”

    Martin is apparently going to try and help Ignatieff in Edmonton. I hope we have some adventurous Conservatives there to ask some REAL questions.


  15. What was the date of that poll at UofG. When was the last day to name candidates, to get on the ballot. April 11, so that would mean no ballots could be printed till after that date, to make sure all names were on them. So, when were those ballots printed, sent to the appropriate ridings, and advance polling stations.
    Does anyone really think that EC is that efficient, who printed them.
    Or were the ballots blank and you wrote in a name. Something smells very bad.
    Guess we have to have scrutineers at all advance polling stations, and take note and pics of all ballot boxes and their numbers, and record the seal numbers.
    I can’t believe the spin by liberals and others that this poll was legal, when EC has said it was not sanctioned by EC. If those students were so concerned, they could have gone to the EC office to cast a vote. Is that DRO still in her job, who was she. She needs to be outed, big time.


  16. I don’t understand why the NDP are not concentrating more on attacking the Liberals instead of the Conservatives. This is where their votes will be coming from. I was reading down the blogs and from the content of the blogs, I could pretty well see that the blogs were coming from either NDP or Consevative supporters. The language was respectable and appropriate. Then there’s a blog from a Liberal supporter (Ken). What does he do? he calls our Prime Minister “an arrogant SOB”. Do I need to say more!


  17. Check out the article on charlesadler.com “Will the real member of parliament from Oak Ridges-Markham please stand up?”. The Liberal placard has “RE-ELECT Lui Temelkovshi” while, actually, Lui is NOT the sitting MP. It’s the Conservative Calandra. Does Lui want to take the credit for the good job Calandra has been doing in this riding? Wonder if Terry Mildewski from the CBC will pick up this story!


  18. I think this incident just underscores the need for Conservative supporters to get involved at the local level.

    One of the critical roles is that of scrutineer. Please volunteer!! It’s the only way to keep Elections Canada honest – and even then I have my worries.


  19. Cross-posted at SDA:

    I don’t get this (well, that’s not really true):

    Elections Canada

    1) admits that the well-intentioned returning officer who initiated this poll lacked proper authorization and

    2) has instructed him and all other returning officers “not to engage in any further activities of a similar nature,”

    and yet

    3) makes a decision that the 700 votes from an unauthorized polling station are valid and allows them to be counted????

    Where’s the justice in this? Where are the consequences for a returning officer’s not following Elections Canada’s rules? What’s the point in having rules at all with this outcome?

    In most other jurisdictions, this would be cause for invalidating the returns, for disallowing the vote count, and for disciplining the returning officer.

    Topsy-turvy world alright, which plays right into the Liberal$’ play book, and just another example of Elections Canada’s partisan bias.

    Canada really needs a seismic shift away from this kind of corruption: A Conservative Landslide, Please!


  20. What does it cost to file nomination papers to run as an Independent for whatever party. There are several federal parties, so what if on the last day of nominations a lot of people in various lib held ridings, filed papers to run for the Pirate Party, or the Rhino Party or any other party as an independent. No way could ballots be printed in time for an advance poll (illegal) to be held 2 days later.
    HOw many voted, 241 or 700.
    Get out and be a scrutineer, each candidate can have 2 on duty thruout the day. The lib candidate better not win by a couple of hundred votes.
    EC has too much power.
    How many times has iggy used the word democracy in this campaign, and then says, it doesn’t mean a thing and we support illegal voting.


  21. Joanne — I don’t have the answer to your question re an audit of EC. But, we sure need one. Which is why they probably don’t want a Conservative majority either.


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