CBC, Dion, Ignatieff & Layton “forget” calls for Guergis’ resignation

There has never been a PMO smear campaign against Helena Guergis. None. In fact, the only anti-Guergis campaign was courtesty of the CBC and other media and which Helena Guergis herself has only made worse.  Leading me to believe that there is now no doubt that both the CBC and Guergis are deliberately trying to sabotage the federal election campaign and the Conservative party’s chances of a majority government.

For example, for the corporation to deliberately and breathlessly regurgitate the Helena Guergis firing on Thursday night’s “The National” was just over the top. Why? Because it was the Liberal Party caucus — remember Wayne Easter’s allegations in the House of Commons about her so-called temper tantrum at the PEI airport which turned out to be false — and the journalists in the parliamentary bureau, especially those working for CBC, who conducted the smear campaign Guergis rails about now.

Because, the reality was that all through the spring of 2010 the only thing Prime Minister Harper said was he couldn’t say much about her or the allegations because the entire matter was under an RCMP investigation, but that there had been pressures from the entire caucus to fire her.  Interestingly, even Warren Kinsella saw this weeks CBC coverage as bogus investigative journalism.

Then, yesterday, we have Guergis herself holding a press conference — that the CBC covered of course — tearfully telling Canadians how nasty that Stephen Harper was for throwing her under the bus — because she was a woman — and that he alone is to blame.

Well, spare me. I used to be a supporter of Guergis but the woman’s inability to reflect on her own behaviour has changed all that because she is not the victim she is trying to portray.

First of all, the allegations that got her fired were the “straw that broke the camels back” — the culmination of many incidents that current Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and many in the Canadian media are conveniently trying to forget, particularly the CBC.

So, let’s recall some facts from this 2008 National Post article (H/T NewsWatchCanada.ca)about how Guergis would be better suited to the back benches, as well as this inconvenient CBC news article indicating that both Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton demanded her resignation at one time.  

  1. In January 2008, then Liberal Leader Stephane Dion demanded Guergis’ resignation because she allegedly put he and then Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff (and, in fact, their entire delegation) at personal risk because she released their Afghan itinerary to the media.
  2. In March 2008 Guergis had the opposition Liberals and media laughing because she actually waxed lyrical about Dion needing to consider an election date that didn’t interfere with her wedding plans. 
  3. Also in the spring of 2008, there were numerous incidents related to the Mexican government and the Brenda Martin issue that indicated Guergis was ill equipped to be a Cabinet Minister.
  4. Then, in the spring of 2010, after Wayne Easter’s allegations regarding the PEI airport incident where he claimed she had been seen having a tantrum (which turned out to be completely untrue), both Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton demanded the PM fire her because two staff members wrote letters in various newspapers “to the editor” on her behalf.

How conveniently and quickly they forget. Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, the Internet does not. So, what we now see and read is that the same media who were all over her regarding her many gaffes of incompetence are now trying to claim she was fired without cause.

Meaning, it is long past time for Guergis to stop the tears, face her own dismal record and the reality that it was the media who were involved in a smear campaign — not the Prime Minister who supported her through all the previous gaffes — regardless of any unfairness there may or may not have been at the time of her actual firing.

The crux of the matter is, however, that the CBC needs to stop flogging this exaggerated victim story because it, when combined with all its other anti-Harper and anti-Conservative coverage, clearly looks like a deliberate attempt to sabotage the Conservative party receiving a majority mandate.

Well, in my opinion, that is not going to work because Canadians can see through the bias. However, it does bring up the issue of public funding and why Canadian taxpayers should continue to provide $1 billion dollars a year to the CBC when it is clearly in breach of its own code of ethics?

Update: BTs Craig Smith, Trust Tory and Iceman also wrote about this.

49 thoughts on “CBC, Dion, Ignatieff & Layton “forget” calls for Guergis’ resignation

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  2. Ditto, great post. One of these days the media and coalition parties will realize that the internet (thank you algore) doesn’t forget, like they do, of how they acted in the HofC, or on the political shows, regarding HG.
    Pretending to be a victim is wrong and she should know the libs support men who violate women, by saying they do not need to go to jail.
    Wonder what position she has been promised for this act yesterday.
    If she wins on May 2nd, she will be a lonely gal, as an independent. Will the libs take her into their caucus, I know the PM wont.
    She will not get the women’s vote with her act, we want strong women, not victims to represent us.


  3. Thanks Joanne. I went back looking for all those times the opposition and media were demanding Guergis’ resignation. They thought we forgot. I bet there is a lot more out there. I am just scratching the surface.


  4. Why are the media and Libs sticking their noses into it anyway? It’s not a governmental issue, it’s an internal party matter. PMSH doesn’t need to consult the Libs and CBC before determining who is and who isn’t in the Tory caucus. It’s none of their business. And I said before but I’ll say it again. When Guergis says she looks forward to one day rejoining her conservative “family” as she puts it, after PMSH is gone she adds, she misses the point. By collaborating with the CBC — a broadcaster she knows FULL WELL is not only out to derail PMSH’s bid for a majority but by extension the entire CP itself — she has done herself no favours with her former collegues who will never trust her again, not wanting such a rat fink and potential CBC mole in their ranks. The CP already went through having one of it’s own blabbing to the media about things he wasn’t supposed to with Garth Turner and aren’t going to trust another like that again. Geurgis has NO FUTURE in the CP, regardless of who the next leader is. I wish the CBC would actually ask her some tough questions instead of interviewing her on camera in cozy fireplace settings. Did Mansbridge offer her a brandy before doing the interview? What does Helena think the CBC is using her for? Frankly, I don’t think she even cares. It’s all about her.


  5. Well said! The last thing women need representing them is a whiny brat like her. Whether or not PMSH jumped the gun booting her out of caucus, she has proven why it was such a good idea.


  6. As posted at Halls of Macadamia:


    — OTTAWA — Michael Ignatieff is drawing a link between disgraced former cabinet minister Helena Guergis and organized crime. “I don’t want to make false accusations but you don’t get cocaine at a corner drug store, right? You have to get it from somewhere, from someone and usually that means organized crime.”

    — OTTAWA — Mr. Ignatieff also focused on the fact that Mr. Harper was publicly standing by Ms. Guergis just 24 hours ago. “It raises questions about the Prime Minister’s judgment.”

    — OTTAWA — Michael Ignatieff launched an aggressive attack on status of women minister Helena Guergis today, saying that she’s a liar and doesn’t deserve to be in cabinet.
    — OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said it is astounding is that Conservative Leader Stephen Harper threw Helena Guergis out of caucus based on unsubstantiated allegations.


  7. You are right Sandy who needs Helena Gueris
    When you have friends like Bruce Carson to tell you how to manage the tax payers’ moeny.


  8. James — Bruce Carson was hired by the Privy Council office. Give it a rest already. He was not elected to anything. I thought Liberals and progressives believed once someone paid their debt to society, they should be allowed to move on. Oh, right, only if they have anything to do with Conservatives is it a problem. Don’t try to change the subject please.


  9. What a Great Sunshiny Day to Rise Up, Rise Up for a stable Harper Conservative majority!
    Sandy-thanks so much for this wonderful forum to share truth and fight BS.

    Looking forward to Sun TV in Edmonton free on Shaw starting Monday.
    Tell Mr. Ignatieff that something is “rising up” in Canada -Sun TV!!


  10. Things that didn’t happen,
    that the coalition of losers were sure would,
    in fact, I’m guessing they based their strategy on:

    – Canadians would get over ‘not wanting an election’ by day 3…not, week 3 and Cdns are still mad
    – As soon as PMSH got into majority territoy,
    Canadians would gasp and the CPC numbers would drop…not, 3 weeks of non-stop asking for a majority and the CPC numbers started and remain above 37%
    – The leaked AG report (which they no doubt had before the non-confidence vote) would have the same effect on the CPC as the RCMP investigation in 2006 did on the LPC… not, it was just ‘oh, the G8 thing, again’
    – The Tory attack ads would prove false once Canadians saw the real Ignatieff during this campaign, his numbers would improve dramatically.. not, He has proved the attack ads correct and accurate

    LPC dragged out Chretien, Martin and a decade old assignment of James Moore re: abortion,
    this weekend.
    Where’s the Hopey Changey Iffy?


  11. Lorraine — Sunshiny? Not in Niagara it isn’t. It’s a dark rainy miserably cold day. If you are in Edmonton, I am glad it is sunny given the snow you had earlier in the week.

    But, hey, it is sunshiny inside because I am confident that Canadians are now seeing the truth about the Liberal Party. Saying anything to get back into power and their media enablers doing what they can to try and make that happen.

    Just imagine if the media were truly balanced. Wouldn’t that be great? Actually giving equal time to each of the main political parties and allowing Canadians to make up their own minds.

    Sheesh. What a concept!

    Freedom of the press and choice for the voters. Yea!


  12. Guergis pulled this stunt with the sole purpose of trying to save her seat. The CBC dutifuly reported and torqued up the story, because it was yet another thing to bash the PM over the head with.

    The voters will decide who is right in the end and I am thinking it will not be Helena.


  13. That Iggy piece was sorta creepy; apparenty he’s attacking the electorate for not getting as crazy as he is about all the “crisis” points he’s trying to campaign on…
    Someone should point out to him that the electorate have considerable ability to differentiate between legitimate issues and phony political gameplaying.

    Insulting voters because they’re not “drinking the kool-aid” he’s trying to serve comes very near to a sign of meltdown, folks.


  14. He might be saying rise up, when it comes thru to me as Wise up, Wise up, and I think voters have wised up to the liberal smear campaign and all the lies he told in this clip. PMSH did not smear HG, his party and past and current leader did.
    The PM was not found in contempt by parliament, he was found in contempt by the contemptible committee coalition members.
    They wanted this election, they had it planned, why were so many coalition signs ready the day of the writ. He thinks illegally voting by students is a great idea, forgets to tell us that this poll was not authorized by EC. Will other advance poll ballot boxes suddenly be found in the trunk of some DRO’s car when the votes goes wrong for libs.
    If anything is contemptible it is iggy in this video.
    If this is what a professor teaches his students, glad my kids went into the trades.


  15. I look and listen to Iggy and I feel…. well, I feel a softness, a fluffiness…I… I feel like I’m floating on a cloud or maybe… or maybe a tiny leaf so…. so gently falling toward the ground. I feel… I feel….yawnnNNNNNN.

    Look at the woman in the bottom left corner. She looks at times like she’s just staring through him, wanting to fall asleep at times. And I thought the sound track was added for a pejorative effect. Didn’t realize until the end that it was from liberal.ca, intact and how they wanted it. Good move. And Iggy may have a whole new career ahead of him — lounge lizard. Or maybe televangelist, which is what he sounds more like in the end.


  16. Have a wee confession to make. Not surprising given that I am a freelance writer and former educator, that occasionally I fix what are obviously inadvertent typos and spelling mistakes. So, if you notice those fixings, it’s actually an automatic feature I have on my blog. LOL


  17. Ontario Girl — I have heard that his “rise up, rise up” or ‘wise up, wise up” depending on what you heard, is Ignatieff’s Howard Dean moment. And, we know what happened to him.

    Truly, I don’t know about you but I am finding this election sooooooo long. As our little kids used to say, and grandkids still say, “are we there yet?”


  18. Truly, I don’t know about you but I am finding this election sooooooo long. As our little kids used to say, and grandkids still say, “are we there yet?”

    I wish it was voting day this Monday. All the BS flying around is too over the top.I have a small nagging feeling, that we will be presented with some manufactured scandal,in about a week. I think the usual(retired?) suspects are on a digging mission. It was Mansbridge who said…”It ain’t over till its over”. I still believe though, that Canadians are awake, and as long as the Liberals don’t drag out some illegal voting boxes, a majority is there. Its sad when you don’t trust Elections Canada though.


  19. Oh, and we can all now see how we were lied to by the media who collectively stated that the debates would allow Canadians to “get to know” Iggy and that this would elevate him in the polls. I always found the media’s analysis of why Iggy’s personal polling numbers were so bad to show a particular contempt for Canadians, implying that because the numbers are low that we’re either unaware of who he was and would all fall in love with him once we got to know him or if we didn’t then we’re just not smart enough to appreciate him the way they, the media, obviously do.

    Complete arrogance! It’s not just the Iggy who’s disconnected from Canadians. It’s the media too.

    And the media collectively argued that the AG/leaked draft story “would be the one” to damage the CP (like Oda, like Carson, like contempt, like the face book flap…. boy who cried wolf) yet the Nanos poll today factors it in. Having not gotten what they wanted, the new spin popular in media is that while there’s no impact “yet” on the polls, the cumulative effect of everything will hurt the CP on election day. If they keep rubbing those wet twigs together any harder they’re going to get forearms like Popeye soon.


  20. Here is “Rise Up” abbreviated (all respect to you Ontario Girl for the original unabridged version). It is probably 26 of Ignatieff’s weirdest seconds I’veever seen.

    I live in Sudbury, and I have to tell you, maybe it is our water here, but this is the second time that Ignaieff has come here (remember “Mr. Harper your time is up”?) and acted a little strangely.


  21. I saw Kathleen Petty on Power and Politics the other day. She was seriously in shock that none of the faux scandals had done the trick for the Libs. She turned to Greg Weston as if to say “What more can we do? The AG report should have been the game changer!”

    A priceless moment.


  22. I am looking for help please. Could any you ladies or gents tell me where I can find a conservative blog that actually talks about Stephen Harper and why to vote for him?
    Lots of blogs but not many talking up your ma? For someone sick of Michael Ignatieff my family is looking for Harper supportivr bloggers.


  23. Michael — Ontario added that video at 2:45pm so if you don’t mind I’ll remove it as I am unable to make it smaller when it is the comment area.


  24. oops, thought that was the Donolo version’s posted ahead of me!

    Ontario Girl,
    laughed till I cried… touch my junk, rise up rise up


  25. Okay, now Wilson has left the video. I’ll leave them all up. As the saying goes, the more the merrier. He is not as loud as Howard Dean but it is a Howard Dean moment. Rise up for what reason? Because he wants to be PM? So we can have our taxes raised to the roof because of a Cap and Trade scheme? Bizarre!

    Yes, indeed, Canada, rise up and vote Conservative on May 2nd, 2011 for a Conservative Majority.


  26. I live in Sudbury, and I have to tell you, maybe it is our water here, but this is the second time that Ignaieff has come here (remember “Mr. Harper your time is up”?) and acted a little strangely.

    Are any of the people in the audience really falling for it or is it like attending a yuk yuk club for them?

    Did any of the papers cover the story a reporter brought up in a question to Iggy…she asked him why there were so many people left ouside and not allowed in because they didn’t have his view points??Bet the media hid that one after the big deal about the facebook story.


  27. Ontario Girl, the audience, especially at the beginning, looks like one you might see on an SNL skit where, because of the amount of people needed for the skit, they’ll incorporate members of the studio audience into the act. Funny thing too, CTV and CBC are both reporting on this vid but not in any critical way. In fact, after showing the vid, the CBC anchor said with gusto “We just saw a FIRED UP Michael Ignatieff”. I’m confused here. Is the media saying that there is NO criticism or mocking of Iggy and that’s why they aren’t reporting any? Or are they saying that, yes, while there is criticism and mocking of the Lib leader that they feel it’s unwarranted and so we won’t report it? The first explanation would be a lie, the second a case of selective reporting.


  28. I hear you Ontario girl at 4:35pm. I can’t help wonder what the campaign would like if there was equal time for the three main leaders and both were asked tough questions. I mean, we know very little about the implications of Red Book # 2 which I feel is really irresponsible of the media. It’s like they don’t care what happens to the country as long as it is not at the hands of conservatives. And, that is in spite of how well our economy is doing. It’s completely irrational.

    Yes, Canadians need to rise up and wise up and show the door to this carpetbagger.


  29. I’m so thankful that others are finding hilarity in Ignatieff’s use of “Rise up, Rise, up!
    I’m not sure the Liberals are all that wise to the genius in the Conservative war room.
    Is he talking to taxes?


  30. A CTV reporter FINALLY does her job. Jackie M interviews Guergis and asks [paraphrasing] “You’re not only hurting PMSH but you’re also hurting the CP and there chances at a majority by splitting the vote…. What type of support to you have within the CP caucus?” Guergis says she’s has lots of support from her former colleagues, encouraging what she’s doing and has gotten many emails of support from the. Asked who those Conservative Mps are she says “I’m not going to divulge that information.” What a joke she is!


  31. Has anyone here ever been part of a championship team, in high-school or college?

    I have to tell you, to have it all on the line going into the third when you’re ahead by one against an old rival…..you’re tired, you’re gassed beyond belief…..you know your opponent is going to have something left in the tank going into the final stretch…..maybe even willing to go dirty to get that edge because they have nothing to lose……you feel broken and bent, and you just want it over with……but your coach tells you that unless you give it your all, even BEYOND your all, for the next 20 minutes and you end up losing because you couldn’t find that little reserve, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

    See that news article below? We are at that point. They know they are losing going into the third, so they are going to get down and dirty for everything they are worth. We need to dig down and do everything in our ability to make sure we win. Because you know what, I KNOW all of you don’t want to be regretting it the rest of your life when we could have find that reserve to pull off the win.



  32. the audience, especially at the beginning, looks like one you might see on an SNL skit where, because of the amount of people needed for the skit, they’ll incorporate members of the studio audience into the act.

    I would be terribly embarressed to be seen in the audience when Ignatieff get crazed like he does. Can you imagine him doing this on the world stage or around the White House?Obama would be ducking behind his desk and not because of a shoe coming his way.Iggy is silly…Mr. Rogers is smarter.
    Whats with Nick Nanos polls? Why do we just see all this fluff stuff(even though PM Harper leads in every area and Layton is ahead of Iggy) where are the numbers on who is leading in the polls?? Guess they are trying to shild iggyness from embarressment??? Its so strange to me why its being done the way it is all of a sudden.
    I can’t wait for some reporter to talk about Iggys red book with $60 Billion not budgeted for and Layton has $30 billion over budget.Guess thats why they dragged out helena..??sigh. What a farce.


  33. You know what Michael — I am not going to write a thing about that health ad. You know why? Because the country really does have to do something about rising health care costs. But, you see that is what the Liberals don’t understand, like McGuinty. We already have private providers for blood tests and x-rays and prescriptions, semi-private hospital coverage, etc.

    It’s the last boogie man. It’s an attempt at the hidden agenda. And, I won’t bite until I get an idea how the PM and CPC is going to handle it. To push this only pushes the Liberal anti-Conservative agenda, not ours.

    And, that is what it is going to be like during this next two weeks. The good news is that I lived with this kind of stress at the end of both Ontario elections in 1995 and 1999. The Ontario Liberals and NDP threw everything they had at Mike Harris, including strategic voting. Day after day after day. And, the media was horrendous then too.

    I was a riding ONPC communications chair. We stayed on our message totally. Stayed on the offensive: (1) Make Ontario a place to do business. (2) Create jobs and prosperity. (3) Get rid of welfare fraud. (4) Institute workfare and learnfare to get people off of welfare (it’s still in place and called Ontario Works). (5) Cancel photo radar. Just a few main messages. And, we didn’t get defensive, ever. And, as you know, it worked. Majorities both times. And, I am betting that had Harris run again in 2003 instead of retiring, he would have won a third majority — in spite of Walkerton because he told the truth and kept his promises.

    So, let’s stay on message. Any videos we put up should be of the PM at rallies.

    Expose the media like we are here today and at BLY regularly. But, don’t take on the Liberal narrative because that is exactly what they want you to do — make it the ballot question. They have tried the ethics and corruption stories but they haven’t stuck because the Liberals were worse. They have tried the Harper as bully with the student and Guergis stories. Those didn’t work either.

    So, be careful. They are sneaky. Don’t fall into their trap. That’s the essence of politics. Change the channel. In the Liberals’ case, get people to stop talking about Ignatieff.


  34. Sandy, since you worked for the Ont PC’s in the ’90s, you of course remember that Lib ad where they took Harris’ comments out of context (“one mean, mad Mike Harris”) and placed it over clips of OPP riot cops in a scuffle with OPSEU workers outside QP. The two were completely unrelated, with Harris’ comments lifted from a Global TV interview about his demands that health care cuts by the fed Libs be restored.

    I remember that disgusting ad when it was run and how angry I was at the MSM, allowing it to run and to go unchallenged, something they never allowed PMSH to get away with in that one bad ad last Feb. Barton: The CP have taken Iggy’s “yes, yes, yes” out of context and this is not right.


  35. And, we didn’t get defensive, ever. And, as you know, it worked.

    Sandy, you bring invaluable wisdom based upon experience that can’t be bought. That is something that is earned, no question about it.

    But there is nothing wrong with countering with facts though. I see that the Prime Minister has already responded. He said that the Liberals, the great defenders of health care, cut transfers in 1994 and that the Tories have carried on with funding until 2014. These are nothing but facts, and there is nothing wrong with responding as such. It wouldn’t take long to put an ad out countering with such truth. I think they should.


  36. Jon — I don’t agree with taking anything out of context. That was a while ago, so I guess they learned their lesson. But, there is a science to negative ads and I think we just have to trust the CPC knows what it is doing.

    In response to Michael’s concerns, I just put up the video that Jen left in a BLY comment. That is exactly what I was getting at. Its 26 minutes long but if you listen to it carefully, you will see how the PM deals with the Liberal and NDP negative messaging, by going positive. So, in reaction to the Liberal ad on health care, he says that the Liberals under Chretien and Martin reduced health grants to the provinces but in the last five years, the Conservatives have actually increased it by one third. That is huge. But, he didn’t directly mention the ad and that is was distorted. Of course, everyone now knows it is. So, let’s get that increased by one-third out there.

    Here is the link to the new post.


  37. I agree Michael that an ad would be good, not responding to the Liberal ad but just telling the truth as it is. However, sometimes they don’t have the time to get them ready in the middle of an election campaign. Mind you, if I had been working on a communications team, I would have assumed the subject of health care would come up.

    Bizarre that Dalton McGuinty is suddenly asking for a ten year guarantee. I guess that was the only way he could help his federal cousins. This from the guy who implemented a huge health care premium and pretty well ignored the e-Health billion dollar boondoggle.


  38. HI, I just discoved this blog and I am amazed you don’t have anyone being personally atacked by their Conservative opinion yet…How do you keep this a secret?…I try to stand up for myself and I get slandered..I see right through left wing media biased and I am told that’s absurd..or even better, I get the ‘lower my self esteem’ comment…oh, man..your not a Conservative are you?…Thank you for this site…I TOTALLY agree with you Sandy on the Guergis scam..that’s what I call it, anyway. I am hoping intelligent Canadians can see right through it.


  39. Sorry…It must be bed time..I just noticed all of my gramatical/spelling errors…lol
    2.attacked for their Conservative opinons.
    2.Oh, man! You’re not a Conservative, are you?

    My next post, I will be more careful…


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