What a Conservative majority gov’t would do for Canada…

Below is the video (H/T Jen at Blue Like You) for the Conservative rally in Saskatoon yesterday where Prime Minister Stephen Harper outlined the Conservative plan for jobs and economic growth.

It is 26 minutes long but for those who are interested in refuting the latest Liberal ad claiming that a Conservative government has a hidden agenda with regard to health care, you can hear Harper explain (at the 12:10 mark) that during the thirteen years the Liberals were in power under both Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, they made significant cuts to health care transfers to the provinces. Whereas during the last five years the Conservatives have been in power, with two minorities, it was INCREASED by as much as one-third. 

So, when Liberals start fear mongering, remind them of those truths, plus the fact that over six consecutive quarters Canada has experienced economic growth, as well as the creation of 500,000 jobs, more than existed before the recession. You can also let them listen to this video where the PM outlines clearly what a majority Conservative government would mean. It would, for example:

  • Implement the second phase of the economic Action Plan — the very plan that has placed Canada at the top of the class in the G7 when it comes to job creation and moving out of the recession;
  • Provide more money to seniors who do not have private pensions;
  • Provide new residents to Canada with loans to get their education credentials recognized;
  • Provide more money for energy and home retrofit programs;
  • Provide new jobs for veterans;
  • Keep hardened criminals off the streets and in jail; and
  • Double the tax-free savings account from $5,000 to $10,000.

For information on what the previous two Conservative minority government have already done, please see my list of Harper Government Accomplishments.   And, as the PM says, to keep Canada strong and free, remember to vote on May 2nd, 2011.  Of course, I plan to vote for my Conservative candidate and hope you will too.

23 thoughts on “What a Conservative majority gov’t would do for Canada…

  1. Okay, Michael — I understand now. It’s just that we have to go positive not react with fear as in the last 20 minutes of a game. I have never played hockey but I realize that the players have to be both on the defensive and the offensive, that you need both to get a goal. Refute, yes? Jo and I do that all the time as do other BTs. But, not to put up a post talking about the health care ad with the video. That just gives them the exposure they want and crave.

    Like I said, its a fine line and not always easy to see where the line has to be drawn. But, hey thanks so much for getting me thinking. And, yes, getting me thinking in the last twenty minutes may not be a bad idea. LOL


  2. One of our BT’s tec genius’s should break this video down into categories, so as the clips are a few minutes long, for each issue each.

    Then we can link to a corresponding topic, when we go out into the blogosphere to comment, with a short clip!


  3. “One of our BT’s tec genius’s should break this video down into categories, so as the clips are a few minutes long, for each issue each.”

    That would be Hunter I would say. 😉


  4. Okay, I’ll e-mail Hunter and ask her if she can do this. It’s 26 minutes, but the points are mainly at the beginning with some issues, like the health care one in the middle. I have to go back and listen again and find exactly where that was.


  5. While I am and forever will be a Conservative and Harper supporter, the whole health care sound byte just sounds like spin to me. As I understand it, the increases in health care spending were legislated 10 years ago at 6% per year. This is money that would have been spent on health care no matter who was in government.

    Is there other money that has been added over and above the 6% per year?


  6. Chuck T — The point here is that the Conservatives didn’t renege on the 2004-2014 agreement but put through the 6% increases — up to the one third that the PM mentions. Would the Liberals have done the same thing? I doubt it given how many promises Liberals are known to break. Think Dalton McGuinty in Ontario raising a health care premium that simply goes into general revenues and hasn’t improved health care one bit.

    Anyway, here is a link to the Council of Canadians and their progressive and anti-Conservative views as to how they interpret what the PM and other Conservatives are saying.

    And, here is a CBC source hypothesizing what they think the Conservatives would likely do — include a combination of private and public money.

    And, I have no problem with that. I mean, we already have a two tier system — x-rays and blood tests, semi private coverage and so on. So, the NDP and the Liberals are using magical thinking if they think that taxation is going to cover everything in the future. Given the rate of technological change, that just isn’t going to be possible. So, private will likely increase. But, still univeral with the use of a provincial card.

    But, if the Conservatives ever brought that up now, the fear mongering would be over the top. And, it is nothing but fear mongering because BC and Quebec already combine private and public health care — with some services actually being paid out of pocket by patients. Funny the double standard eh!

    But, a good debate. Thanks.

    Bottom line, health care transfer have not only remained stable but have increased by 30% — even in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s.


  7. ChuckT — Here is another interesting source about private health care in Canada. Scroll half way down the page with the paragraph starting: “In January 2006.” It explains how Quebec physicians can opt in or out of the public system. Strange how that is never discussed in Ontario where the Ontario Liberals have their heads in the sand as if they don’t think about, it won’t happen.

    And, by the way, you are no more Conservative than I am Liberal. This was a trick question to get approved and you know it. All to minimize. Sorry, but the Conservatives have managed to keep on track with good financial management policies.

    Which makes me wonder how on earth the coalition partners would negotiate the 2014 agreement when they have already promised to spend billions more than they have, even after hiking our taxes sky high.


  8. yes ChuckT,
    here is just one, over and above the ’10 year fix’ the Harper government gave extra funding to, cancer programs

    5 year plan:
    In its 2006 budget, the federal government committed $260 million to the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control over the next five years. Implementation of the strategy is overseen by The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC). CCRA provides advice to The Partnership through its role as the Research Advisory Group.


  9. Sorry Sandy. I’m a Conservative. Sign for Adam Mimnagh of Sackville-Eastern Shore on my lawn and everything. 🙂

    Thanks for the links though!


  10. and yes,
    the Harper government renewed another 5 year/250 Million committment to the Cancer Partnership, on march 10, 2011.

    So thanks to PMSH, this Partnership Against Cancer is the recipient of 1/2 Billion over 10 years.

    And this illustrates EXACTLY what I like about the Harper government,
    results based targeted funding,
    instead of the Liberal way…throw money at the loudest special interest group


  11. The MSM has a moral obligation to mention those Lib cuts to health care EACH and EVERY TIME their reports convey Lib attacks against PMSH on the issue. The Libs allege PMSH will do it while they actually have the record of having done it.

    How can the media claim to have any objectivity when they lend weight to the Libs claim that Harper will cut health transfers with basis in reality, with no evidence and no record of him having done so while saying that the Libs are “clear and unequivocal” that they won’t cut health care even with a deficit?

    Was billions in cuts to health in the Red Book of 93? No! Did the Libs campaign on those cuts? No! Did the Libs know there was a $42 billion deficit? Why, YES!!!! So they still have answered: Why DID they cut health care and why didn’t they tell Canadians they were going to?

    If the Libs ESTABLISHED RECORD is to cut health care when getting in power and NOT TELL CANADIANS, why do the media believe their stated position in this election?


  12. all the PM HARPER rally videos can be found on conservative party web site
    just located them
    they are great


  13. Thank you Sandy! I have sent this video and your message to all my family and friends. I have also sent it to all our volunteers on the Troy de Souza campaign team (Esquimalt Juan de Fuca riding).
    I truly appreciate you and all the Conservative bloggers. We are family and we are all Canadians. Our prayers and hopes are for you in Ontario (and for all of Canada) and I hope you will keep the West Coast in your thoughts too!
    CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY!! Keep the faith (and the work ethic too!) Help your local candidate for the next 16 days!!! We need you!


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  15. Iceman — Thank you for such a nice compliment. I’m a regular at your site as well. You have the knack to do short posts. I’m working on it but as soon as I bring in the research, it gets longer.

    My next hiatus will be from May 5th for a bit. I’m not too motivated to do the Ontario election for five months. Instead, probably going to concentrate on practical education issues, especially reading and learning strategies. Boring for politics nuts but needed by parents.


  16. First let me say I live on fixed income right now due to an injury but for this election I will probably vote conservitive the job Stephen Harper has done so far I think is very good.
    The reasons I am going to vote conservitive are that alot of the budgets have not made it harder to live but for me and my family it as remained the same. The main reason is that there is no talk of a carbon tax tax that will make the choice of food or rent that much greater for someone in my economic situation unlike the other parties will make it very difficult for us to live if any kind of carbon tax comes in. The budget that was put forth before the election was good all except cuts to the armed forces.


  17. I don’t understand why the most exciting aspect of the whole Conservative platform is being largely ignored. Income splitting for young families will help virtually all families with children under 18, doing for them what the Conservative government did for pensioners when they implemented pension splitting.

    Families with children will have more money in their pockets giving them a wider range of options when it comes to the way that they choose to care for their children, without the added stress of the tax system pushing then in one direction or another.


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