A majority at 40%? The Liberal vs Conservative double standard!

Why is it wrong for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to campaign on wanting a majority Conservative government when it is totally okay for the Liberal Party to do so? Can you say hypocrisy and double standards? I mean, where were the so-called 60% disenfranchised majority when it was Jean Chretien who was winning majority governments?

For example, in 1993, the Chretien Liberals won a huge majority with only a 41.24% plurality. Yet, I don’t recall the other 59% of the voters complaining.

In 1997, the Liberals, again under Chretien, won a second majority government. However, that time they only won with 38.46% of the vote. Yet, as in 1993, I don’t recall an uprising by the other 61% saying that the results indicated a democracy deficit. 

Remember that number folks: 38.46% of the vote!

Then, low and behold, in 2000, the Liberals won another majority with only 40.85% of the vote. And, like in 1993 and 1997, I don’t remember hearing any complaints about the fall of democracy as we know it from the other 60%.

No, apart from when it is a Conservative minority or majority, we don’t even hear from that other 60%.

Well folks, democracy is about equality and fairness. What is acceptable for the Liberal Party of Canada should also be acceptable for the Conservative Party of Canada. 

And, so shall it be!

17 thoughts on “A majority at 40%? The Liberal vs Conservative double standard!

  1. The MSM have been the accomplice in pushing the double standard. They were complicit in attacking Helen and Rahim for 3 months. The MSM can’t find those clips to point out the hypocrisy of the opposition leaders attacking Helena?
    The media went nuts attacking the Conservatives for suggesting a coalition is in the works if we have another minority.
    The state broadcaster has failed in covering issues that matter and have repeated the tabloid style reporting for gotcha moments.
    A shame, informing voters, fact checking used be something you would expect the news to provide.

    This bias from substantive coverage on real issues only leads to more reasons why cuts are warranted at the state broadcaster.


  2. If it wasn’t for the fact that Harper generates controversy every time he opens his mouth, you might not have this sort of problem.

    As well, when Chretien had his majority governments, the right was equally divided between the PC’s and the CA, and much of the Conservatives’ support fled following Mulroney’s term.

    Finally, having the right votes in the right places makes all the difference. If you’re winning seats by slim margins in more places and losing seats by wide margins elsewhere, you’re going to hit majorities with a lot fewer votes.


  3. Betty Ann — That ad ticks me off big time. I have paid for the “no ads” and have e-mailed WordPress.com twice. Looks like I am going to have to pay a second time. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t see the ads when I am signed in.


  4. Torinir — The only reason everything Harper says generates controversy is the way the media sets him up. Every time.


  5. Betty Ann — Could you check again now? I just paid for the “no ads” upgrade again, anything to get the Liberal ad off my site. You see, when we use wordpress.com it is essentially a free host service. They make their money on what bloggers spent on upgrades. It is worth just under $30.00 a year not to have Google ads because there is no choice as to which ads show up. Since I am writing about politics, that’s the ads that will stick.

    Anyway, hope it is gone now.


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  7. James — I published this comment because it is one of the silliest things I have ever read. All PMs have an ideology and it is intertwined with common sense. In fact, each and every one of us respond to everything from an ideological point of view.

    And, you think that Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff are empty vessels without thoughts that guide them, what we usually refer to as our “world view?” Very funny.

    I did my Ph.D disseration on this very topic.

    Save yourself the trouble, don’t bother leaving comments here as I am just not interested in your ideology.


  8. And to all those talking about proportional representation, don’t bother either. Because that is NOT what this post is about and changing the subject does not change the double standard. What was good for Liberals is good for Conservatives. Or, it should be.

    I am completely against PR for the reason that we would end up like Italy and Israel — with perpetual minorities and coalitions. Not a good way to run a country IMO.


  9. I will no longer make comments on you blog.
    I guess I will have to admit that people like you and iceman with your education and wealth of knowlege are far sbove mine.
    I do not have a master or Ph D degree.


  10. James — Your pity party at 12:46pm is just silly. In my experience, all you do is label and criticize anything conservative, which has nothing to do with level of education. I simply told you I did a lot of research on ideology for my Ph.D disseration. That is my reality. Moreover, my regulars and I rarely, if ever discuss our level of education. Only insecure progressives and liberals do. Funny that, given Ignatieff and Rae and other Liberals have Ph.Ds. Oh, but that is okay because they are Liberals. Silly me, I forgot. Just another double standard!

    In other words, when someone drops “ideology,” I am going to tell it like I know it to be.


  11. I guess the difference is this. Harper’s social, environmental, taxation, military, and crime agenda is the one that is significantly different from the other 3-4 parties. As the Libs move left to squeeze the NDP and the NDP moves right to appeal to “middle class voters” they have ended up in essentially the same place. The BQ/PQ are moderate social-democratic parties ecept for the national question. The Greens are actually to the left of the NDP on many questions.

    As a result, we have a 60-65% left of centre voting public vs a 35-40% right of centre Conservative voting block. Why should the major left of centre block allow the minor right of centre block to run the country?


  12. Because, Doug, up until now, the numbers indicate that even when the Liberals were acting like Conservatives (the health care and social transfer cuts in the 1990s and stealing billions from the EI fund) it was always okay.


  13. In the last Leger Marketing poll (this morning), in Quebec, Bloc is down to 34% and NDP is up to 24% (and probably still rising). Duceppe is in a panic mode. Since the beginning of the campain, he’s been attacking the Conservatives. Now, he doesn’t know how to attack the NDP since both the Bloc and the NDP have almost identical platforms. Now that the NDP is almost tied with the Liberals on the national level, Jack claims he can form the next government, something the Bloc cannot claim. This attracts the anti-Harper voters who would, anyway, never vote Conservative. The 20% Conservative vote in Quebec is very solid, This is very very good for the Conservatives in Quebec. The NDP vote is evenly spread across the province and the most they can hope for is 2 or 3 seats. The NDP vote is coming from the Bloc and will hence help the Conservatives.
    Now, wait till Sun TV kicks in for the rest of Canada! I smell a majority !

    A personnal note for you Mrs Crux: I included the website address of my company just for your interest.


  14. Doug- You are absolutely correct! The same thing happened to the conservatives durring the Cretien, Martin years…they had Reform and Conservative…splitting the right vote..they have since wised up…I guess the answer would have to be ..the lefties NEED to wise up as well and make one party BEFORE an election. NOT after…because there are going to be some Canadians that don’t want that coalition ( even if they are left wing) and they wouldn’t get a say after the fact..Call it a new name and hope Canadians left wing voters can come together.


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