Ignatieff reveals he would indeed invoke a Liberal coalition

Out of the Liberal Leader’s own mouth and confirmed by Bob Rae today on SunNews. If the Conservatives win another minority government, even if it is just short of a majority,the opposition would vote non-confidence at the first opportunity (H/T NewsWatchCanada.ca). 

Not only that, Bob Rae actually said during his SunNews interview, wait for it, that it is not Canadians who elect a Prime Minister, it is the House of Commons. Pardon me? When in our history has that ever happened? Never, that’s when.

The leader of the party with the most seats becomes Prime Minister in our tradition. End of story. Unless you are Michael Ignatieff, the “appointed” leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and you are so desperate for power, you will do anything, even ignore the will of the voters, to take over the government. That my friends, if it were to happen shortly after the election, is nothing short of a coup d’etat — no matter how constitutionally legal it might be.

Well, I think Canadians will have something to say about that when they overwhelmingly give the Conservatives the majority government they have been asking for since the writ was dropped.

Think about it. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been saying for three and a half weeks that this would happen. And, for most of that time, the media and pundits have made fun of him.Well, folks, our PM was right.

The current Canadian opposition parties are an embarrassment to democracy. No doubt about it.

Vote for your Conservative candidate on May 2nd, 2011.

19 thoughts on “Ignatieff reveals he would indeed invoke a Liberal coalition

  1. Where is Tonda McCharles to ask Iggy the tough questions? What have the Toronto Star done with her since the first day of the election????


  2. As I have said many times, on May 2nd Canadians from coast to coast to coast will have their opportunity to vote against the Bloc, by not voting for a lib or ndp or green candidate.
    Can any of those leaders give one example of a coalition govt that does not have the party with the most members elected, not included.
    They are planning a coup no matter how they try to spin it. They say everyone should work together but they have no qualms about telling Canadians they will vote against PMSH no matter how close he is to a majority.
    Start sending letters to the GG telling him that as a Canadian you do not accept this attempted coup.
    Would love to see the Bloc and libs end up with non party status. It is not the liberal leader, it is all those in his caucus that were there during all the scandals, cuts to healthcare and so many other things. They all have to be replaced.


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  4. What you are hearing is the COALITION BODY working not for us that’s for sure, but are slowly implementing ideas that will eventually take over what was in the constitution. Obama has already started on attacking the constitution and what was implemented by the ‘FOUNDING FATHERS’.

    Don’t be surprise that you see a North American Progressive system right across.

    PM Stephen Harper can only warn us of the outcome but it is up to us to decide which direction we want to go.


  5. So… who has, or had, a hidden agenda?

    And our Prime Minister said that this would happen yet the media jested and said it was fear-mongering.

    Of course, now they will say what’s wrong with a coalition?

    Yes, but a coaliton is formed with the parties with the most seats, which could leave the liberals out the way NDP are gaining on them.


  6. Ignatieff clearly told Canadians that he was in this to form a Liberal Govt, not a ‘Democrat’ govt or an everybody but Conservative govt. That makes him a liar in my books.

    As well, what is most annoying is that he really believes that he “could have been sitting here as the PM”…..How does he know that or even possible for him to know that?
    He was officially appointed in the Spring of 09 and the GG HAD NOT given him any indication that he would have been given the reins.

    I am so very sick of this man’s gall and arrogance. He does not represent 75% of Canadians and is disliked more than any other leader but I’m sure, that too is Stephen Harper’s fault in Ignatieff’s eyes.


  7. They won’t call it a coalition. Whatever the left wing monster looks like, they will try to call it anything but the dreaded “c” word.


  8. Sorry David, I am not part of any Conservative spin machine. I am simply a retired educator who owns and manages this blog by myself and likes what Stephen Harper has been doing for the past five years.

    But, I’ll put it as politely as I can — neither my readers nor I need a history lesson from you. So, I will not be publishing your lengthy comment.

    In other words, I’m not interested in “your” Liberal “talking points.”


  9. As you say Edmund, who is it that has a hidden agenda? Well, now the coalition partners are going to try and lull Canadians to sleep about this in the hopes that no one will change their vote.

    Well, if the media actually reports it, it may indeed. I certainly hope so. Have an election but even before you know the outcome, say you are going to ignore it and put your own party in power anyway– to heck with the voters.

    Such arrogance!


  10. I am wondering (hypothetically speaking) that if by chance the Dippers do manage to eclipse the Lieberals and there is another minority Tory government, whether Iffy would honour his agreement. I am betting no.


  11. The key considerations as to whether or not the Governor General will turn to the Liberals to form a government in the event of a defeated minority Tory government are:

    1. Timeframe – the Tories would have to be defeated on the first available opportunity (ie the Throne Speech). If the opposition waits for a future non-confidence motion, the GG would grant Harper a new election.


    2. The degree to which the Liberals can convince the GG that they can secure the confidence of the House. A key consideration here would be the size of the Liberal caucus. If it comes in at 75 seats to the Tories 150, the GG will insist upon assurance that the the Liberals have a reasonable shot at having the confidence of the House. This is where the notion of coalitions or accords come into play. Iggy will have to have NDP and Bloc votes in his back pocket … literally.

    JC Kelan


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  13. I commented a few times already on other scenarios in case of another minority (see
    post a few days ago:

    Vote Conservative as Duceppe says coalition good for Quebec)

    Given what Iggy said to Mansbridge, a formal coalition is ruled out, meaning Layton’s 6 cabinet seats disappear. Iggy appears to have reneged on the 2008 agreement. I don’t see why Layton would enter into another informal accord with the Liberals, after this. If he can’t be in cabinet, would he not simply support the conservatives for another few months?
    This assumes Iggy was telling the truth, and I believe the GG would be aware of this stetement.


  14. I’m not sure if the rest of the Liberals themselves would want a coalition. Could it be that, after the election disastous results, they would want to show the way out to Ignatieff and move forward with the selection of a new leader.


  15. Exactly. A handful of Liberal MPs could put the welfare of Canada ahead of short term political gain. Not everyone might be willing to follow Rae and Iggy over the cliff. This is especially relevant if they don’t improve dramatically in seat count.


  16. The Liberals and the media didn’t want to talk about Coalition from the start, it was to be hidden as in a hidden agenda. The Conservatives led off the campaign with it because it’s exactly what they plan to do if we fail to give Stephen Harper a majority.

    So we let up a bit and now going into the final weeks of the campaign we’ve smoked them out and we’re going to hammer it home.

    A three headed monster, each head with differing schemes, will create the sort of uncertainty and turmoil. If the people want that for the country we’re in big trouble


  17. Clown Party — I did not approve your comment because you were proposing a negative narrative I don’t want on this site. Sorry.


  18. It is only a coalition government if more than one party has cabinet seats.

    If Harper cannot get confidence, GG asks IGGY to be PM and seek support, IGGY asks NDP and BQ to vote confidence and support a budget. They do but are not offered or do not accept cabinet seats, it is NOT a coalition, period.

    Did Trudeau and his minority government run a coalition government with David Lewis in the 1970s? Answer is no because the NDP did not have cabinet seats.


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