News today: Jack Layton as PM? Abortion hidden agenda?

Given the polls that are coming out of Quebec and everyone in the media and blogosphere talking about them, there is now the very real possibility that if the Conservatives win another minority government, even if the seat count is stronger than before, the coalition partners (NDP/Liberal/Bloc) would take the government down at the very first opportunity. (NewsWatchCanada.caSunNewsNetwork and National Post.) That much is now a given.

A Jack Layton NDP/Liberal Coalition?

Then what? Does anyone really think NDP Leader Jack Layton would automatically step aside for Liberal Michael Ignatieff to become prime minister? Not if the NDP had more seats than the Liberal Party of Canada (LPOC). In that type of scenario, Layton would have every right to be PM. 

However, the point is, do Canadians really want that kind of scenario, with higher taxes and more social spending at a time of economic uncertainly? Put another way, do Canadians really want an extreme socialist, progressive labour party running the country and our lives?

Well, I know I don’t.  And,  if that very real possibility doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

The bogus abortion hidden agenda again?

It was predictable. The closer we got to the May 2nd election day, the more likely someone in the media or opposition, or both, would starting talking or writing about the Conservative hidden agenda again — that if given a majority government, a Conservative government would shut down a women’s right to choose abortion.

Absolute hogwash! Look I personally disagree with abortion, except in the case of rape or when a women’s life is in danger.  But this is one of just a few emotional topics that the LPOC just love to trump when they get desperate,  like threats of soldiers in our streets or the most recent threat that the Conservatives would destroy our medicare system. Innuendo and hyperbole and nothing more.

Prime Minister Harper has always said that his government wanted nothing to do with abortion, primarily because it is a provincial health care issue. So, no hidden agenda there.

As far as international aid in relation to maternity and reproductive health policy, the PM made it very clear with the G8 maternal and children’s initiative, that abortion was up to other sovereign states to decide. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is patronizing in the extreme to demand that other countries do as Canadian aid agencies expect.  

So, not only is there is no hidden agenda regarding an abortion story, domestically or internationally, if push came to shove, I think we would find more Canadians are against abortion than there are for free and open access. Remember too, that being anti-abortion is not only a Conservative Party issue. 

Last year when the Liberals introduced a motion in the House of Commons to amend the G8 maternal initiative to include abortion, it was struck down because several Liberal MPs voted against it.

Crux of the Matter

I had hoped to take today off as part of my weekend break but knew I had to write something about these two issues. The crux of the matter is, then, that the only hidden agenda on the campaign trail — which is no longer hidden — is that there will be a coalition of some kind if the Conservatives don’t win a stable majority Conservative government.

With the very real possibility that the NDP could be the governing party and Jack Layton the PM.

Something for all Canadians to think about.

Of course, the only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to vote Conservative on May 2nd, 2011.

Update: See this link at Jack’s Newswatch. It provides some excellent insights on the increase of NDP numbers in Quebec. Read the comments too.

15 thoughts on “News today: Jack Layton as PM? Abortion hidden agenda?

  1. If Layton is lead in a coalition of losers, that means he won big in Quebec, which means Canada changes out Duceppe for Layton.
    Which means other than the separation thing,
    we have Duceppe with a mustache.

    Layton campaigned this week on granting Quebec city mayor every dollar on his $25Billion wish list.


  2. I think the CBC is stuck in the 60s and 70s. The trend is toward the pro-life side. A recent poll done by the Manning Centre for Democracy showed that 60% of Canadians have pro-life views and most Canadians support introducing some restrictions for abortions for convenience. We’re the only country in the Western world without any law on limitis on abortion. In Canada, the baby is not considered a human up to the exact point of birth, which is pretty ridiculous. I think it is elitist and arrogant for federal politicians to decide which issues should be important and not important.


  3. In the French debate Duceppe rattled off the coalition talking points.

    George Bush Foreign Policy
    Captial Punishment
    Gun Control

    It took the MSM cheerleaders a few days to start pushing the “Conservative hidden agenda” because absolutely nothing to date has moved the polls in the favour of the Liberals.

    The coalition are feeding off themselves as expected. The same thing happened in Toronto with the left getting their rebuke in 8 minutes after the polls closed.

    The question remains if Atlantic Canada and Ontario swing +15 seats for the Blue team will they declare it over before counting in the West?


  4. Every campaign PMSH says the same thing,
    and he means it.

    “As long as I am prime minister we are not opening the abortion debate,” Mr. Harper declared.
    “The government will not bring forward any such legislation and any such legislation that is brought forward will be defeated as long as I am prime minister.”

    For the life of me I can not understand why pro-lifers want to bring in federal legislation that in effect,
    legitimizes abortion by restricting it.


  5. This has been the game play from the start. Why else would the Liberals force an election at this time when all the polls at the time told them they could not win. They worked this out with the NDP and BQ, since they have demonstrated over and over that all they care about is a power grab, or coup to call it what it is. As always they have the MSM cheering for them and lying for them. So I think it is very clear that should the CPC not win a very clear majority, the coup will take place and may God help us all.


  6. Actually, if we (conservatives) don’t get a majority, a minority with the NDP as the official oppostion is the next best thing.

    While Jack would be willing to eat the table scraps from a Liberal table, there’s no way in hell the Liberals would eat the scraps at the NDP table.

    Iggy & the Libs are only in favour if it means they get to run the show. They are too arrogant to be subserviant to the NDP. The Libs will never support a coalition with Prime Minister Jack.


  7. Reid — “The Libs will never support a coalition with Prime Minister Jack.” I agree. But, it is still something Canadians should think about before they vote. I also hope the GG is following this charade/planned coup d’etat, technically legal or not, very closely.


  8. “The Libs will never support a coalition with Prime Minister Jack”

    I disagree. They’re so sure that they’re entitled to lead the country that I wouldn’t put anything past them.

    They’ve brought up the health care scare (we all know it’s bogus and that it was the Liberals who cut health care to the provinces), they’ve brought up abortion, I’m suprised that they haven’t put out new ads showing “Soldiers. In our skies. Flying big new jets with big guns.”.

    Next they’ll try to convince people that Harper’s going to introduce a new goods & service tax and dismantle our free trade agreements.


  9. I’m getting the distinct impression that average Canadians are fed up to here with this election garbage and everyone can see the media bias, apart from SNN. Even there, there is David Akin. He is the one who sent the first Tweet about the Harper gov’t secret agenda on abortion. What more can the PM say?

    I think we are all due an Easter weekend off. What we don’t need is to turn on the TV on Sunday and see Ignatieff saying “rise up” as though he were the messiah. Well, he is far from it.

    One last thought. I, like many others, wonder where the LPOC is getting all this ad money. Something smells to high heaven. Where is Elections Canada? Yea right. One set of rules for the Liberals and another for the CPC.

    Then there is the issue of national unity and I am not talking about Quebec. If the West gets hit with a losing Toronto-based party as their government, I am certain there will be consequences.


  10. “where the LPOC is getting all this ad money. Something smells to high heaven. Where is Elections Canada?”

    Of course it stinks, but it’s consistent with their previous bahaviour. First, they wait until after an election to change the financing rules that the parties were supposed to follow before the election. They’ve also changed or ignored the rules regarding leadership campaign loan repayment schedules – a second slap in the face to the canadian electorate. Third, they’ve allowed the illegaly cast ballots at the University of Guelph to ramain valid, even though they’ve admitted that this contravenes with their own election act.
    As they celebrate Easter this weekend, I hope they get some practice at eating lots of turkey.


  11. It’s just after 4:30pm EDT on Thursday, so I think this is a good time to take off for the weekend. I’ll leave comments on but will only check in occasionally to check to see if any have ended up in the moderation filter. As I said in my Easter post, have a good weekend, all rest up for the last week of the campaign and the royal wedding next weekend.


  12. Note to Cathryn — Blogs are private enterprises. They are not public forums. Therefore, I am under no obligation to approve a comment that is arrogant and obnoxious and not in keeping with the editorial emphasis of my blog.


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