Good news: Harper gov’t deficit significantly below projections!

For good news to think about over this Easter long weekend, Canadians should check out this Financial Post article. It confirms how well the current Conservative government, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, have managed the Canadian economy. 

Specifically, deficit projections are $11 billion less than the $40 billion projected by Flaherty just a few weeks ago, now standing at $28.3 billion — which is completely on target for elimination by 2014. (H/T

Now, as a Conservative, I would have preferred Canada not have any deficit at all, but that was not to be, given the “stimulus package” blackmail in 2008 by the Liberals, NDP and Bloc coalition partners.

One thing the improved deficit projections shows us, however, is how irresponsible Liberal and NDP corporate tax hikes are, combined with billions in un-costed promises.

And, no, this good news is not spin in favour of the Conservatives, as some commenters on the FP thread have suggested. It is just good management. Remember too, that Canada’s economic growth coming out of the global recession is the most positive of any G7 nation.

Endnotes: (1) Here is a list of some of what the Harper government accomplished from 2006 until early 2011. (2) I voted in today’s first Advance Poll. Remember, they are being held in every riding in Canada today (April 22), tomorrow (April 23) and Monday (April 25) from noon until 8pm.

10 thoughts on “Good news: Harper gov’t deficit significantly below projections!

  1. A deficit during a recession is justifiable and even, I think, preferred.

    Just so long as the government is aggressive in returning the nation to a balanced budget afterwords, which appears to be the case.


  2. We expect no less from this Government.Do you think Paul Martin can take credit for this.Let us never forget the famous words of the great IGGY “the Conservatives will wear this recession”In other words he even blamed the recession on PM Harper and refused to help Canada get out of it.The same with the other 2 Jack & Gilles.Neither party helped the Conservatives with the problems of the recession,but everything that was done to help,they complained about.I only hope that Canadian’s remember the coup attempt of 2008.Like the old saying “fool me once shame on you”..Fool me twice shame on me”..Don,t let it happen to us again Canada.


  3. It’s fascinating to me how Mr. Page from the PBO has been telling everyone who would listen that the Conservative’s numbers are wildly low, and that we’ll have deficits continuing for the foreseeable future, giving more fire to the Opposition, and yet not only are the Conservatives proving to be closer to the correct numbers, but have conservatively estimated high.

    Makes you wonder what other “estimates” Mr. Page is wildly inaccurate about.


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  5. Is it in Mr. Page’s mandate to cry wolf by being overly pessimistic?
    I’m not an accountant but I’ve done a lot of cost-benefit studies in the corporate world, and we always either made a most realistic best guess on costs and benefits, or used a range and reported the range. We would never take all the worst case numbers and lump them together as that’s statistically very unlikely.
    It would be interesting to look at his track record.


  6. This is exactly why Mr. Page has not been given more $ to increase his empire. He is wrong and working against the government who set up his job, probably an early CPC error, in the first place.


  7. Also explains why the Libs are so desperate to get back to power…. when the economy is recovering is when they like to swoop in and claim credit for eliminating the deficit, like they did in ’93, when the previous gov’t left the tools in place to help achieve that — the GST back then and in our present time, wanting to get back in to take good for the good economic management during the recession and the elimination of the deficit by 2015-16. If the CPC gets to that point, the Libs have no reason for Canadians to vote for them as a replacement.


  8. The reason the deficit is coming down fast is because of the price of oil. It’s moving up, and the price of gas is waaay up. The feds net of what we pay at the pump is exponentially climbing along with it. They’re reaping billions and no one wants to mention it. It’s the hidden tax that all us drivers are getting hammered with.
    I’m a conservative supporter and believe in their plan to eliminate the deficit, but this speedy pay back is not their doing… they’re just getting lucky.


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