Vote May 2nd for a Canada that is strong & free!

In my opinion, this Conservative ads strikes just the right balance of patriotism and practicality.  In other words, once again, it’s okay to be proud to be a Canadian and a proud Conservative.  

Of course, I would prefer that visitors vote for their Conservative candidate on May 2nd. However, the most important thing is that Canadians get out and vote, no matter who they vote for. We are lucky to live in a free democracy and voting is part of that freedom.

45 thoughts on “Vote May 2nd for a Canada that is strong & free!

  1. For those wondering, BLY and JNW are down, and Joanne asked if I would drop a comment here that it is being worked on.
    Great ad.


  2. Best ad ever!! It gave me shivers.

    Thanks for the messages Sandy and everyone else. Yeah there is a problem with the server and it could take til tonight to fix.

    Meanwhile I get a little break. 😉


  3. G.McRae — I will assume you are being positive. The ad is very patriotic, much like we saw during the Olympics.


  4. Doug — I’m sorry but I did not approve your comment. I am really tired of the anti-patriotism progressive mantra. First, you complain about so-called “attack ads” that are in Ignatieff’s own words, then you complain about ads that are patriotic. No pleasing you I guess.


  5. nice ad. Hope Evan runs it tonight and doesn’t get into the “crybabies in London” that didn’t get to see the PM. He might need some tweets too.


  6. Unbelievable gloating by Roger Smith, Robert Fife and Richard Madden on Don Martin’s Power Play. High fives to each other on the take down of Stephen Harper over the contrived incident at the London rally.
    I worry for the safety of Stephen Harper with this anti government vitriol from the media.


  7. Ruth, re the “crybabies in London, I’m wondering it this is the latest set-up by the Liberals? It’s getting awfully suspicious given the media coverage and with Count Iggy taking time from his busy campaigning to make another stupid comment on.


  8. Iffy and Jack have nothing else to talk about, Carson-gate and kids at rallies, both of their campaigns are duds.
    They are both running oser campaigns,
    just frstrate the winners message.

    Checked back into polls from 2008 and 2006.
    Iffy has the same leadership numbers as Dion.
    I had forgotten what a roller coaster ride the 2008 election campaign was. CPC bounced between 35 and 41, and then 39 and 33.
    CPC was only a few points ahead of Dion in the last week of the campaign.


  9. I am extremely disappointed in the likes of media like Charles Adler who seems to have jumped into the fray with the rest of the media without taking the time to look into what this girl may have been doing that got her kicked out. This is a bit too suspicious given the vitriol I see on the far left FB groups – I don’t put anything past them – shades of the G20 – do the damage and then cry victim seems to be their mantra


  10. As Wilson & Ruth know, I took David Akin to task on Twitter this afternoon over the student matter. Why was it that the media said nothing when a London Free Press pregnant journalist got hit in the stomach by the RCMP at a LPOC event. Double standard indeed. Set up indeed. What I would wish is that someone has a cell phone photo or video showing us what really happened and exactly what the student did.

    Anybody out there who has such proof can just send me a message via my Contact Form.


  11. I don’t think there was this much outrage when a Liberal Prime Minister pepper-sprayed somebody and choked another person. Wow, unbelievable.

    I saw when Roger Smith was introduced and he said some snide remark like, “I’m from the press, so they have to let me in.” Followed by another smug, snide remark from Don Martin. The MSM has no integrity and as far as I’m concerned, they need to be taken out with the trashy Liberals on election day.


  12. The London incident has set-up written all over, the antics of the media and the Liberals is proof enough for me, they had everything in place to pull of another of their juvenile tricks. They continue to play their gotcha games, it’s all they’ve got.


  13. Message: this is from one of the comments in the story on the CTV website—

    JTN in London

    Sorry people I was there and there were a couple of people yelling at the back and disturbing everyone with their comments. These people were asked to leave.Could have been the ones in the news.Don’t you think tthis whole thing is a little convienient. What crap.


  14. I posted your link on the London Free Press story on Wherry at Macleans.
    Returned to post on one of his other posts,
    and I am banned.

    The LPC owns so many in the media.


  15. On P&P came out that the PMO does NOT have anything to do with security clearances specifically so as there is no political interference, said Flannigan.

    Now that Iffy has dumped his entire dud platform, this is all the LPC are going to do.
    And with the media all p.o’ed
    they will gleefully become Iffy’s attack conduit.


  16. Which link Wilson? I just added Ruth’s comment to a tweet to both Fife and Akin. I said I wanted to “vote some off the island.” 😉


  17. Oh, didn’t click your link, assumed your London Free press link was this one:
    ‘the RCMP got physical with two Free Press reporters, even elbowing a pregnant reporter in the stomach.’
    I see now it is the rally girl link


  18. This is appalling! What the heck are the media doing?

    I shared on another blog trying to get into a PM Chretien rally and being refused. That was before social media and if anyone with half a brain read the garbage and threatening cr@p that is written, they’d get why things are tenuous.

    This PM would LOVE to engage in every single person, that I know for a fact but sheesh, as the PM of Canada, he is going to be protected, period! These people need to get over it.

    Hopefully mature, thoughtful people are but it seems rather obvious that the media are hellbent on making this an issue.

    They should ask OBAMA (their hero) how close people get to him for gawd sake!


  19. I just wish that I had the ability to travel with the PM maybe not on the same plane but be there at all of his events with cell phone at hand.

    Trusting the media is a waste of time so the only alternative is to be there in person or if not have someone we count on to be there.
    For the media to be ‘high-fiving on an incident like this tells me that they ‘high-five’ the incident on a pregnant woman or for that matter protesters breaking into private property during the G20, or for that matter, the LPOC stealing from the nation, to not say a word.


  20. The fix is in the media are manipulating the message to promote the coalition. We watched it in the 2008 election and we are watching it now. I understand that the CBC always throw the military and western Canada under the bus. But it makes me sick to my stomach to watch CTV manipulate the message against the military and jet purchase. When there is no balance even for the military from the media then Canadians need to be very worried.


  21. Maybe PMSH needs his own camera crew at rallies if the media is not going to report anything other than garbage Donolo feeds to them.


  22. i have a friend that works at the constituency office in my riding who figures he is being stalked (for lack of a better word) by libs trying to trick him into accepting campaign donations in the riding office.
    there is just no level which these morons will stoop to drum up dirt.


  23. I really wish people knew what they were talking about before they open their mouths.

    a political party, or members therof, have NO SAY whatsoever on the security detail provided by the RCMP.

    Yes, I know what I’m talking about.


  24. That’s absolutely right Tori. I was at an event for the PM and was on the stage. I slipped off the back because I got really hot with the lights and that female RCMP was right there to see what I was up to. She saw I was not feeling well and helped me to the washroom. But, had I been up to mischief while the PM was talking and she was all professional.


  25. Joanne — The thing about the list is it shows how many are doing a fair and balanced job. Sure, we might not always agree with them, such as some are complaining about Charles Adler, but that’s the thing about balance. It goes both ways. Mind you, I was surprised Adler didn’t hear about the LPOC incident as well.

    Remember Rob Ford — The voters of Toronto, at least those in the suburbs, knew how biased the media was and they ignored it. In many ways, his campaign is helping the current one. I have heard from relatives who are died in the wool NDP and even they can’t watch the main network news any more. Now, that tells you something!!!


  26. Don’t feel sorry for Jack losing his platform and supporters to Iffy,
    he likely delivered them on a silver platter.

    Iffy did an EARLY platform dump for a reason.
    He left 4 weeks open to harrass and embarrass PMSH, but we will see what happens after the EC deadline for all candidates to be declared.
    Spidey senses says something else is up.


  27. Fantastic ad, and the media and Liberals know it. Todays newest story is the ad is actually plagiarized from a tea party ad in the U.S.

    So I did a little digging and Ignatieff’s campaign ad about his mother sure looks like a takeoff of an Obama campaign ad.


  28. I refused a Green Party canvasser admittance to my condo and was “threatened” with a fine and 6 months in jail in violation of the elections act. Lizzy May should spend more time waving at street corners than in court!! The canvasser then offered a young university student to lecture me on democracy and why I should vote. I suspect I have voted in more elections than he has been alive. I am ticked.


  29. Sorry paulstuff, you ended up in the spam filter for some reason. Anyway, you are out now. I agree that plagiarism is more likely closer to Ignatieff’s ad. That he would use his dead mother says something very negative about this man, particularly since he wrote in his book that it was his brother who mostly took care of her. She was apparently “intensely private” but he puts her photo out there on TV. Disgusting.


  30. Sandy, in case you want to know

    From CPAC, I gathered this information:

    Talk Radio

    11am ET / 8am PT
    The Rutherford Show with Dave Rutherford on AM 770 CHQR (Calgary, Alberta)
    LIVE from Calgary, Alberta


  31. GREAT BLOG! You should share your optimism with some of those other blogs because from how until voting day the message like yours of pulling for Harper and Canada needs to be front and center.

    Anyone thinking about how to vote or making a choice to vote for Mr. Harper would be supported by your writings.


  32. Patriotic Canadians, the many — more than half are apprised of the economic, social, political potential of this country at this point in time. Sandy, your long years of work will produce great results as Canadians go to the polls.

    The media thinks its got the upper hand at the moment, shilling now for Jack Layton and the NDP. Now his platform is being analyzed at the last minute and it doesn’t hold a candle to our Tory government’s five years of keeping our economy afloat despite the economic recession. The left players mean for its destruction, but I believe enough have estimated the Conservative gov’t if it gets to stay the course, will mean an singular national economic success.

    Even the pollsters today are concerned at the variance in reporting. But only four days ago one CTV poll question asking to the effect, do the Tories deserve a majority gov’t. The answer stabilized at 75 percent saying yes. That couldn’t possibly have changed and the support percentage aligns with around 70 percent saying they were satisfied with the Conservative gov’t’s record.

    One suggestion. If you, Joanne (BLY) could do a recycle blitz of your best entries at BT aggregator over the next 72 hours, I think readers, especially the left would be shown up big time.

    All media are suppressing the Conservative program to move this country forward, yet they have no shame in this. I believe there’s ‘palm gresing’ going on and they’re pulling a fast one over a gullible public.

    They’re interested in selling our nation and resources out from under us. Now, if EC counts the votes, Canadians won’t allow this to happen. Registering a vote for the Conservative gov’t in vast numbers means we get to say NO to the takeover of our amazing, beautiful country. Better to achieve it as an election result than to possibly a future physical/military challenge.

    Thank you, in particular Sandy for your amazing work as Hogan above has recognized. Not only for the last five years as a political/education blogger, but it’s my hope that my granddaughters are taught by teachers like you in the future.

    This is all about Jack Layton’s fifteen minutes in the sun. Nothing more, nothing less. The Canadian vision as presented in the above video will not be lost ever because it’s who and what we happen to be. Canada’s destiny won’t be lost.

    We’re facing two types of May Days next few days. May we seize on both kinds.

    Complete appreciation over what you’ve done.

    Regards, Anna


  33. Cassie/Anna — Yes, a blitz is a very good idea. I’ve got my accomplishment and related posts. I will republish them up as soon as they are off the first BT aggregator main page.

    And, thanks for the appreciation. It has been a lot of work. Let’s hope the “May” day does not include Elizabeth May getting elected. LOL


  34. Cassie (Anna), I have been listening to the media non-stop today and have come to the conclusion that it is now time to enjoy the Royal Wedding and let Canadians make up their minds about voting. As such, I am not going to do the blitz. I’m just going to put the accomplishments post back at the top and leave it there until Tuesday. It is now up to Canadians and if young Canadians vote in great numbers and ruin our country, it is their country that they are going to have to live in it. Unfortunately our grandchildren will have to as well. But, it is now beyond our control. Hopefully the hoopla with the wedding will give voters the pause they need to decide to vote Conservative.


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