Why vote “FOR” CONSERVATIVES vs why “NOT” vote NDP

First, here are more than 70 reasons Canadians should vote FOR Conservative Party candidates.  The chief reason is, of course, that the Harper led Conservative Party are reliable money managers. As such, the Canadian economy has been doing very well, the best of the G7 nations in fact. As well, as my first link indicates, nearly 500,000 more Canadians are now working than at the start of the 2008 recession.   

However, there are no such reasons to vote for the Jack Layton NDP. Why not? Because what Canada doesn’t need, now or in the future, is the instability of a political party — like the NDP — that knows only how to raise taxes and spend other people’s money. 

For example, consider the fact that the NDP’s Cap and Trade carbon taxes are utter madness and would put both the Alberta energy and Ontario car manufacturing sectors out of business — thereby not only ruining the Alberta and Ontario economies but making equalization to provinces like Quebec, impossible.  And, all the while they were collecting those taxes, they would be spending that money and more on every imaginable social program. 

Meaning, an NDP led coalition with the Liberals and Bloc, would mean significant instability and near financial bankruptcy for all of Canada. Doubt that? Think I am simply fear mongering? Well, think again and think of Greece, Portugal and Spain. The economies of those countries, where more people are using public services than those available and willing to pay for them, are what happens to a socialist entitlement culture.

Remember too that only two weeks ago, the Bloc’s Gilles Duceppe said the best scenario for a referendum and Quebec separation was a weak central government.

So, if Canadians want to protest, they need to put that protest vote where it can do the most good — with their Conservative candidate. 

Otherwise, what happened in Ontario in 1990, when voters decided to protest both the PC Party and former Liberal Premier David Peterson, could happen to all of Canada. We got Premier Bob Rae and an Ontario NDP government that lasted nearly five long years from 1990 until 1995. 

And, yes, it was the conservative government of Mike Harris that inherited the social and economic mess left by the NDP — a mess that took the Ontario PCs two mandates, or eight years, to reverse, something Harris and his caucus still don’t receive enough credit.

Update: Here is an excellent source why Cap and Trade would be a disaster to the Canadian economy.

23 thoughts on “Why vote “FOR” CONSERVATIVES vs why “NOT” vote NDP

  1. A timely post Sandy. I’m worried sick at the turn of events in these last days of the campaign.

    Why can’t our PM arrange air time to inform the people of the dire consequences of an NDP led coalition? The media will not give it to him free but we have the money to pay for it. He owes it to the country and it’s urgent.

    Poorly informed and uninformed people are getting on a bandwagon without knowing the tune or the words or the consequences of supporting a socialist party calling the shots.

    Never mind Quebec, they’re out to make mischief at every opportunity, the next rallying cry will be the West wants out and at this point I’d be tempted to join them.
    The Eastern part of this country has gone bonkers. It’s madness.


  2. You may be right on Harper and economics,
    but I could not vote for a person who when I shake his hand I could not trust.
    I would much prefer to deal with a honest and honourable man who may make me poor then one who may make me rich but is dishonest.


  3. I understand all the fear right now, but honestly, I can’t picture Harper not winning, and winning big.

    Layton’s doing well in Quebec, but in Ontario he’s only doing well in Toronto. Sure he’ll take some seats from the Liberals, but those were seats the Conservatives weren’t planning on winning anyway.

    Ontario will not go for Layton outside of TO. They just won’t. Not after Rae. And BC is still looking good for Harper, right where he needs to look good.

    The more Layton keeps talking about himself as a potential Prime Minister, the less people will vote for him.

    Before the election, Rae was not talking about winning because no one expected him to. Then he did win and everybody was shocked and upset.

    This time around, Layton actually looks as if he COULD win. That will stop the protest vote that may have gone to the NDP.

    So I guess I really don’t think this is that big a deal in the big picture…


  4. According to reports, Jack Layton is refusing to answer questions re the economic destruction re Cap n Trade. Alarm bells for people considering voting NDP should be going off right about now. Personally I think the ‘shock jock’ tactics of the pervasive MSM are directly responsible for the irresponsible promotion of his fantasy economic program — which he’s backing away from saying to the effect, some programs would have to be delayed if the money isn’t readily available.


  5. This I read in the Toronto Star April 26 2011

    “****, who is in her 20s, says she will vote Conservative just as her parents, grandparents and her boyfriend have always done.”

    Does that not tell you who the conservative voters are, I assume you are in the same group.


  6. I would much prefer to deal with a honest and honourable man who may make me poor then one who may make me rich but is dishonest.

    This has to be sarcasm, right? There’s no way anyone in their right mind would make such a ridiculous, childish, and ignorant statement.


  7. Liz J — I have been a communications chair for two Ontario campaigns. There is a fine line between campaigning and fear mongering. If the PM came on the air to warn people, he could lose more votes than gain them. That very thing happened with Mulroney and the Charlottetown Accord. People are fickle. So, I think what you will see is the main message repeated over and over and staying out of the limelight and just let the royal wedding take over the air waves. Most of the undecided are female. Give them the weekend to think things over.

    In 1997 we came very close to getting a Reform government. The polls were like they are today for the NDP. Then, the editorial writers got going on the Friday and Saturday and all that happened was they became the official opposition. I think the same phenomenon is at work right now.

    Am I worried? Like you, a bit. But, I intend to do the blitz that Cassie recommended in the other thread. Every time my posts go off the main page at the BT Aggregator, my accomplishments and related posts and going right back up. Yes, each time I do that, the URL changes, but that will only mean more posts on the search engines.

    So, when people go to Google to search what the Harper government has accomplished …. they find my titles. 😉


  8. James — Your logic is beyond my comprehension. I know I will not change your mind but the proof is that Harper is the most honest politician there is. All of them spin and the alternatives in Layton and Ignatieff have openly lied to us on many many occasions.

    So never mind voting on the basis of “feelings” and your “intuition.” Vote for what is right for your country.

    In other words, this is not about you or me. It’s about our country and the future of our children and grandchildren (and in my case, my great-grandchildren).


  9. Sheila — I hope you are right. I was one of those twits who voted my protest in 1990 and yes I voted NDP. I would NEVER make that mistake again. So, I am doing what I can to make sure others don’t do the same thing this time.

    In looking at the latest EKOS poll results, it is the rise of the NDP in the Atlantic provinces that worries me.


  10. Thanks for the info Sandy, makes sense as you explain it. I’m sure the PM knows how to handle this better than anyone.

    As for the Atlantic provinces, I cannot for the life of me understand them. How can they care about the economy and vote as they are projected to do at this time?

    BTW, any access to internal polling?


  11. Like you I have greatgrand children and I would hate to have a person like Harper as a roll model for them.

    Just for your information I have nothing against the consevative party and in my life I have voted conservative, but to vote and let Harper be PM again never.
    I could not shake his hand.


  12. James — I have voted for every party over my lifetime. In fact, I was one of those twits who voted for the Bob Rae NDP in 1990. Never again. I also voted for Chretien twice. So, I am a Conservative voter precisely because of Stephen Harper. If there was another leader, I don’t know where I would stand. You see, as a retired educator I am a “red tory.”

    Thus, why I can’t understand your position. But, it is a free country and you can vote as you like. I just hope you reconsider over the weekend.


  13. Cory C — James is not being sarcastic. Most of the comments he leaves here I don’t approve because they are so over the top anti-Harper. He obviously has his reasons. Like you, however, not voting on the basis of not wanting to shake someone’s hand is beyond my comprehension.

    So, the less said perhaps the better. If you know what I mean because I likely will not approve any more of James’ comments unless they add to the discussion in some meaningful way.


  14. “If there was another leader , I don’t know where I would stand. ”

    I agree, but with this leader I guess we will just have to disagree.
    Have a good day

    I always wished I could have voted for Broadbent but just could not support the NDP it’s never easy.


  15. James: You seem to be implying that Jack Layton is a reasonable and honourable man.

    If he is, then ask him to repeat in english in Vancouver, what Thomas Mulcair is saying in french, on Quebec issues, including bill 101, the 1982 constitution,
    and bilingual language requirements for Supreme Court justices, for a start.
    Why is Mulcair invisible in the english press, given his power behind the scenes?


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  17. The Marxist-Laytonist Coalitionist are showing up on many Conservative blogs with their underhanded and dishonest tactics in an attempt to discourage people.

    That is what and who they really are and why it’s so important to defeat them.

    Do you want to have these types running not only your country but your life!


  18. James
    “I would much prefer to deal with a honest and honourable man who may make me poor then one who may make me rich but is dishonest”.
    Please who do you refer to then? Who do you imply is dishonest?
    This sort of statement is absurd on the face of it, given the topic here, particularly to people who have RRSPs to concern them. What do you mean?


  19. Well Martin, James is referring to Stephen Harper. That is what I clearly don’t understand. How could he “trust” Michael Ignatieff more than the PM?


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