Congratulations Canada on a Conservative majority!

I am so pleased that the Canadian people have elected a strong, stable Conservative majority government. Special thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his dignity under pressure and his very gracious and inclusive victory speech last night. The reality is that no matter what venom the media aimed at the PM during the five-week campaign, he remained upbeat and positive. Visitors can listen to his acceptance speech for themselves at this Sun Media link.  

Of course, I am also happy for the NDP, its leader Jack Layton, and his party’s supporters, for earning its historic official opposition status. That will give the Liberals time to rebuild. Without a doubt, however, given that most of the NDP seats are from Quebec, it’s going to be a huge challenge for Layton because he made promises (including in his acceptance speech last night) that will be hard for him to keep. That said, I am sure the PM and his Conservative caucus will reach out to he and his party somehow because that is the responsibility of a good majority.

Of course, the other big news last night was how badly so many of the pro-Liberal/NDP mainstream media behaved during the election campaign. I mean, apart from the new kid on the block, SunNewsNetwork (who provided great coverage last night), as well as those listed on my sidebar, the negative tone truly was how Susan Riley described it yesterday on CPAC — a cesspool of negativity. Of course, she was alleging the cesspool was the fault of the Conservatives, when in fact, it was primarily the media who caused it.

For example, the main naysayers were Terry Milewski, who was combative until the very end last night, Evan Solomon, Andrew Coyne, Bob Fife, Craig Oliver and Jane Taber, as well as some from CPAC that I personally never watch.

But, back to the good news. Time for a pat on my own back. On April 26th, I left a comment at Joanne’s Blue Like You, predicting a Tory majority with 165 – 170 seats — as it turned out bang on. So, as I said in my BLY comment, let’s celebrate with a blue virtual cake.

Congratulations Canada! A majority means that there will be a small measure of peace in Ottawa at long last.

Endnote: Given that I am not getting any younger, I had thought I would stop blogging about politics after yesterday. Well, last night was so invigorating, it looks like I’ll hang in there for awhile. In fact, I am looking forward to starting a new 2011-2015 Harper government accomplishment list beginning with the 2011 budget that will soon get approved.

14 thoughts on “Congratulations Canada on a Conservative majority!

  1. Sandy, I have posted the following at BLY and JN but would like to share same with you and CRUX readers. First though, let me thank you and your fellow travellers in the blogsphere for the forums you have provided over the past five years. I have taken the liberty of sending your Harper Government Accomplishments to many of my contacts – a truly worthwhile effort on your part. It has been a lot of hours and hard work, but you, especially, can take quiet satisfaction in last night’s result –.

    From this Canadian – I say thank you to you and all your fellow travellers at BT – well done

    Congratulations to PMSH on an historical victory – well deserved – and a great speech by our PM who for the first time in his political life could express himself freely without fear of being hacked to death by the MSM. It will be a great few years ahead as he and his team go about leading Canada to new heights.
    And then we have the NDP. They increased their seat count by 67 over disolution. 58 new seats in Quebec and 9, I SAY NINE, in the ROC. Jack will sit in Stornoway but Quebec has the majority vote in caucus led by the ever volatile Mulcair. This is truly Quebec at its best (or worse) – they have traded the separatist party and taken over the socialist party. The NDP caucus will implode within 12 months and you heard it here first.
    For the hapless Ignatieff, maybe he should have taken advice from Stephane (Dion) who, afterall, keeps winning every leadership and constituency race he has ever entered!

    Thank you Canada and particularly thank you Ontario for joining hands with your friends out west. Welcome to common sense country – together we are going to help Canada go from strength to strength.


  2. Thankyou Stephen P. Very well put. We are now in this together, the West and Ontario. And, given the makeup of the win, it looks good for Tim Hudak’s PCs in October.


  3. Thankyou Sandy for all your guidance and common sense during the years of Conservative Minority government.
    You are a special canadian to me!
    Individuals like you make Canada strong and free.


  4. I must say I doubted the power of the web discussions to get around the negative, constant like a drip barragement of the Left MSM. Lo and behold, the grassroots message exposing the corruption worked. A healthy, as predicted (by you) Majority.

    Yes, thank you Sandy. The new page is blank and so the message will and must stay positive. Canada’s future is bright and I just can’t get over it.



  5. The fun is just starting. Going to be a really interesting roller-coaster ride:

    I also recommend Silver’s appraisal, not so much “how the Libs got here”, but how he sees the immediate future of the party unfolding; high drama coming:


  6. Good for you Sandy.
    Looking forward to reading more of your future posts. Congratulations as well for predicting accurately what we all wanted. A big Harper victory.


  7. Great work Sandy and congrats for your prediction.
    Many great things yesterday, but I enjoyed watching all those media types trying to be positive.
    Caught a few glimpses of some of them when the camera caught them unawares. Terry M for one and Lloyd R. Very sad faces and when the camera switched to Lloyd a couple
    of seconds before he was on told the story. Just wondering did Kady blog the results.
    Sorry to see Lunn defeated, but at least for 4 yrs, May will not have much speaking time in the HofC, no budget, no nothing, same as the Bloc, and her voters will realize she will do nothing for the environment, carbon, or anything else, but get 150,000/yr for 4 yrs and will be in the next debate. The Greens 2.00 per vote will be much less this time as a lot of green votes went elsewhere.
    Same goes for Layton, as OLO, he will do nothing for Quebec.
    Being slapped down by Que I would like the PM to stop starting every speech in French. He tried and they still rejected us so no more catering to them.
    Think of the agreements up for re-negotiation in the next couple of years. Think equalization.


  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone. In fact, I could’nt do what I do without your feedback. In other words, its the comments that keep me going. Plus, even though I have my own blog, I am also on the BLY team as so many of you are as well.

    Mary T — I think the PM is above the petty. We have to be careful about that. As a result, he will keep speaking French first and will keep doing what is right for all Canadians — important because four years and another election is not that far away and Quebecers will have another chance to vote Conservative (once they see that the NDP can’t really do anything for them).

    Although, given I’m not getting any younger, I don’t know if I will be blogging in four years. Perhaps doing so, however, will keep me in mental shape, since physically I’m doing okay (apart from the usual aches and pains of just being an old broad!). LOL


  9. Old broad or old guy…hey we’re on a nation wide roll.

    I think it was a twitter I saw on SDA

    ‘Old Mob’ beats ‘Vote Mob’…could it be said any better?!

    Again Sandy thanks for all you do…You’re appreciated.


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  11. Last night was truly a rich reward for all the hard work my fellow Conservatives have done in the past 5 years. Without blogs like yours Sandy, your list of Harper’s accomplishments (which I frequently use as ammo against a Leftist debate opponent who accused Harper as doing nothing) the MSM might have gotten away with their usual smear tactics. It’s been a great start to the week, I can’t wait to see Canada after 4 years of Harper!!


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