To Layton, Mulcair & May: It’s a Conservative “majority!”

For just a few minutes on Monday night, right after the election counters on SunNewsNetwork, CBC and CTV went over 155 seats for the Conservative Party, a lot of Canadians like me might have thought they could finally look forward to four years of parliamentary peace and stability.  Well, that was clearly wishful thinking on my part because, while we can certainly expect stability, the peace not so much.

In fact, the grandstanding started later that night when the new Official Opposition Leader, the NDP’s Jack Layton, gave his acceptance speech. Without a doubt, he implied that all he had promised Quebecers would come to pass simply because he was going to pay a visit to the prime Minister and negotiate.

Negotiate what? I mean, the Conservative Party did not run on the NDP platform.  Yet, yesterday I heard Layton’s Quebec Lieutenant Thomas Mulcair refer to the NDP election results as a “mandate.” Pardon me? Well, perhaps it’s not surprising they are so confused. I mean, with the Liberal and NDP election platforms being so closely aligned, I think both the NDP and Quebecers got so used to the idea of a coalition government, they haven’t yet realized they have no mandate at all — a parliamentary privilege that only falls to the political party that gets the most seats.  

But that is not all. Yesterday, I personally heard Elizabeth May suggest to Evan Solomon on CBC that all 308 MPs should be treated equally. Plus, she also mentioned she needed a bigger budget because she is the leader of a political party. One seat and she is already “entitled to her entitlements.”  Honestly, from now on, I am just going to hit the mute bottom when I see her on television, no matter which network she is on.

In any event, while Elizabeth May, Jack Layton and Thomas Mulcair may not like it, that is how our Canadian parliamentary system works. As Marilla Stephenson writes in her Chronice Herald column today, “Layton should check his illusions at Stornoway’s door.”   

Illusions indeed. Meaning, that May, Layton and Mulcair should get used to their role as opposition members and accept the obvious reality that Canada now has a Conservative majority government!

19 thoughts on “To Layton, Mulcair & May: It’s a Conservative “majority!”

  1. Let them have their fun…it all comes crashing down a week after Parliament sits.
    I give EMay about two weeks before she embarasses herself and, two weeks after that before she’s booted out of the House for improper statements. This is all grandstanding and other then a few partisans no one notices or cares.


  2. Billg and bonefishcove — So, we will have many hours of nutbar time. I mean, I’ve just been listening to Evan Solomon and now Thomas Mulcair is doubting the U.S. President over the BinLaden photos.


  3. When electoral welfare and CBC funding is stopped, as it had better be, then the whineing will really start.

    Until then Taliban Jack and Dizie Lizzy can just go and play with themselves in a corner.


  4. what exactly do the kiddies in NDP recruitment centre have to offer to their constitution to garner that amount of votes away from seasoned reporters.
    And, are these kids, prepared to sit all day in the HOC without saying a word while their friends are out having a great time at some bar or elsewhere.
    I personally think that the kids actually thought that they were doing Jack a favour without any strings attached.

    Will they be able to handle the pressure which will come their way from their constituents who will demand some answers.

    ‘They are kids Jack, not toys, they should be guided or encouraged by you to futher their education, live a normal life first and then when and if they decide to be in politics so be it. But to use them for your own political gain is simply just wrong’.IMO.


  5. Sandy … I am so sorry that my riding of Saanich Gulf Islands elected May. When I reconciled my poll she was tied with Gary Lunn of the CPC and the other 2 candidates were way behind. I thought that it might be a nail bitter but May won with a good majority (47% to 39% I think). The Greens must have had every operative from across Canada in the riding. Our poll was crawling with them.

    Her seat in Parliament will be in the far corner next to the 4 Blok – the speaker will need to find her first (not hear) to recognize her before allowing her to speak and she is going to get the same treatment as the other “independents” – she will be fifth in line (haha).
    I did read a funny on-line somewhere that Harper was going to “reward” her by putting her in charge of the environment file for the oil sands pipeline to the west coast and the building of the tanker port at Rupert!!!


  6. Poor Lizzy. Sounds like she needs to realize that its not a party, nor are you a leader if you are all alone.

    PissedOff: If you are po’d now, you don’t want to read my blog post today about the CBC funding.


  7. Sheldon — Full disclosure here. I don’t agree that all public funding should be cut from the CBC. There are cultural considerations there, Canadian content for one thing. Quotas? No. But, a network that is typically Canadian as opposed to American? Yes.

    The current Conservative Party is not simply the Reform Party. I am a former Progressive Conservative. Plus a lot of voters would have been Blue Liberals. So, in order for the Conservative gov’t to be re-elected in four years, they have to govern from the centre and slightly centre right. The gun registry will be gotten rid of. Other issues close to the right wing’s heart will also happen. In short, neither the social or fiscal conservatives will get everything they want.

    In other words, its called compromise and the responsibility of majority governance.


  8. I don’t have a problem with public funding. I have a problem with 1.6 Billion in public funding without any desire to even try looking for efficiencies and places where the Crown Corp is going beyond its scope.


  9. Sandy, there were 3 callers to Lowell Greens show today insisting the lunar landing was a hoax…both voices I recognized as anti Harper pro unionist NDP supporters. This is not to say that all NDP are whack jobs, but, its only a matter of time before Mulcair and Libby get frustrated and spew out some bizarre peace-moonbeam anti Israel rant, so, let them fall on their own swords, its inevitable.


  10. Agreed Billg — Actually Mulcair already did today suggesting that Obama was lying and that there is no photos of BinLaden. They are supposed to be the gov’t in waiting and don’t know the first thing about diplomacy.


  11. And another thing…cant wait for the PM’s meeting with the Premiers over Health Care, and coming up with a shared private care system that fits into the Canada Health Act….a skipping rope wont be able to contort as much Layton will have to. Overlook the sound bites Sandy and sit back and watch the NDP fracture itself into pieces. If I was a LPC member I wouldnt want to agree to any merger just yet.


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  13. Sandy you are right on the CBC and the cultural aspect.BUT,the news and political aspect has to be cleaned up.We cannot continue to have a propaganda wing of the Liberal party 24 hours a day.Unfortunately this is what we have to look forward to again,if cuts are not made and the Conservatives do not appoint some people who know the business and clean the snake pit up.It has been allowed to spew Conservative hatred for too long now and I for one do not appreciate being lied to my face as I watch my television in my own house by a National broadcaster that I pay my taxes to support.So keep them away from the news and politics and i can agree wholeheartedly,otherwise get rid of them and let other stations supply the culture.


  14. Bert — Couldn’t agree more regarding the news reportage. Innuendo, exaggeration and outright lies. Then, of course, there is what they leave out as well. How anyone can change the “culture” itself at CBC is questionable. It’s a huge organization. Time will tell.

    My only concern is for some small “c” conservatives to expect nothing but right wing changes to the country and its institutions. That cannot happen. The Cons Gov’t has to be pragmatic and put the lie to the so-called “scary” agenda.


  15. Harper is a very smart tactician who is smart enough to take issues where Tories are on a weak wicket off the table. He has basically said he will not open abortion, gay marriage, etc are ff the table. I expect we will see the end of the gun registry but Layton will run a coast to coast and internet-face book campaign in urban areas only against it, not to stop it but to make Harper pay a high price. Don’t expect the end of socialized medicine but some allowance fo provinces to experiment with some private delivery. He will not allow incresed out of pocket payments.

    Tom Flanigan’s piece that you don’t need a centre party to have centrist gov’t is as good a piece as I have seen explaining that the real long term problem is that neither the Tories or the NDP can allow the other to occupy the centre so they will both take steps to the centre from the right and left to deny it to each other and to deny a Liberal reoccupation.

    I expect Canadian politicas to resemble British politics very soon but only if Layton can consolodate Quebec OR only allow some Tories, (not Libs or BQ) to occupy that province.

    The interesting last ridout for the Libs is McGuinty, (BC Libs are actually Tories in red sweaters). If the Libs go down here to 3rd place they are gone nationally for a century.


  16. Not often I agree with you Doug — but I do with your 11:22am comment except that the Tories would suffer from the end of the long gun registry. I don’t think they will because most people prefer that more money be spent on policing than record keeping. In reality, the majority of the gun crimes are committed with illegal guns.

    O/T but related to the gun registry, Make no mistake about it, I dislike guns even though my father had a WWII collection in a gun case when I was a young child. I remember the stories he would tell as he cleaned them. How each had saved his or a comrades life. Yet, they still made me nervous. And, if gun control actually controlled murders, I could see the point of a registry, but it doesn’t. In fact, those of us without guns become all the more vulnerable. No, I don’t own a gun but I can understand why others do.

    That was not always the case, however. At one time I was very pro-gun control. Until I heard the story one of my graduate students told me. An American teaching in Ontario, she too had been pro-gun control at one point. Until she heard that her brother, his wife and three children had been the victims of a home invasion somewhere in the states.

    The invader was high on drugs and was threatening them all with his gun. I know nothing about guns but I believe the gunman had a semi-automatic and could have killed all five of them in quick succession. However, as luck would have it, the family had a short-term border who they didn’t know was home at the time of the incident (around 6pm) or that he carried a legally concealed weapon.

    So, in the midst of all the screaming and yelling, as the invader was about to shoot her brother, the father, the family heard a blast and the gunman fell over. The border had killed him and saved them all. So, whenever I get nervous I think of that story. The last I heard, my student became as much a gun advocate as she had been the reverse before. Oh, and unlike in Canada, the border was not only not charged with anything but commended for what he had done in “self-defence.”


  17. Lots of good analysis on Steve Paikin’s Agenda show last night that in fact, the Liberal Party has been slowly falling apart for decades, masked a bit by the Reform/PC divided period. First they lost the west with NEP. Then they lost Quebec with Meech Lake, slowly they lost catholics as religion became slowly non-partisan, they gradually lost Atlantic Canada as NDP and Tories ate their lunch. In this most recent election, the process speeded up as they lost multicultural communities to the Tories including Jews who don’t trust them on Isreal. All this time the NDP vote has been slowly creeping up since Layton became leader. Nobody saw the NDP vote shoot up at the last minute but I figure it is a default vote as Quebec society is the farthest left in Canada, does not like Harper too much, the Liberals have not been forgiven for Meech and the Sponcership mess, they turned on the Blocheads and smiling Jack was the last guy standing.

    Smart Liberals know they are in DEEP trouble now since “mature” democratic societies across the world usually settle out with one clearly right-of-centre party and one clear left-of-centre party. There is not enough territory between the Tories and the NDP for any party to get more than 20% of the vote. This could be the end of them as a serious contender for government although the 18-20% piece will hang around for a long time. Don’t epect a merger but do expect that Blue Liberals (Martin, Manley, types) will slowly drift to the Tories and “progressives” of the Gerard Kennedy, Caroline Bennett type will drift towards the NDP. Next election 45% Tory 35% NDP 12% Liberal 5% Green, 3% BQ if they even field candidates.


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