Anarchy like the London riots needs an iron fist approach

I agree with Peter Worthington — the British PM should have used an iron fist approach to quell the riots. How? By bringing in the army, rather than looking for root causes like poverty and welfare to blame or shutting down all social media. Like Worthington says, we don’t need to feel the pain of the anarchists.

There is not a lot I agreed with Pierre Elliott Trudeau about but on enacting the War Measures Act on October 16, 1970 — subsequently referred to as the “October Crisis” — I do. His action was exactly the right thing to do. In fact, his “Just watch me” showed that he was a rare leader —  a view I have always had even though I didn’t agree with his social justice and deficit spending approach to governing.

The point being that the effect of his speech that day was immediate.  While Quebec Cabinet Minister Pierre LaPorte was kidnapped and murdered by an FLQ cell, the anarchy and terrorism soon stopped and the FLQ as an organization destroyed.  And, just listening to Trudeau, the entire country felt secure again.

So, perhaps there is a forty year old lesson there for us all — particularly our present-day media. If PM Stephen Harper has to do make a similar tough decision in the near future, remember who did it first.  

And, make no mistake, there will be a next time somewhere in the Western world, be it Toronto, Vancouver or London, England, because the anarchists are no longer afraid to destroy property and lives through their misguided envy and entitlement.

Let it be known, then, that this is one Canadian who would welcome a tough-love or iron fisted approach to put an end to that “particular type of party”– at least in Canada.

4 thoughts on “Anarchy like the London riots needs an iron fist approach

  1. Strange that a lot of those arrested in London are not poor, have jobs, attend university, at least they had jobs till they probably burned down where they worked, or burned apts where they lived.
    I would also hope that our PM would institute the war measures act should terrorists try to take over our streets again. Too bad the liberal premiers of BC and Ont didn’t have any guts, and our judges don’t think they should be punished.
    I hope those in London lose all their benefits and housing, and possibly deported with all their family.


  2. It’s a job for the armed forces, it’s just that serious. It’s Anarchy by any other name.

    In some areas the right environment exists for the same to happen here. We can only hope our Conservative government would take an “iron fist approach”, whatever it takes to protect the citizens and their property.

    BTW Sandy, your format here is great.


  3. Thanks for the feedback Liz J. There are now so many themes to choose from. Same with background colours. Anyway, I really liked that photo image and was glad I can use it as long as I give credit to the photographer which I have done on the side bar. The blogosphere is very slow and laid back at the moment which is a good thing. I’m still on my break but will put something up when it strikes me as important. Related to this is the fact that a judge yesterday found that it was the fault of the “police” at the G20. They get blamed in Vancouver and London for being slow to act and in Toronto they are too aggressive. Unbelievable! Also, from what I have read, the average Brit is furious that the judges are just giving the rioters a slap on the wrist. It is precisely this permissiveness that is the problem. Sigh!


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