Ontario needs a strong PC majority gov’t led by Tim Hudak

Note: I am updating some files from draft to publish. So, if this goes on the aggregator, my apologies as it was originally published on September 29th, 2011. Mind you, it is still what I believe!

Joanne at Blue Like You is bang on when she says Ontario needs a strong Progressive Conservative (PC) government. She writes:

If the Liberals and NDP end up forming some kind of coalition government we could have the worst of both worlds – McGuinty’s mindless focus on Green Energy at whatever expense, plus Horwath’s pressure to raise corporate taxes. Add to that their mutual support for Big Unions and Ontario would go from Have-Not to Dead-Zone.”

To avoid that, Ontario voters should NOT simply park their vote with the Greens or the NDP. Too many of us did that in 1990 and ended up with five years of the Bob Rae NDP fiasco. Yes I know, the current NDP is not the same team. But, they still want to raise corporate taxes, which is a job killer we sure don’t need.

Instead, my message is to all those who, for whatever reason, don’t normally vote PC, please vote for your PC candidate this time for a strong PC government — which is exactly what we need to turn Ontario around.

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4 thoughts on “Ontario needs a strong PC majority gov’t led by Tim Hudak

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  2. I would suggest that in the days since the debate Hudak is looking much stronger and McGuinty’s had the worst week of the three candidates.


  3. Looks to me like Horwath has had by far the best debate and best run since the debate. Check out the seat projections at Barry Kay WLU. Very sophisticated formula he uses.

    Predicts seats in low 40s for both Hudak and McGuinty, 20+ for Horwath. As a result we will get:

    A Liberal-NDP gov’t or
    A Liberal NDP accord or
    A Liberal bil by bill gov’t or
    A Tory bill by bill gov’t

    Therefore, PCs are unlikely to be able to legislate conservative policies under any situations. PC majority not in the cards.


  4. Doug — I hope you are wrong but we will not know until late on Thursday. The numbers were way off on May 2nd remember. If, however, you are correct, this blog will be left as it is. The very idea of four years of Greece like entitlement destroying our province doesn’t encourage me to hit my head against a brick wall. I simply cannot understand why anyone would vote for McGuinty again. Horwath, I can understand, but McGuinty?

    Personally, I think an arrangement between the NDP and PCs would be interesting, much as they have in the U.K. although the PCs are not as conservative as David Cameron’s party. The main differences, at the provincial level at least, is both parties are socially progressive but one is fiscally progresive while the other is fiscally conservative. With some give and take, it could work.

    Time will tell.


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