Marywood Palm Valley School “anti-bullying” campaign Oct. 17-21

I always like to find positive anti-bullying news. Marywood Palm Valley School is a private school in California that is starting a preventative anti-bullying campaign today which will run through until Friday (October 17-21, 2011).  As reported by Editor Jessica E. Davis in Palm Desert Patch, there are eight steps in the Marywood program.

  1. “Be an example of respectful, courteous language and behavior to your classmates and schoolmates
  2. Encourage others around you to use courteous language and behavior.  Speak up for respectful behavior at all times.
  3. Walk with awareness and confidence; be assertive and move away from people who might cause trouble.
  4. Avoid situations where you may be drawn into conflict or trouble.  This is called “target denial” where YOU choose to move away from potentially trouble-causing situations or groups.
  5. If you feel any degree of threat from another student, set a boundary and say, “STOP,” in a polite, but firm voice.  Your confidence can quickly diffuse a potentially aggressive act by another.
  6. Name-calling and put-downs are forms of bullying.  Do not engage in these actions as a form of retaliation. This makes the problem bigger, not better.  Walk away and report the name-calling to an adult who can help you deal with the circumstances.
  7. Be persistent in getting help from the adults at school.  Report any situation where you do not feel safe and need support or intervention.  Your teachers, administrators, and school staff are here to provide a safe, healthy environment in which you can learn and grow socially and emotionally, as well as intellectually.
  8. Remember that the best defense is a good offense.  Be confident, assertive, and respectful at all times.  You are the one who determines how others will treat you.”

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