Boycotting Chiquita for boycotting Alberta’s oil sands!

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Update Thursday, December 29:Here is a recent summary of the Chiquita boycott by Lee Morrison of the Calgary Herald – “Chiquita’s backtracking is too little too late.”

Update Monday, December 19th: The Chiquita boycott is working. Keep it up Canada! Check out this latest source (H/T Jacksnewswatch).

Original post starts here: Canadians, from coast to coast to coast, should join SunNews and Ezra Levant ( and boycott both Chiquita bananas and Avon products. Why?  Because both are boycotting individuals or businesses (e.g., transportation or delivery services) who use fossil fuels made with Alberta’s crude oil.

As SunNews writes about the Chiquita boycott, their message has got to represent the worst type of greenwashing possible — particularly since it is based on partial or complete misinformation. (H/T Sort of Political).

Talk about ignorance. Do the administration of both those multi-national companies not realize that Alberta oil, whether it is crude or refined, is ethical oil, compared to oil that comes out of such dictatorships as Venezuala, Saudia Arabia and Iran? I mean, this is Canada, right? We have democratic and open elections. We have a Charter of Rights. We have a free press. We have free speech. Men and women are considered equal. Moreover, we have an oil industry that is doing something about sustainability and renewal. Here is a page from Suncor, for example.

Yet, Avon, whose company motto is “the company for women,” are not boycotting anyone for using oil from countries who are repressing its people, particularly women — e.g., in Saudia Arabia, women can’t work or can’t drive unless they are accompanied by a male relative. Nor can they show their faces in public! Yet, that kind of middle east oil is somehow greener than that found in Alberta?

Well, it is time that the Alberta Oil Sands stopped being the green scapegoat for the world’s man-caused global warming movement.  In reality, it represents minimal CO2 emissions while being a very environmentally responsible sector. It is also the economic engine of Canada, directly and indirectly, supplying tax dollars to fund our equalization programs — money my province of Ontario now needs. 

Well, enough is enough. It is time for Canadians to fight back.

Regarding Chiquita: 

  1. Stop buying Chiquita bananas (try Dole instead);
  2. Contact Chiquita asking them to terminate their boycott (link below);
  3. Tell the store owner where you do most of your shopping, to stop using Chiquita products.

Regarding Avon:

  1. Boycott all Avon products, be it through buying or direct selling;
  2. Contact them and ask them to remove their unfair boycott of Alberta oil (e-mail address below). 

Because, by making Canada’s oil sands the scapegoat for the world’s need for fossil fuels, these companies are essentially demonizing all Canadians.   

Send a message via Chiquita’s contact page here.

Avon’s e-mail address is —

Endnote: For all those quick to condemn the Alberta oil sands, check out this Alberta government link as well as this one for reliable sources of information. I would also recommed this wikipedia site.

Contrary to popular “green” opinion, Alberta’s tar ponds are naturally occuring.  In fact, prior to anyone started to dig for oil, they were desolute clumps of geography.  Pages three and four of the first link, a PDF file that can’t be copied, are the most relevant. What they are saying is that all oil companies are doing now is extracting what was already there and then renewing where they have worked into renewable green space. In other words, oil companies are actually improving the Alberta oil sands environment, not the reverse.

C/P Jacks Newswatch.

3 thoughts on “Boycotting Chiquita for boycotting Alberta’s oil sands!

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  2. Sandy, why are we taking it out on chiquita or Avon for not supporting our oilsands keystone pipeline XL, when we have members of parliament: NDP Megan Leslie who went to Washington to lobby against her very own country very essence to canada’s economy,,,the oilsands. Then you have Elizabeth May who acts as an environment agent for the Tuvaluan people and made a comment that she prefers the Tuvaluan government to the canadian government for her children and grandchildren.

    What do we expect chiquita and Avon to think otherwise.
    EZRA should be lambasting Megan and Elizabeth for lobbying against our country’s economical engine.

    Here is what CHIQUITA or Avon will tell Canada “if you think that you are so ethical oil country why is it that members of parliament are against it.


  3. Jen — A commercial boycott is not the same as the Canadian electorate holding parliamentarians accountable. Essentially elected opposition members can do what they like — given it is a free country — and their lobbying against the oil sands should give their electorate pause next time they vote.

    However, in the case of Avon and Chiquita, we need to hurt their bottom line just as they are trying to do to those invested and working in Canada’s oil sands.

    At the end of the day then, Canadians are being faced with precisely what a federal NDP government, coalition or otherwise, would be like — horrors the thought!


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