Obama rejects Keystone & NDP’s Megan Leslie applauds

Syncrude Reclamation South Bison Hills

The news coming out of the U.S. yesterday and today is primarily about the fact that President Barack Obama has rejected the Keystone Pipeline deal, although an alternative route might be possible at a later date. For more on that topic, check out the SunNews Network’s Ezra Levant. (H/T BLY).

However, it is the news about the NDP’s position on Obama’s decision that concerns me the most. For example, when I was listening to the NDP Environment Critic, Megan Leslie, yesterday, on various Canadian TV networks, I couldn’t believe my ears. Surely, no Canadian Member of Parliament would actually be applauding the decision not to approve something that could improve Canada’s prosperity and economic well being.

Yet, there she was, claiming a victory for the NDP. In fact, on CTV’s Power Play, she is reported to have actually applauded Obama’s negative decision, going on to say:

“‘President Obama listened to Americans, that’s what you do in a democracy…But here in Canada we don’t see that by this government, it’s just about fast tracking, selling our raw material to the quickest bidder.'”

It’s just about fast tracking or selling our raw material to the quickest bidder? Not listening to Canadians? Am I missing something? Did the Conservative Party not just win a majority government — from Canadian voters in a democratic election?

Naivety? Hypocrisy? Or simply magical thinking? Are most of us surprised? Of course not. Remember, Megan Leslie, representing the NDP Official Opposition, is the same parliamentarian who recently went to Washington to lobby against the approval of Keystone — the same NDP that consists of members who would be delighted to see the Alberta oil sands completely shut down.

So, why do so many NDP pick on the Alberta oil industry, which is, in the final analysis, the main source of wealth for the Canadian equalization program? And, what about oil exploration in other provinces, like Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland? Do those sources of oil production not harm the environment or the fish and other underwater sea life?   Would Megan Leslie’s Halifax constituents, or the Nova Scotia NDP Dexter government, not be concerned if she campaigned on shutting down the Nova Scotia oil industry?

Such hypocrisy and tunnel vision — in my view, the exact opposite of progressive thinking — by both Obama and the NDP’s Megan Leslie.

Endnote: To those who are anti-Alberta oil sands,  here is a link to the Syncrude reclamation photos (see also example above), which proves that sustainability is not only possible, but realistic.

31 thoughts on “Obama rejects Keystone & NDP’s Megan Leslie applauds

  1. Has Meagan given any thought to the fact that if AB industry is shut down we will not have any money to send to Que to support all her new ndpqer families and voters. Could Halifax make up the difference.


  2. Mary T — Could Halifax make up the difference? Not likely. I am not even sure if Nova Scotia is a “have“ province yet.

    Thanks Jim. I may live in Ontario but I have a sister who works for an Alberta oil company. So I know first hand how many jobs result from the oil sands exploration. Never mind the spin offs. And, what about the Ontario automative sector and those good union jobs. They are all dependent on fossil fuels.


  3. Great post. My daughter, a Mining Engineer, works for Syncrude in Fort Mac and I can vouch for the reclamation process.

    What most people don’t want to admit is that the soil was riddled with oil prior to development. The land was not optimal and after reclamation is profoundly better. Cheers.


  4. So Ms Leslie said President Obama listened to Americans, what Americans? Where did she get that information, in her dreams perhaps?

    How can someone who sits in our HOC as an MP in the Official Opposition take sides with another country against the prosperity of her own country?

    I’ve had about enough of this dame, she doesn’t speak for Canada, she speaks for the NDP and we can thank God they didn’t get close to power or we’d be freezing in the dark. They’ve long been screeching about shutting down our main sustenance, we better hope the Liberals get their act together, these people are dangerous, they lack the capacity for reasoned thought.


  5. No wonder the ndpq have no problem with Mulcairs double citizenship. We have one ndpqer who supports France and another who support the USA. Do any of those dippers support Canada, don’t think so.


  6. don’t matter much cause Alberta got a dealio or something on the go with Quebec in regards to “National Energy Strategy”….so we’re all safe and warm in these cold Calgary winters. Thanks Ms. REDford for that true liberal leadership!


  7. I was appalled to listen to Leslie’s rambling yesterday on CBC P&P. Such gibberish may be expected from the OWS crowd, but Leslie is the environment critic for the official opposition. Solomon had to restrain her (how rare for him to interrupt an NDPer) to save her more embarrassment. Marc Garneau in contrast looked statesmanlike in pointing out she was against everything, jobs, development, pipelines, anything to do with petroleum resources.
    She even implied that wind power could somehow be considered as an alternative to fossil fuels. Small amounts of very expensive, erratic electricity can be generated from wind, but we are not talking about electricity with the pipeline debates.
    As the main fuel for heating, manufacturing, transportation, farming, food delivery, we are dependent on oil for many years to come.
    The problem with critics like Leslie, they present no rational alternative to petroleum to fuel our economy and feed our citizens.


  8. Sad day for the U.S. And Canada. Ah well, the oil is going to China. Maybe a real U.S. president can attempt to mend ties with Canada, because this president is far gone.


  9. Megan Leslie is not the only one who went to the states to lobby against her country canada and canadians who lives depend on those jobs; Elizabeth May another mp in the HOC and who represent a foreign country of Tuvalu on the environmental said flat out that she would rather have her children and grandchildren be looked after by the Tuvaluan government than the canadian government.

    These two mps who make it a point to lobby against their country in foreign land are not worth a vote.and should be lobby against.

    Applauding the president for denying innocent americans of jobs also applauds the idea that many canadians will be out of jobs, to me id digusting and despicable.
    I hope there is a tape of her showing her emotion of praise so that the PM can use it during the election.

    Ezra Levant should run that tape regularly to remind canadians.

    BTW Sandy, if you have the tape showing her praises will be of great help to keep- you are definitely going to need it later.


  10. Nice to hear from you SOR. The industry should have a positive reclamation campaign. I also would like access to photos of how the tar ponds looked in their natural state. The Greenies need to see that. Otherwise, they claim it was all pristine forest and green space — which it was not. If you know of a link, leave it here. I looked high and low for a photo earlier today.


  11. Thankyou Sandy,
    I felt sick to much stomach watching a member of canadian parliament applaud the destruction of Canadian jobs in the oil fields. Even more sickened to watch CBC wrap their support around her and gleefully praise the foreign environmental lobby CEO’s.
    What is happening to my country Canada? CBC and the NDP scare me.


  12. Mary T and Liz J — I dont think the NDP realize how anti-Canadian they actually are. They talk about jobs, jobs and jobs but they must mean public sector jobs because they are anti-every other kind of job.


  13. Get a hold of Hunter. Quite a while ago she did a post, with pictures of what the land was like before. Alberta should have sold this as an environmental clean up to restore land to a livable state. Evan Meagan couldn’t argue that.


  14. Welcome to new visitors to CotM — Daniel and Billy — and hello again to Martin who I believe has been here before. I agree with Russ Campbell that U.S. environmentalists have declared war on our economic prosperty. Problem is, the NDP seem to feel the same way. Bizarre to say the least. Is it simply a difference of political opinion or treason, given some of the negative lobbying Leslie and May have done were outside Canada? Im not accusing anyone of anything but if our elected parliamentarians can freely say things that are against the national interest, what is sacred?


  15. Mary T — I deleted your National Geographic link because it went to a 404 “sorry the content you are looking for is not here” page which is just as well because when I googled NG I found their very negative series of articles that showed the oil sands at their worst.

    The link I want is to show photos of what the oil sands looked like before any development whatsoever. In those photos, I remember seeing somewhere, it was clear that the environment was already dirty with dozens of tar ponds in their natural state.

    When the oil companies get through with the land and it is reclaimed, it is better than it was in its natural state. That is the story NG should have told. Instead they state that Canada’s the oil sands will, single-handedly, destroy the earth’s climate — which is absolute nonsense.

    National Geographic no longer has any credibility with me. They used to be a respected institution. Now, however, they have simply become the publicity mouth piece for radical environmentalists.

    Re Hunter, I’ll leave her a comment or if I still have her e-mail, I’ll send her a message.


  16. SOR — If all your daughter has are photos, just send them to me via e-mail and I’ll post them.


  17. No problem, I got that from google and it had stories re oilsands in other areas of the world.
    Didn’t know they had oil sands in venezuala, wonder if the US is importing dirty oil from there. lol


  18. Sandy good photos can be found at google
    Photo of Syncrude reclamation these show the areas that have been reclaimed after the removal of the oil


  19. fh — Thanks. I have a good link in my post’s “Endnote” on the Syncrude reclamation process. What I want is photos of the area BEFORE anything was done to it. What we will see is that the area’s natural state was nothing but tar ponds and dead land. As someone else said on this thread, the development of the oil sands is actually improving it. The myths about the oil sands territory are incredible. And, even in those areas that were green, they will be returned to green when the oil companies are finished with them. I wonder if the same can be said for the Venezualan oil fields and oil sands.

    But Russ Campbell is right — the world’s environmentalist radicals are at war with Canada’s oil sands — when they should be going after India and China. But, China would throw the lot of them in prison for interference and given the money that is being used for this purpose, I wouldn’t blame the Chinese one bit.

    There must always be a balance between resource development, job creation and care of the environment. If the oil sands are shut down, then what? Middle East and Venezualan oil? The hypocrisy and tunnel vision is incredible.


  20. Why haven’t the companies involved shown those reclamation sites over and over, when ever they are interviewed on tv.
    Then they could argue that all those radical enviro people are against forests, buffalo, and other things. Turn their negatives into positives.
    And they should show what the area looked like before they were mined.


  21. I agree Mary T at 12:14pm which is why I am going to start writing about that topic. In that way, the information will get on Google and other search engines. If I am having trouble finding those photos, so are a lot of other people.

    If anyone from the industry reads this thread, please talk to your communications/publicity people. You need to have a wide-ranging campaign with before and after photos. The industry is leaving too much to the environmentalists. Like I found several anti-blogs and websites yesterday. Why is there not one “Debunking the Tar Sands Myths?” If there is, I haven’t found it yet.


  22. Some months ago Climbing out of the dark has a post up with lots of before and after pictures. Maybe she still has them or could tell where she got them.


  23. Erick — The CAPP website is excellent but I still could not find photos of the oil sands area before development. Maybe my memory is faulty. The other thing is that environmentalists will just say the site is the industry blowing its own horn — which if course they are — but so they should.

    They need to get more into social media and blogs because then their blog posts will get on the search engines, not under CAPP but whatever the title of their articles are. In that way, there is more available to average people and the media.

    In other words, they need deliberate titles that include reclamation and underground mining, etc.

    My sister is an Alberta landsman so I know a bit of what it is all about but it shouldn’t be so hard to find something positive.


  24. Elizabeth May offers services to Pacific island

    The Canadian Press

    Date: Thursday Dec. 1, 2011 12:56 PM ET

    Read more:


    David Rutherford on Megan Leslie:
    NDP meets Keystone
    Tuesday Nov, 15, 2011-11:00

    Sandy, on your left hand side there you will see the month of November with differents dates. Click on november 15, then click the second show: NDP meets keystone, click on it and the audio of David comes on.


    let me know how it worked out.

    P.S., david had a piece on Elizabeth May but cant see to find it; apparently the Dec archives is not available.


  25. Thanks for all that hard work Jen. Things are busy on the home front but will get to the links as soon as I can. Someone should call Elizabeth May on what she is doing. As an individual,she can do what she likes, assuming she pays for giving out her services. The only problem would present itself if she did it on the Cdn taxpayers dime. I actually remember that incident. She offered to represent a Pacific Island because, as an opposition member, the Harper gov’t did not arrange for her to be a delegate with a vote. So, she got her vote by representing another island nation.

    So, tacky yes. But, illegal or unethical, not really as long as she was representing herself and paying her own way — or getting her island friends to pay. However, that said, she should be asking the Ethics Commissioner if she broke any parliamentary rules by accepting any alleged gifts of air fare, etc. It’s also possible that her party paid her way.

    The fact that no government member or minister has brought the issue up probably means nothing untoward was done, apart from looking completely off the wall and silly.


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