80 Ontario politicians walk out on McGuinty, aka “Green Dictator”

As Denis Langlois writes in the Owen Sound Times, some 80 Ontario municipal politicians walked out of an Ontario Good Roads Conference in Toronto yesterday to get Premier Dalton McGuinty’s attention.

The reason they needed McGuinty’s attention was to impress upon him the importance of putting a moratorium on all wind development in Ontario until more is known about the potential health and environmental consequences of wind turbines.

Plus, the municipal politicians also wanted to bring back democracy to Ontario by having the Premier make amendments to the Ontario Green Energy Act to give municipal councils a role in where wind turbines and wind farms are located.

Yet, take a look at these Google search pages. What you will notice are primarily advocacy blogs, as well as regional and local media in the communities adversely affected by the wind farms.

For example, I actually had to go directly to the Toronto Star website to find Rob Ferguson’s report on the walk-out. First of all, the Star’s  title is very misleading. It states that: “Ontario Liberals promise municipalities more say on wind-turbine project locations.”

When, in fact, what Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley actually said was:

We’re not giving every municipality the right to set their own rules, but we are taking a look at the approach….We are looking for ways to make sure that voices, (who) may not feel they have been heard in the way they would like to have been heard, can be heard in a stronger and better way in the future

Taking a look for a better way is hardly a promise.

Moreover, Ferguson’s number of municipal delegates who walked out was wrong in two places. In one place, he writes that “a handful of delegates” walked out, while in another he says half a dozen. Well, sorry, but 80 are a lot more than a handful.  Talk about minimizing the protest!

And, the reason I mention that is because the Toronto Star is reflecting how many people in Toronto and other large cities react to the notion of renewable energy — all warm and fuzzy! When in actual fact, as this National Post editorial shows, if it hasn’t worked in Europe, why would it work in Ontario? Yet, billions of dollars are being spent on an Alice in Wonderland ideology.

No, there is nothing wonderland about the Green Energy Act. As PC MPP Jim Wilson writes, it pits Ontarian against Ontarians (e.g., this CAW hypocrisy).

Which brings me to my final thought and something Ontario Liberal MPP’s might think about. Wikipedia defines a dictatorship as: “a form of government that has the power to govern without consent of those being governed.” Well, so far municipalities and Ontario citizens do not have any avenue for their voices to be heard when it comes to wind turbine development. So, if the shoe fits, wear it.

Meaning, as things now stand with the Ontario Green Energy Act, the provincial government is no better than a green dictatorship. Thus making Premier Dalton McGuinty the “Green Dictator.”


For further research, check out the North Gower Wind Action Group, Quixote’s Last Stand and Ontario Wind Resistance.

9 thoughts on “80 Ontario politicians walk out on McGuinty, aka “Green Dictator”

  1. Thanks for posting this Sandy, you are one of few people in Ont even interested in the story. That this is not deemed to be newsworthy, shows just how out of touch the Toronto based media really is. It is surely noteworthy when a newly elected premier faces a walkout when addressing a major comstituency. Municipal Ont politicians are not exactly note for radical protesting tactics. As for the numbers involved, Canadian Press, CBC and ToStar estimates of a “handful” or “half dozen” are absurd. This link to one of the rural papers names 8 delegates from Huron county alone. How dumb do they think we are, that we cannot count people leaving the RYH main meeting room?


    The headlines provided to the story by CP and CBC are totally misleading. McGuinty vowed to listen to rural concerns over IWTs, which no one believes, what they are demanding (79 municipalities) is a committment to a moratorium on further turbine development, until some questions can be sorted out.
    Again the small town Ont papers are on top of the story, the national media not so much.


  2. The municipalities need to do a lot more. Since McGuinty seems to have no intention of following the Drummond Report, they need to trim spending as fast and cut as deep as possible.

    If every municipality could even shave 5% from their spending and apply that to tax reduction, they could do a great deal to counteract the McGuinty tax increases and actually keep jobs and economic growth in Ontario.


  3. Thudydides — Agree municipalities need to do more but they need the legislative authorization to do so. The bottom line is there is only one taxpayer and property taxes can only cover so much. If the McGuinty gov’t reduces the grants to municipalities, all they are doing is downloading. Shaving 5% is not so easy when they have, unlike Toronto, very little room to maneuver.

    But, as Martin says, the only media covering this issue is the regional and local folks. Right now, then, the pressure needs to be on a government who has taken away the ability for its citizens to be involved in decisions that affect their lives.

    Unless we live next door to a wind farm, we can’t possible empathize with its horror. However, living very close to huge diesel or propane generated fans in vineyards does gives me a good idea. Luckily they are only used in the early spring or late fall when frost is an issue. 24/7 must be horrendous!


  4. Here’s another story on this same subject from one of our local radio stations. Surprise! “Over 100……” municipal representatives got up and walked out on McGuinty. http://www.1049thebeach.ca/news_item.php?NewsID=43914

    I have to mention that McGuinty’s “green” plan is just one among many others in which rural Ontario has been screwed over by this government….education (closures and ELP), agriculture, round out the top three. I’ll be surprised if a Liberal ever gets elected out here again.


  5. Surprised if a Liberal ever gets elected again here again. Which, Catherine, may the main reason McGuinty isn’t bothered by angry rural municipal politicians. He figures they don’t vote Liberal anyone. Yet, can you imagine the hue and cry if a Conservative gov’t ever ignored an NPD or Liberal riding?


  6. You know one issue that’s really disgusting folks out here at the moment is the whole
    Ornge scandal. I’ve been researching that baby and OMG – the Health Minister should be fired! McGuinty must be really relaxing this week what with the Robo-calls circus distracting the media from McGuinty’s own version of Ornge Crush:-)


  7. the problem with government is that when one level tries to cut cost and succeedes another level thinks they should immediately spend that and borrow more.


  8. No surpise here that once again The Toronto Star mislead Toronto residents as to the what really happened with the walk-out. They have been covering up and downplaying McGuintys serious faults for YEARS now. Why else did only the 416 code vote this joker back in again. It really appears that IF it is a Liberal stance, so goes the Star.


  9. Martin, how right you are… will you please send your letter out to the Toronto -based media?


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