CPC won 2011 election fair n’ square, yet media & opposition “stuck”

Click for PMs victory speech on May 2, 2011. Credit CBC.

See update below.

Original column starts here: I agree with L. Ian MacDonald’s Montreal Gazette column, not because I am a Conservative Government supporter (which I am), but because I too believe that there is more than enough evidence that the Conservative Party of Canada won a majority government on May 2nd,2011 fair and square. As MacDonald explains, the winning numbers are there.

Yet, apart from print journalists like MacDonald, Chantel Hebert, Ezra Levant and a few others at QMI and SunNews, who will write and present both pro and con sides to a story, there are few others in the mainstream media who are not part of the group-think “we-hate-Conservatives” consensus. 

Truly, that attitude is irrational. I mean, the only thing the PM has done to the media is way back in 2006, he asked them to get a list of names approved before a press conference — exactly what President Obama has always done.

To get a glimse of that so-called prickly relationship between Canada’s parliamentary media and the PM and his staff, read this Yahoo piece. I had to laugh at CTV’s Craig Oliver suggesting, during an interview with the CBC’s “The Current,” that the PMs communications staff try to massage the message in their articles. Yeah, right!

In fact, most of the media following the PM during the 2011 election campaign were openly hostile — something that was very obvious to a lot of people I spoke to during the campaign, no matter who they ended up voting for. I won’t mention any names of who those hostile reporters were and still are, but most regular readers of this blog will know exactly who I am talking about.

Yet, for some strange reason, even ten months after the election, many in the group-think media and the federal opposition parties are still fighting the 2011 election campaign. They are, in effect, “stuck.” Which, unfortunately, only adds to the nasty and dehumanizing attacks — by those who, oddly, blame the Conservatives for the very kind of toxic behaviour they are actually doing themselves.

By all means, the opposition needs to hold the Conservatives to account. That is their job. But, at the moment, they are making fools of themselves, grabbing at straws, particularly the Liberals, by trying desperately to uncover a Conservative scandal that will rid them of the Sponsorship stench. Well, the use of call centres and “robocalls” (which all parties and Elections Canada use), is definitely not the scandal that is going to do that, particularly when we find out it was a Liberal staffer who was behind the Vikileaks30 Twitter anti-Vic Toews nastiness.   

Think about it. The name the opposition is giving this brouhaha is — “Election Fraud” — an exaggerated term if there ever was one — meant to question the legitimacy of the Conservative majority. Suggesting to me, that the ultimate intention of this anti-Conservative campaign is another attempt by the NDP and Liberals to take down a duly elected government.

Would Elections Canada condone such an attempt? I certainly hope not. But, remember, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc have already done it once, only two months after the October 2008 election. I mean, we have the photo of the handshake for all to remember.

Thankfully, we have a level-headed Governor General who will be aware, that just as Jason Lietaer covers here (published in Macleans H/T SDA), even if there were some mistakes regarding call centres or robocalls, those mistakes don’t mean the Conservatives didn’t win the election fair and square.


Update Wednesday, February 29, 2011:

Here is a link to Brian Lilley’s blog (H/T frmgrl). It contains the 190 page memo that the Ottawa Citizen got in their ATIF request from Elections Canada regarding voter suppression issues. There is no smoking gun and the entire matter appears to be, once again, an over-reaction and wishful thinking.

Although I did not watch the CBC National last night, one of my commenters said after all the accusations on the news program, Peter Mansbridge apparently asked Terry Milewski if they had anything on the Conservatives and he answered: “Nothing at all.” 

So, now my readers will understand why I didn’t condemn the government without concrete evidence. From the start it has been heresay, conjecture and innuendo. And, the worst thing is a young man working for a Conservative MP had to resign his position because he was harrassed to such an extent by the media that it interrupted the work of his MP’s constituency office. I sincerely hope he sues all those who defamed his reputation.  BC Blue has that sorry story here.

44 thoughts on “CPC won 2011 election fair n’ square, yet media & opposition “stuck”

  1. this whole story might have a lot to do with trying to sway the bi-election that is coming up for Jack Layton’s seat. Timing is perfect for that.


  2. Yea, I thought of that too Ruth. I would imagine, however, that it will be a shoo-in for the NDP.


  3. Brian Lilley just had a vignette of CBC anchors’ statements and I am feeling like I have been hit over the head with a 2×4.
    Cue the gossip girls in the High School bathroom and listen to them plan their character assassination of their least favorite ‘group’. These people have ‘0’ shame.

    We are a country of 35 million people and we have just witnessed an insider get access and sabotage a person and his family’s reputation because he was a raging partisan.
    if there is ONE of them, there are more of them and that PERSON can be in ANY party but THAT doesn’t make EVERYONE guilty……….

    I want to know however HOW this EC investigation was leaked. THAT should be the story, imo.


  4. Because Frank, the Conservatives are no more responsible for dirty election tricks then the NDP or Liberals. Remember, the taking Green pamplets from Volpe’s consituent mail boxes? I actually saw photos of that. Then, yesterday, there was the Vikileaks staffer.

    So, prove the Conservatives did something wrong and I will say something about it. If you read the link to Jason Lietaer, you will see what I mean. Meaning, it’s nothing more than noise at the moment.


  5. Can you clarify Bec? Who at the CBC was making snide remarks about who? Was a Conservative staff or MP doing something wrong? Just word it as allegations or without actually naming names. Just the gist. I watched the last half of that show and must have missed it.


  6. As a Canadian this is the first time I actually felt sick over the actions of those we PAY to run the Nation and speak for those with no power.

    [Editor: I’m sorry Gary, this is not an anything goes chat room. As a result, I could not publish most of what you wrote because it involved bigotted and unsubstantiated allegations. For legal reasons, I simply can’t publish them. This post is not about immigration or the Shafia trial. So, please stick to the post topic. ]


  7. He had a vignette of CBC anchor’s using accusatory words as they opened or entered into their monolougues. No other context, simply the anchors using words that didn’t just imply guilt, were guilt. It’s not archived yet that I can see.

    Brian was very powerful during this segment (as always) but his point was that ‘guilty until proven innocent’ with (many) of the media.


  8. Okay thanks Bec. As I read in a comment at BLY earlier, Peter Mansbridge asked Terry M. what they had on the Conservatives and he said “nothing.” And, therein is the problem. Frank asked me earlier why I didn’t condemn the dirty tricks. How can you when everything we hear is allegation and innuendo. I heard someone on a network today that the PM should apologize like Bob Rae. But, for what? So far, nobody knows anything concrete other than about Guelph and the Liberals won that easily anyway. But, if we are talking about dirty tricks, paulsstuff has photos of the U of Guelph unapproved student poll. That wasn’t a CPC dirty trick.


  9. Calling it a night but feel free to continue the discussion. I’ll check those moderated in the morning.


  10. I saw a clip on Sun News and they showed CBC and all the different people on their show saying “dirty tricks”. Wendy Mesley, for one.

    On the National on CBC tonight, Mansbridge had robocalls as the lead off story, AGAIN, about the “COURT” document given to CBC by “Elections Canada” bla bla…and it was a report by Terry Mildewski…at the end of the smear, Mansbridge asked Mildewski if they had anything on the Conservatives and Mildewski said “NOTHING”.
    Why is Elections Canada giving CBC court documents? I thought an investigation was going on? Who rushed over this “COURT DOCUMENT” to Bob Rae in the middle of QP? Some interested third party???


  11. Dirty tricks are indeed reprehensible.

    And trust me, I know. I volunteered for a HOTLY contested riding for a Conservative candidate, and there were a TON of strange and repulsive things going on against our campaign.

    Funny thing is, when dirty tricks are done against Conservatives, it seems to be ignored or even subtly glorified! When dirty tricks are done to the Liberals or NDP, suddenly they become the most vulnerable victims in need of our pity.

    I believe dirty tricks absolutely need to stop. But they need to be stopped BY ALL PARTIES and people need to demand accountability from ALL PARTIES.


  12. I thought it might have something to do with the ORNGE scandal. There was a piece in the paper about Alfred Apps and I wondered if the yelling was to cover up his involvement.


  13. Lyndia — Having worked in Ontario politics, I am not sure the Liberal Party of Ontario is that close to the LPOC. But, the effect is the same. We hear nothing about McGuinty’s real scandals.


  14. Lyndia made a comment about the connection that I believe is VERY close to accurate. There is a very clear connection between the LPOC and Provincial Liberals and one Alfred Apps, and likely more individuals working those back rooms.

    I wrote in the previous thread that in Ontario at least this Robocall stuff provides cover and diversion for McGuinty on so many levels but especially on his Minister of Health. Both Ontario oppositions did great jobs yesterday at Queen’s Park trying to hold McGuinty’s feet to this fire but what happens today…..all headlines and most column are about Robo-crybabies.

    Focusing on Robocall lets Dalton off the hook – just how he likes it.


  15. Everyone is missing the operative word in all of this “allegedly” . Lilley’s piece makes that case very well. What we have is a media taking the word of the losers of the election and not much proof of anything.


  16. I was finally able to watch David Akin’s interview of Pat Martin the other night on SNN.


    Martin said something really weird as a possible motive for the Conservatives to carry out Robocall. Martin speculated (around the 3 min 40 sec mark) that the Conservatives may have done this to deprive opponents of votes to reduce the amount they would receive from the per vote subsidy. I find that odd considering that the Tories made eliminating the per vote subsidy as part of their election platform. If they were goinjg to eliminate the per vote subsidy, why would they engage in this campaign to “deprive the opposition of money” through this strategy.

    The other odd thing was that when asked by David about Bob Rae’s apology at the start, Martin heaped praise all over Rae calling him a stand up guy. I have never seen Martin to ever give praise that was not back handed or snide. It certainly gives creedance in my eyes that the coalition is alive and well and the Libs and Dippers have pretty much merged in everything but name. They are even using the same talking points which indicates to me that this might be an orchestrated effort.


  17. As per usual, the Lying Lib Leftist will always point their crooked little finger at others and accuse them of what they are especially guilty of. That is what is going on here. They are insinuating that the Conservatives were engaged in a massive campaign to disenfranchise voters and yet here they are in a massive campaign delegitimizing the millions of Canadians who voted Conservative.
    This is another battle in the culture war that is being waged by the journalistic frauds in the Toronto media and their political toadies in the Liberal and NDP Party’s and it’s directed at undermining your right to have a say in this country. It is they who are a serious threat to democracy.
    After all, these are the very same thieving characters who attempted to steal the 2008 election with their coup attempt. They are the very same plotters who have skinned and gutted democracy within their own party and are now attempting to do the same to all of our democratic traditions.
    These are also the same ambushers who figured they had the Conservatives pinned to the mat with all their bogus accusations before the last election. This surprise attack by those bushwhacking recidivists will end up the same way. The counter attack is coming.


  18. Great Post Sandy! Elections Canada would appear to have been more concerned with poll workers not doing their jobs properly that some anonymous person or persons calling and misleading people.
    Allegations, accusations, way over the top overheated rhetoric, at the end of the E.C investigation we may know who did this.
    It could have been a Wacko-enviro group upset over Kyoto.
    Electoral Fraud is very serious but when Mr Milewski says they got “nothing” that is just what they got.
    You can be sure if it was any other way he would be shouting from the roof of Parliament Hill.
    I agree that the Liberals, NDPQ-F and the Media Party are all flogging this “dead horse of denial” for all it is worth.
    They lost.
    They need to get over it and rebuild, get fresh blood, a platform, some actual ideas.
    They have lost ground in the last 3 elections and will lose more.
    They are the Coalition and it is still very much in play IMO.
    People have not forgotten the “handshake” after the last election.
    I know I never will, I believe in forgiving those that trespass against us.
    I do however remember their names.


  19. I agree that a number of reporters simply do not accept the results of the last election, their animosity to the CPC being so great that they intend to prolong that campaign for another 3 years. This was discussed today by a panel of reporters on CBC “The Current”. A difference from past years, is that no concerted effort is made by CBC/CTV to find a spokeman for a conservative viewpoint. Thus we have Catherine Ford, Michael Den Tandt, John Ibbitson and host A M Tremonti musing about the CPC being “a nasty piece of work”, comparing them to Watergate tactics and suggesting a judge could overturn results in some ridings were solid evidence forthcoming. This is disturbing to hear and should concern all Canadians. Yesterday Tremonti’s treatment of Dean Del Mastro was so prosecutorial as to remove any appearence of objectivety. It was left to him to complain of the “state broadcaster” not presenting all the facts in the story.


  20. When there is evidence that criminals have committed crimes and are being deported the consensus media states that we cannot show their pictures since their crimes are only alleged and they have not been convicted as yet. But, MSM have no problem convicting the Conservative Party of Canada of alleged fraud charges based on questionable documents provided by opposition parties. The way this is now unfolding, it looks like the Conservatives are innocent of any wrong doing: Will the consensus media and Opposition fire brands ( Pat Martin, Alexandre Beaulerice, Bob Rae, Valeriote, Justin Trudeau ) all appear at the National Media centre and publicly
    apologise to the Canadian Public. This must be aired nationally.


  21. “Will the consensus media and Opposition fire brands ( Pat Martin, Alexandre Beaulerice, Bob Rae, Valeriote, Justin Trudeau ) all appear at the National Media centre and publicly
    apologise to the Canadian Public. This must be aired nationally.”

    Don’t bet on it. They’ll only apologize when hell freezes over.


  22. “At the end of the smear Mr Mandsbridge asked Mr Milewiski if he had anything on the Conservatives”
    Mr Milewski .. “NOTHING”
    This is what ? civilization ending scandal #30.
    Meanwhile Bob Robo-Call Rae just keeps on yapping.
    He apparently thinks a Liberal supporter is a person who will believe an anonymous caller telling them they have to vote in a different time zone.
    I wondered who kept all them Nigerian Scam artists in buisness.
    I don’t know anyone who listens to robo-calls.
    I sure don’t, when no one answers I hang up.
    I am seeing that the name of a Peeair Poutine
    Next week it will be #31 ……..


  23. Bubba at 12:29pm. Loved your comment as usual but had to remove a certain name in the second to last line. But, I hear you.


  24. You’re probably right Catherine. McGuinty is the one the media should be holding to account.


  25. Doug — I’m not publishing your drivel. There is absolutely no proof of any CPC wrongdoing. And, to link it to Gomery (aka the Sponsorship) shows how deep into Wonderland you have fallen.


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  27. Today in QP PM Harper asked the coalition..:Where’s the beef” otherwise this is just another drive by smear that the Liberals are famous for and the reason the voters put him in charge of running the country and them in third place.
    Dean del Mastro asked Charlie Angus why on monday he said they had nothing. Dennis Codere Liberal asked …”where’s the poutin”.
    I would say the poutin is in Quebec on separation street. Was there an orange wave on separation street?


  28. I am listening to CBC P&P Evan Soloman show. Speaking of who is working for the opposition party on this smear is CBC. BIG TIME. Whenever any Conservative starts talking about this co of the Thunder Bay Call centre that BTW is now being investigated(thank god) Evan CUTS them off. They don’t want viewers to know that “the call centre worker said they were supposed to say they were calling on behalf of the conservative party , but they wern’t supposed to do it but they shortened the script and said they were calling from “ELECTIONS CANADA”.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is so much CBC spin trying to avoid what this woman SAID.


  29. As I’ve posted on other blogs, isn’t it funny how almost all the pollsters, other than Frank Graves predicted to the percentage point the results of the last election? If all these voters were subverted by last-minute robocalls, how could this be?… did Stephen Harper somehow robocall all the pollsters and skew their election predictions as well?? It all defies reality so grotesquely that you wonder how anyone can be taking this seriously. Yet look at the comments sections of the G&M and the TorStar… people are foaming at the mouth over Harper’s denial that the Conservatives did anything wrong – he’s guilty whether he admits it or denies it. They bought the election and everyone knows that Canadians really wanted Iggy for PM!!


  30. Guffman, I had to edit a wee bit in your first sentence. When you mention specific names, be careful. I don’t want to be sued.

    But, your idea of the polls is brilliant. If I have time tomorrow, I will definitely write about that and give you a hat tip. Thanks.


  31. I find CBC so distastful. Here they are with a bombardment of news on this robocall…the very CBC who had that rigged gadget on their website that told all voters they were Liberals.

    The very CBC that broke the elections rule and showed election results during the blackout period for everyone else across the country but not the CBC.

    The very CBC using taxpayers dollars last night to get a camera crew into Guelph and show the restaurant called Poutine and even an order of poutine. What is newsworthy about showing that? Talk about digging deep and were paying for all this.


  32. I’m just about to put up a post showing that the poll results prove the robocalls had nothing to do with the election results. Feel free to send the URL to as many media as you can. Thanks to guffman for the inspiration.


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