Quebec student protestor “rights” do not trump “rights” of others

QC students block other students.

The naive, spoiled, Quebec student leaders, along with the entitled, well paid “public” (as in taxpayer funded) sector union officials, who are protesting in Montreal about tuition fees and all things capitalist, don’t get it.

They don’t get that their fundamental right to protest and shut down entire Montreal neighbourhoods does not trump the rights of others.

Either Canada is a free country or it isn’t.  Either political disagreements are settled at the ballot box or they aren’t.  Because, angry disruptions and riots lasting a hundred days are no longer peaceful protests, they are the beginnings of anarchy.

Yet, listening to Quebec’s student leaders, you’d never guess that Canada was built on the rule of law, has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that covers everyone and allows free elections when we disagree.  

Laws? What laws? Given what the Quebec student leaders say (H/T JNW), the students who are protesting are above the law. 

In fact, it seems that they actually believe that their “fundamental rights” to cause mayhem and defy laws are above everyone else’s right to peace, order and good government.

Well, I have news for them, when you STOP others from doing what they have a right to do (as in deliberately stopping students from going to classes, interrupt existing classes or shut down businesses that provide employment), that is what Marxist totalitarianism looks like. And, leaders who hold to that kind of ideology are narcissistic, lacking in compassion and completely intolerant of opposing views!

Leaders in democracies, on the other hand, like in Canada, try to balance the rights of everyone. Which is why consensus is so difficult and why we have the right to make changes at the ballot box.     

Life is not fair. That has always been true. Some people have more than others. Yet, striving for a better life can be the very spark that pushes people to rise above their circumstances.  And, that is what a free country is all about, not free in terms of getting everything handed to us on a platter, but free to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and making our own way.

Which brings me to a couple final thoughts.  As a former professor in education, I would like to send a message to all those college and university teachers who are protesting with the students and/or condoning shutting down classes — you should be ashamed.

Why? Because what may have started out as legitimate protest, has become anarchy. And so, early on,  it should have been you who explained, just as is happening in Greece, that there are limits to social demands and entitlements.

The parents who are condoning and protesting, along with their children, should be ashamed as well. Have they never said no to their children? Have they never taught them that there are consequences to their behaviour and actions?  No? Well, perhaps now might be a good time to start. As the saying goes, better late than never! 

The crux of the matter is that the fundamental right for Quebec students to protest, along with their public sector union enablers, does not trump the rights of others to expect adherence to the Canadian principles of peace, order and good government.

Update: (1) Here is a link to a New York news item about the lawlessness in Montreal. Unfortunately, the fact that the protests are getting negative international attention bodes badly for tourism revenue this summer.  Do the protestors care? No, they don’t. Rather, they only seem to care about “their” fundamental rights. Talk about magical thinking. It is as though the student leaders think the Quebec economy can run on empty.

(2) There is apparently a blog that includes protestors daring the police to arrest them. However, I will not put up the link to give them traffic. Which only goes to prove that there is an entitled generation out there that has not been taught that with rights come responsibilities. Just thinking or alleging that Jean Charest is a dictator does not make it so.  What exactly do all these student and occupy people actually want? To make us a third world country? A communist country? If so, they have no idea what a dictator and dictatorship are really like!

10 thoughts on “Quebec student protestor “rights” do not trump “rights” of others

  1. Unfortunately Quebec is a democratic nation in name only..Their anti english discrimination offends the Charter and everything Canada stands for. The student rioting is simply a display that the Rule of Law is not part of their culture.


  2. I hear what you are saying Dillon. But, it is my belief that the students, union members and professors doing the protesting are in the minority. As such, we have to be careful not to judge an entire nation by the actions of a minority. And, that is my point. The “rights” of the protestors do not trump the rights of the students who want to attend classes, finish their year and get a summer job.

    Charest was wrong to simply postpone the semester. By doing so, he has let down the majority of students and their parents.


  3. Perhaps if Nicola comes by, she can comment, because she has explained before that her son was one of the students wanting desperately to attend his classes.


  4. these people want lower (or more likely free) tuitions to be paid by the very corporations they hate so much, odd but consitent with the new age champagne socialism/marxisim


  5. My son’s fellow students have voted (not a secret vote) again to not restart classes. Another vote will be held before August 16th. So once again he and the others who want to study are in limbo (not sure if the Catholic church still believes in limbo).

    But I have to say if the results of those cegeps who tried to reopen are any indication (injunctions not respected or in the case of the University of Quebec classrooms invaded by thugs), even a vote to reopen hardly seems worth it. What will happen in August? I have to think even if classes start there will be all sorts of harassment like false bomb alerts to disrupt classes.

    Just heard on the radio a merchant whose business has been hurt by the numerous protest marches – he was so angry. I fear people will start attacking the students since no one seems to be in charge here.


  6. Thanks for keeping us up to date Nicola on the other side of this issue. Can your son transfer to another province? Although some Ontario student union groups are threatening now too. York of course, the most Marxist of all Ontario universities.


  7. My son is only in first year cegep as yet unfinished and I think it’s a bit late to transfer to any other institution in or out of the province. Also a lot of his friends go to this cegep and he has his part-time job in Montreal. Qui vivra verra.

    My brother teaches environmental studies at York University and is very fair for a ‘leftist’. We have interesting discussions as you may imagine! When I told him that a lot of York Univ. students signed a petition to go on strike to support Quebec students and low or no tuition, he replied: “Nothing is more exhilirating than power without responsibility”.


  8. What an amazing statement Nicola — power without responsibility. That is it precisely. Or, put another way. The students who want everything free “are wet behind the ears!” Meaning, they are acting like petulant children who want their way NOW, to heck with anyone else!


  9. Just heard on SNN that CUPE locals from University of Toronto and McMaster in Hamilton are contributing money to the student and their thuggery. More violence in Montreal today.


  10. Not surprised Jon. McMaster is from where I retired and “had” to belong to a CUPE local whose officials were more arrogant and totalitarian than any group I have ever had to deal with. Neo-Marxist all the way. Thuggery is right.


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