McGuinty gov’t refuses OHIP for blind 2-yr-old Liam Reid US treatment

Credit Globe and Mail.

Of course, officials at the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) say they can’t talk about an individual case due to privacy laws.

Well, fortunately I have no such limitations, given the family has already spoken to reporter Caroline Alphonso at the Globe and Mail.  

As Alphonso reports, Liam Reid is two years old and will be fully blind by the time he is four if he doesn’t continue to get treatment by a world renowned surgeon in Michigan — treatment that is not available in Ontario.  And, indeed, Alphonso provides plenty of evidence that the treatment really is not available in Ontario. (H/T NNW)

Anyway, the family has been attending the Michigan clinic for nearly three years now but has run out of money because OHIP refuses to contribute anything towards their costs. Why? Because the McGuinty government is cutting expenses.

Now, normally, one could understand the cut backs, given the size of the Ontario deficit. But, why is the McGuinty government cutting back on health care — be it the out-of-province funding the Reid family needs, or the closure of the Thistletown Regional Centre — when they continue to spend billions of dollars on subsides for wind energy that are costing us far more than we take in? 

Plus, as my fellow blogger Joanne wrote at Blue Like You last month, the McGuinty Liberals are spending millions paying for energy we can’t even use.

How very sad.

In the final analysis, however, whether OHIP comes through or not, I hope that some way is found that Liam Reid’s family gets the funding they need to stop the progression of Liam’s condition. And, if they have a fundraiser, perhaps someone could let me know via my Contact Form and I’ll add that information as an update to this post.


Update: I have heard from one of Liam’s aunts. The blog where people can donate for Liam’s care is:  A facebook page is and the twitter handle is:


Endnote: For further information on how much money the McGuinty government waste’s on wind energy, check out the archives at and

15 thoughts on “McGuinty gov’t refuses OHIP for blind 2-yr-old Liam Reid US treatment

  1. “when they continue to spend billions of dollars on subsides for wind energy that are costing us far more than we take in?”

    And they decided that full time day care (whoops…kindergarten) is an absolute must but this little man falls through the cracks? The medical issues/community seem to be where this govt’s slash agenda is heading. In particular, this one stinks when it was this govt who wasted bucket loads of tax payer dollars on medical boondoggles.

    As well,based on those frequent enviro-wack, big fan fare photo ops that this Premier has posed for, it does speak volumns what those issues are that he will make noise about vs those that are tossed in the ‘no comment’ bin.

    Maybe the bailed out Ont. auto industry or demanding Ont unions can pass the hat around too?


  2. It’s funny to me that it’s the Liberals who tend to wantonly throw around the concept of “compassionate government”, yet when it comes time to walk the walk the only ones who seem to profit are they’re corporate cronies.


  3. The only thing liberals are (com)passionate about is lying through their teeth and stealing as much from the taxpayer before getting thrown out.


  4. Sandy – the whole wind energy boondoggle is just one of MANY areas where McGuinty’s wasted money. There are dollar efficiencies to be found in most of McGuinty’s bloated ministries. I feel you do a dis-service by focusing on only the wind-turbine issue, WHICH by the way even in PC held rural/small town ridings isn’t going away. As a matter of fact in today’s local paper aren’t we lucky to have full-page ads and notices taken out to laud the continued plan for hundreds more turbines between Grand Bend and Bayfield Ontario. Next, we here that McGuinty’s going to run roughshod over municipalities when it comes to OPG and casinos – giving them no say in where casinos are placed.


  5. Jon — Let’s concentrate on donations for little Liam Reid. I have already made a small donation as I know every little bit helps. I don’t think, in the seven years I have been blogging, I have recommended donations, apart from one time when I recommended people donate to Ezra Levant’s legal fund when he was dealing with the AB HRC.


  6. Posted on my FB page and I’m going to send it to our next Premier, Danielle Smith 🙂
    I wish I was a millionaire!


  7. Bec — I hear you re not being a millionaire. I am sure any donation is accepted with appreciation. When they get enough of them, they will all add up.

    I can understand some treatments for some people not being covered by OHIP, such as those available in other parts of Ontario, even if a wait list. But a two year old who will soon go blind? Shameful.

    And, they call conservatives heartless. Not!


  8. Jon — It doesn’t matter if a riding is PC held or not. McGuinty took away all local voice or rights to oppose a wind farm with the GEA (2009). It doesn’t matter how many residents in a certain area are against more turbines. McGuinty has made sure that our voices matter not.


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