Leaked Ornge budget document vs Liam Reid’s OHIP for US treatment

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Today, the Ontario PCs have released information from a leaked Ornge Ambulance budget document and it’s mind-boggling! Read it and weep.

As MPP Frank Klees writes in the PC news release: “$20 million in taxpayer dollars are flowing out the door to investors instead of being put towards patient care.”

Of course, all Ontarians want an air ambulance service that is safe and reliable.  So, if we thought that the $20 million was being spent on more pilots or the service itself, we wouldn’t mind. But investors? When we now know that at least two patients have died due to Ornge delays.

So, we need to think about that alleged mismanagement and disregard for human life and limb at Ornge in relation to what Caroline Alphonso wrote in yesterday’s Globe and Mail (and also reported on here at CotM and at Quixote’s Last Stand), regarding two-year-old Liam Reid’s family trying to getting OHIP to fund out-of-province treatment that is not available in Ontario.

 As Alphonso explained, the McGuinty government hopes to save $28.5 million by cancelling out-of-province OHIP funding. Meaning, that not only is $20 million not going towards patient care at Ornge,  it is also not going for out-of-province patient care at OHIP. 

What exactly ” is” the Ornge money going for? Well, according to the PC link, it is going toward investors indirectly via interest on an Ornge debt that the McGuinty government says they are not responsible for. So, if the Ontario government is not responsible for the Ornge debt, why are Ontarians paying the interest on that debt — particularly when health care dollars are being cut elsewhere?

Now, is there a direct correlation between the Ornge $20 million and the OHIP $28.5 million? Perhaps not. But, the two decisions do represent McGuinty government priorities and how the money is actually allocated.

Austerity? Paying down the deficit? I think not!

And to think that Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Ontario Liberal caucus, not only want a majority government, they probably think they deserve one, otherwise they wouldn’t have arranged for there to be a by-election in Kitchener Waterloo.

Well, CotM readers can let Premier Dalton McGuinty know exactly what they think. 

Twitter: @Dalton_McGuinty

Email: dmcguinty.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org


Endnote: To donate towards Liam Reid’s U.S. treatment, just click on the photo above.

5 thoughts on “Leaked Ornge budget document vs Liam Reid’s OHIP for US treatment

  1. I know my claim that real, old fashioned, Athenian-esque democracy sounds crazy. But… do you think that when it came to specific spending of public monies, citizen assemblies or juries might be a good idea? I think if 100 randomly selected citizens were chosen to look a the matter and think for a minute or two, they’d choose Liam Reid over Ornge interest every time.


  2. Anon1152, my point is that I choose Liam Reid and his families interest at this time. Re Ornge, I hopes that either the McGuinty gov’t cleans up their act or that there is an Ontario election and the PCs get elected with a majority. Beyond that, I’ll leave the philsophy to you.


  3. I don’t think it’s an issue of philosophy. I think when it comes to spending public money, the public should have more of a say. Directly. In other words you, or someone like you, would have a say in how money was spent. And that if the public had more of a say, then the government would side with Liam Reid more often.

    Hm. Maybe that is philosophy. Sorry about that.


  4. Anon1152 — You may be right. But, given what I have learned just from blogging, I doubt it would be operationally possible.

    I mean, just look at any thread here and the number of opinions, although most of us just want young Liam to get the help he needs.

    Anyway, trying to get consensus on any topic would be hard, very hard because of all the vested interests. I won’t go into what those interests might be between Liam Reid and Ornge but there are many on both sides.

    Which is why we have elections in this time and place where we, in effect, delegate our say!

    Hmm. Maybe that too is philosophy. 🙂


  5. Please Note: I have removed a couple of comments and my response to that person in order to keep the focus on Liam Reid and the mixed up priorities of the McGuinty govt. If I hear any good news regarding Liam, I will post a comment on this and the previous thread to let everyone know.

    A reminder also that I have the full moderation feature on most of the time now and that it is totally up to me, the blogger, as to which comments get approved and which dont.

    I will be putting up a post in a few minutes comparing the youth of 1944 to 2012. One was giving everything for freedom. The other demanding everything for free.


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