All Gr. 8s graduate in ON whereas in NYC barred from ceremony

From NYC Parents Blog

In Ontario, every Grade 8 student passes into high school whether they are ready or not. It’s called social promotion or part of the McGuinty government ‘s so-called success strategy. As my archive indicates, I have written about this topic many times before.  However, this 2007 Toronto Star article tells it like it is, that it’s the teachers responsibility — not the student’s — to make sure all Grade 8s pass.

In New York City in 2012, it appears that the exact opposite is the case. A total of 7000 students were expecting to graduate from Grade 8, yet because they had not yet been advised of the results of their end-of-year state exams by the time of the graduation ceremony, they not only couldn’t graduate but were barred from the ceremony. 

Then, low and behold, the results came out after the graduation that most of the 7000 passed after all! Of course that would have been after many of those students had already started summer school.

So, what does a New York City DOE (Department of Education) spokesman say? We are extremely sorry for delay? Naw. She simply says something to the effect that since most of the students who were mistakenly marked as failing passed only barely, they could still benefit from additional remedial work.

Either way education bureaucrats are failing students. In fact, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that by treating 13-year-olds like this, on either side of the border, its child abuse.

In Ontario, its abuse because the bureaucrats and politicians are failing kids by implementing carte blanche social promotion policies that do not require some form of assurance that Grade 8 students have attained the basic skills they will need in high school.

In New York City, bureaucrats and politicians are failing kids for the opposite reason. They assume kids have failed even before they get their standardized test results and punish them further by not even allowing them to watch their peers graduate.  

Two extremes. Unbelievable!


Endnote: I did not blame teachers in either of these two cases because they do not make policy. They implement it. In Ontario’s case, they follow policy or they are fired. As the Star’s article title states: Failure is not an option.  In NYC, they simply administer the exams. It would have been the DOE who marked the tests and school officials who barred students from graduation ceremonies.

5 thoughts on “All Gr. 8s graduate in ON whereas in NYC barred from ceremony

  1. My child had outstanding marks from Grades 1 thru 8. Then, before graduating we were informed that she could not attend the Grad, she had failed to hand in numerous assignments. When we took her aside for the ‘talk’ she very honestly said that she could not fail Grade 8 and that since half her class wasnt handing in essays and assignments why should she bother? This is what this insane Education Ideology is teaching students and why more and more are home schooling.


  2. McGuinty is determined to bring everyone down to the same level as himself. Of course, this is typical of all left-wing thinking: why strive for excellence when you can be a failure and then pick the pockets of the industrious to support you.


  3. True billg and Powell. What got me, however, was that 7000 could “fail” and there was no uproar. Only the fact that they didn’t actually fail, which is bad enough. But, can you imagine 700 being allowed to fail in Ontario, let alone 7000? Moreover, we don’t have standardized exams at the end of either Grade 8 or 12.


  4. powell, this is why liberal socialists keep getting elected. the people have been dumbed down to the point where only a handout is necessary to get their vote.


  5. You know old white guy & Powell, I’m not sure how left wing or right wing politics plays in these situations. Remember, NYC has a nanny state Mayor who legislates the size of soft drinks for its citizens. Yet????

    No, IMO both the no-fail in Ontario and the too-late pre-established dates when end-of-year tests are done in NYC, are both bad policies. Seems to me that a compromise is needed by both levels of govt regardless of political bent.

    Mind you, just my opinion.


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