Boy, 2, with CP, successfully treated with his own stem cells

What an amazingly good news story in the midst of so much mayhem in the last couple of weeks. Boy, 2, successfully treated with his own stem cells!

Cold blooded murder on the streets of England. Violent clashes in Sweden. Over-spending in Canada’s Senate. Scandals in the U.S. Then, we read that for the first time, a young boy with Cerebral Palsy (who is known only as L.B.), was treated with his own stem cells and over time went from a vegetative state to a fully functioning young boy. Walking, talking and laughing.

As Rachel Reilly writes:

“Doctors claim to have successfully treated a  child suffering with cerebral palsy with stem cells for  the first time.

Just weeks after being given an intravenous  stem cell treatment from umbilical cord blood, the symptoms of a boy who had  been left in a vegetative state after a heart attack improved considerably.  Within months he could talk and move.

The German doctors who carried out the treatment say the  results of the treatment dispel ‘long-held doubts’ surrounding the effectiveness  of stem cell therapy.”

Now, that is something to celebrate — a special need that becomes special!

H/T #9 at JNW.


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