Why did media not cover Patrick Moore’s anti-Greenpeace demonstration?

Click for allowgoldenricenow.org

Did you know that on Thursday, October 3rd, there was a banner lowering protest by “Allow Golden Rice Now” at the Toronto Greenpeace headquarters?

Did you know that the banner condemned Greenpeace for crimes against humanity for allowing eight million children to die because of Greenpeace’s stance against the GMO nature of golden rice — which is simply to add beta carotene?

Did you know that Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the original group of Greenpeace founders and its first President, was there to launch the campaign?

Probably not because the campaign was not covered by the mainstream media apart from Sun Media’s Ezra Levant (video link below). In fact, it was not covered on either Global’s National or the taxpayer-funded CBC’s The National.

Why not? Why the double standard?

For example, check out this Google page on the Allow Golden Rice Now campaign. There is barely a ripple. In fact, if not for Sun Media and Google, we’d never know. Yet, when Greenpeace lowered a banner to disrupt a sport event, you get this kind of media and Google page reaction.

To put it bluntly, how on earth is a banner about not defiling the Arctic more relevant than Greenpeace’s anti-golden rice policy? I mean, the Bill Gates Foundation, and other Foundations are in favour of Golden Rice. Which is worse? Fearing there could be a problem in twenty years from eating a GMO food or allowing children to go blind or die NOW?

For more information, check out AllowGoldenRiceNow.org and here is the page for Ezra Levant’s video link . The Patrick Moore section, which covers everything you ever needed to know about Golden Rice, starts at the 11:39 mark and ends at 19:18.

C/P Jack’s Newswatch.

5 thoughts on “Why did media not cover Patrick Moore’s anti-Greenpeace demonstration?

  1. This is why MSM have lost all credibility with many people. They see themselves with a mandate to support and defend their agenda rather than reporting factual news. Frankly most of us are not interested in their opinions or spin, since we prefer to form our own opinion based on evidence and fact. That is why they refused to cover the anti-Greenpeace demonstration, and it is also why they do not cover pro-life demonstrations even when the crowd is massive. They will rush to cover a handful of pro-abortion demonstrators or the same number demonstrating against any cause considered conservative. In fact they will do their best to inflate the number demonstrating.


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  3. Exactly. This is why I have not watched CBC, Global, or CTV for more than a decade.
    Patrick Moore does not fit the Marxist agenda.


  4. Ken – I agree. I usually watch Global’s local news (Toronto) because it occasionally mentions the area where I live. But, rarely watch their National. In terms of CBC, they just cannot help themselves it seems. He and they are forgetting that an awful lot of people voted for the Conservatives in 2011. Regarding CTV, well….


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