Harper Gov’t has accomplished what was promised in post-election Throne Speech!

We learn from Elizabeth Thompson today in her column at iPolitics, is that the Harper Government has already completed half of what it set out in its 2011 Throne Speech.

We also learn that another 45% of what was promised is ongoing, like the signing of an EU free trade agreement which is a comprehensive bilateral initiative and takes time to negotiate.

Of the 5% of promises that were not met (or at least haven’t yet), all ran into difficulties that were beyond the government’s control, such as  the pledge to introduce a national securities regulator, which was held up by a Supreme Court ruling that they work with the provinces.

Anyway, full credit to Thompson for being able to hold her nose and admit that the 2011 Throne Speech was not hot air. And, given there is still two years left in the current mandate, more of the 2011 promises will likely be met. It is also possible that some of the “not-yet-met” promises will be in the 2013 Throne Speech expected next week — so as to keep them active.

Yet, in spite of this good news, I read comments under Thompson’s article like:

  • Please for the love of all that is sacred, don’t re-elect this destructive government,
  • “Hot air, nothing more. Now time to through [sic] Harper and his criminal cons in jail, to rot.”
  • Talk about missing the forest for the trees. Harper had aggressively promised an open, transparent and accountable government which he has gloriously failed to deliver (Senate claims scandals, robocalls, in and out scandal, are just a few in a very long list).”

Destructive? Criminal? Unaccountable? The 2011 Throne Speech contents indicate to me that the Harper Government “is” accountable and transparent or certainly more so than governments that came before (or our current Ontario Liberal Government which has admitted deleting emails related to the gas plant cancellations).

As I wrote yesterday, the “Senate” scandal is not a “Government” scandal and any disputed expenses are all being paid back. The robocall allegations against the Conservatives have never been proven. In fact, so far only an NDP MP has been fined. Regarding In and Out, the Conservatives settled that case because there was nothing illegal about it at the time it happened. It was a loophole that all parties used.

I mentioned those comments because they are indicative of the exaggerations and untruths out there. It’s truly pathetic! Read under any CBC, Globe and Mail or Toronto Star thread and that is what you will read, over and over and over. It’s as though if they think that if they tell the exaggerations or lies long enough, they will become true. Well, sorry, they won’t and, thankfully, most Canadians realize that.

True, the Conservative Government is far from perfect but I have no doubt that someday Prime Minister Harper will be recognized as one of the best leaders the country has ever had, if not the best. Look, I may be accused of being hyper partisan, but I am not. I have voted both conservative and liberal over the years. I actually liked Mr. Chretien and when he was Finance Minister, had great respect for Paul Martin. No, my reaction is based on what the PM and his Conservative Government have done for the betterment of this country.

Anyway, I ran into this irrational derangement syndrome during the 2006 to 2011 period as well. I used to keep a Harper Government Accomplishment List and progressives would go ballistic with ad hominem attacks against me every time I updated it. The reason I kept the list was because of citizens like the above whose comments continually said the government hadn’t done anything.

So, here we go again. You have a government that keeps its promises and it is hated by some with a passion that is completely irrational. I can only assume it is because they simply didn’t like the promises in the first place.


EndNote: I had planned to take a few days off for the Thanksgiving weekend but couldn’t let his one go by with a comment. The Harper Government Accomplishments continue. C/P Jack’s Newswatch. Welcome newswatchcanada.ca readers.

4 thoughts on “Harper Gov’t has accomplished what was promised in post-election Throne Speech!

  1. I’m so glad you have recognized this article. I was heartened by it. Such a contrast to the usual press articles. But she sure got shot down by the haters. How they can be so unfair is more than I can understand. The latest theme seems to be that PM Harper is not charismatic or likeable, and so won’t be re-elected. I personally like him a lot and would love to spend time with him. I think a person would come away from such a mtg stimulated and thoughtful. Justin Trudeau, not so much.

    During the press conference in Bali, Mr. Harper said that they have met their promises from the 2011 election and Throne Speech, and therefore the need for a new Throne Speech. Let’s keep hammering away on the kept promises. The Conservatives under Mr. Harper do what they say they will do.


  2. Thanks Bettie. I agree. One of the problems is that good news doesn’t sell. The haters have totally ignored what the Ontario Liberal gov’t have done. Unbelievable. I watched the same kind of media reaction when I worked for the Mike Harris PC MPP. If its conservative, it’s bad. If its Liberal, oh well, no big deal.


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