Conservative Gov’t of Stephen Harper responsible for Canada’s prosperity!

Click image for full CBC credit.

Click image for full CBC credit.

While no Western democratic government is perfect (as I complained yesterday when I wrote about an alleged problem with the Veteran’s Charter), the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper is better than most.

It is better than most because the Prime Minister and his Cabinet promote, with everything they say and do, a trade and job creating investment atmosphere that is forward-looking and dynamic. I mean, the EU trade deal is an example of an outcome that comes from that approach.

As Philip Cross, Senior Fellow at the Macdonald Laurier Institute and former Stats Can Economic Analyst, wrote in today’s Financial Post:

“[In Canada] the impulse to grow and expand is the natural state of business and the economy….[In fact] in my 36 years at Statistics Canada following every twist and turn of the economy, I don’t recall a single week where firms committed to so many large projects taking years to build and generating billions of dollars for decades to come.”

In other words, Canada is booming (particularly in Alberta).

The other good news, as John Ivison writes in today’s National Post, the Tories will balance their budget by 2015/16, if not a year ahead of that with a $3.7 billion dollar surplus. That type of surplus would allow them to lower taxes further and offer young families the split income option they promised in the 2011 election campaign once the budget was balanced.

I mean, who among us does not want more of our own money left in our pockets? Well, it seems, liberals and progressives don’t because the leaders of both parties have already said they would increase taxes. Justin Trudeau has talked about a carbon tax and Tom Mulcair has talked about increasing corporate taxes.

The thing is, Corporations don’t pay taxes. People do. Plus people also pay more for products and services to make up for increased taxes. Plus, corporations employ people. If expenditures get too high, they lay people off. And, who would those “people” be?  The middle class that both opposition leaders say they want to help.

Speaking of the middle class, imagine, there are a million more Canadians working now than in July 2009! Moreover, the unemployment rate keeps dropping. A year ago the rate was 7.4% while it is now at 6.9%.

So, while I hope the government gets the problems worked out regarding the Veteran’s Charter soon, and finds a way to do something about the “entitled” Senate, I am pleased to support a political party and its elected officials that are not only good fiscal managers, but promise keepers as well.

To understand what a promise-breaking free-spending, tax loving federal government would have on our country’s hard-earned prosperity, look no further than Liberal/NDP governed Ontario!

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5 thoughts on “Conservative Gov’t of Stephen Harper responsible for Canada’s prosperity!

  1. Yep, couldn’t agree more!

    BTW, nice to see our DART (Disaster Assistance RAPID RESPONSE Team) crew wheels up and gone for the Philipines with a hospital ready to set up! Courtesy of one of those C-17s the Libs and Dippers opposed so fervently.

    You know, as opposed to sitting on the side of the tar-mac, twiddling their thumbs waiting for Budget Rent-An-Antonov to show up sometime in the next couple weeks…a la the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia.

    Lefty’s motto: We promise rapid response, no matter how long it takes.


  2. Since you brought up Ontario — we’re going in the opposite direction. Wynne’s proposed Ontario Pension Plan could be another big blow to our economy here in Ontario.

    In the short term, hundreds of millions of dollars will flow from our pay cheques, into a new Ontario pension fund. We’ll all feel a little poorer. It will also hit job creation — with an employer match, like CPP — employers looking at all the costs of hiring will try to avoid new hires.

    In the long term, having turned over a large pile of money to a province that has shown no spending control, I’m betting there won’t be enough to meet the pensions promised, leading to another cycle of rate increases and pain.


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