Trillium (wind) Power wins right to sue Ontario gov’t for $2.25 BILLION!


Credit AP Koji Sasahara. Click for Ottawa Citizen.

Credit AP Koji Sasahara. Click for Ottawa Citizen.

Where could this latest Trillium Power “entitlement” fiasco leave Ontario taxpayers?  Another $2 billion in the hole that’s where. Talk about Liberal mismanagement!

First, the McGuinty Liberals wasted a billion on eHealth. Next, the McGuinty Liberals wasted a billion on Ornge. Then the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals wasted a billion on cancelling two gas plants — and for primarily partisan reasons.

Now we are faced with the Wynn/Horwath Liberals being responsible for throwing away another possible $2 billion. And, make no mistake about it, Kathleen Wynne was in the Cabinet of Dalton McGuinty when Trillium would have signed their contracts — giving Trillium the impression that it was up to them as how many wind turbines they erected.

I mean, what kind of contract is that? For details for this potential fiasco, check out Don Butler’s news column in the Ottawa Citizen. Whatever the reasons for allowing the partial appeal, I certainly hope Trillium does not succeed.

I mean, think about it. We are currently paying wind power companies not to produce and Trillium thinks the suspension was aimed at them alone?

Without a doubt, another reason to get rid of the Wynne/Horwath government.

28 thoughts on “Trillium (wind) Power wins right to sue Ontario gov’t for $2.25 BILLION!

  1. Yah, and guess who picks up the tab when have-not Ontario files for an additional $2B in equalization payments….

    Good gawd, someone cut up the Liberals credit card before they drag us all down!


  2. This is just an unprecidented disaster for McGuinty-Wynne’s green energy policy.Were this suit to succeed, it would mean the province would have paid over $3.35B B for absolutely nothing, no gas plants, no turbines zero kw of electricity generated. Chiarelli’s spokesman says Ont is considering its options. I would certainly hope so, one option seriously considered should be a resignation of this government.
    Important to remember here is that the fault lies not in cancellation of the contract, the fault is in signing a deal to develop wind turbines in the great lakes to begin with. Ont has surplus energy and no requirement for wind development anywhere, especially along the lakes shoreline.The fault here can be laid squarely at McGuinty’s door.
    This suit give us a foretaste of how very expensive it will be for any successive government to cancel contracts for land based wind plants. News from Ont Wind Resistance is that Liberals plan 6737 land based turbines in rural Ont. This means the program has barely begun with about 1/5 of them constructed.
    The opportunity cost of not building conventional plants is staggering and will plague our grandchildren for years. The Liberal Green energy plan is an economic disaster, too bad that Mainstream media remain too uninterested to report on it.


  3. I would guess that the morons that comprise the electorate in Ontario will vote for the same fools again.


  4. There is no hope of getting rid of the Wynne/Horwath nightmare team, we will be going to the next fixed election time with this wrecking crew.

    It’s also galling to hear Wynne lecturing us about saving for our retirement which is a joke for all those who live in Ontario. Trying to eek out an existence after taxes and the high cost of everything we need to survive we have to worry about today, kind of a day at a time routine.

    To add insult to injury this pack of wastrels are nanny stating like no other in history, legislating our every move, our freedom to use our own judgment is taken away bit by bit. Latest being no smoking in parks and on patios, I’m not in favour of smoking but for gawd’s sake we can surely have some freedoms in the great outdoors at least.

    It’s not “I Cry for You Argentina”, it should be “I Cry for You Ontario” because there’s not much to give us even hope that the uninformed masses and unions will not return more of the same.


  5. “We would put out as much guaranteed base load power in the middle of the lake as you would get from one nuclear reactor,” he said. “It’s a unique site and the wind is beyond anything imaginable on shore.”

    Kourtoff said offshore wind is a unique resource that Ontario hasn’t yet harnessed.

    “It would be the same as having Niagara Falls and not harnessing it for hydro power. If we can move quickly to a resolution, we can still get Ontario back into the forefront of this in North America.”

    Complete and utter BS. Saying wind can be used as base load power is a lie. Comparing it to nuclear and water power is a lie. This guy is guaranteeing wind. Can you say God complex!!


  6. I hear you all. Contracts that favour the wind companies. Meaning, when the PCs take over government, even a moratorium on wind development is going to be expensive. Can’t Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath see that? How can any government create a climate for investment and jobs with energy costing what it does? And, wind investors that will not take no for an answer.

    As a Province, we are in deep fiscal doodoo. I fear for my childen, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


  7. The Auditor General said that McGuinty entered longterm contracts for wind energy with Samsung, without even cabinet negotiation. The thought of McGuinty and a few cronies dealing with hard headed Korean businessmen is enough to make taxpayers extremely queasy. Samsung is in a win win situation, either they develop plants like the mammoth K2 in Huron and make huge profits, or better still they do nothing and sue the province for breach of contract.
    Newfoundlanders know the danger of Premiers signing longterm energy contracts, they are still paying for the foolish agreement Smallwood signed with Quebec decades ago. Ont’s situation has the potential to outdo even that pact for economic disadvantage, and Ontarians will be dealing with a foreign business, not a provincial neighbour.
    The most frustrating aspect is that McGuinty can waltz off to Harvard and retirement leaving residents on the hook for his incompetence for generations.


  8. The people of Ontario should be able to sue the Liberal Party of Ontario for the same reasons.


  9. We better pray some kind of common sense descends on the voting public of this province and they boot out this disastrous green crazed Liberal/NDP mess. If they are returned to power we could be hit with a carbon tax. They need money and they’ll tax your granny to her last dime and put Ontario right into the breadline capital of Canada.


  10. I just wish that the media particularly the SNN, would be on ‘unelected premier, Wynne’s case.
    SNN should do a ‘phone-in segment show regarding to this very subject mentioned by you Sandra.


  11. Wynne has invited Big Windbag Al Gore to Toronto to proliferate the big green monster lie.
    How much is that costing the taxpayers of Ontario?


  12. Thanks for that link fhl. I’m just not following this renewed Senate fiasco. I have a feeling that, at the end of the day, the Attorney General of Ontario will not lay charges because things would be too hard to prove. The fact that the media and opposition are trying so hard is disgusting. They didn’t do that with Chretien and the Sponsorship Scandal.


  13. Liz J. Gore does nothing without huge payments. IMO she is bringing him here to change the subject that she is unelected and the Pan Am Games are going to cost another $2 billion!

    That the media is ignoring all this is most unfortunate for the people of Ontario and Canada.


  14. On another topic, why is Algonquin College opening a branch in Saudi Arabia where women are not treated equally? What can we expect to garner from this?


  15. Yikes Liz. Do you have a link about Algonquin? It depends if it is for expats or the general population. If it means, women will be allowed to attend, it’s a start. Plus, it depends on what programs they will be offering. Fossil fuel extraction? Aeronautics? Nursing? I need to know more.


  16. fhl — Funny, I just read that post at BT. It’s great news for the Brits. If, as I hear, Kathleen Wynne invited Al Gore to Ontario, the Ontario Libs haven’t got the message yet.

    However, thinking out loud: Maybe the PM will be able to speak about the issue publicly — although the media will be all over him about that too as a climate denier. Dumb and dumber. All climate changes. It’s AGW we have a problem with.


  17. I haven’t written anything for a few days because the opposition and most of the media seems totally out of control over this latest RCMP Senate report. It clearly states the PM was not involved so I have nothing more to say.

    Yet, the media and opposition are making wild allegations. It’s unbelievable. Other countries must be looking at us wondering what the heck our problem is. We are not having to undergo austerity measures. Our economy is doing well. Our deficit is nearly gone.

    Sheesh! The Harper hater syndrome is most unfortunate.


  18. Sandy I read about the Algonquin expansion into Saudi Arabia, can’t find it now but it’s apparently been in the works for some time. There are two campus expansions, one in Jazan, Saudi Arabia this year and one in Kuwait next year.

    The one in Jazan is now all about prepping students to learn in a second language, english which all teaching will be done in English.

    The one open is all male and a five year plan in place to build up to offer business, engineering, accounting programs etc and whatever. This one is all male and they hope to win a bid to open an all female one in future.

    I don’t get it, it makes no sense to me.


  19. Great link thanks to the way the ball bounces, on the greatest hoax perpetrated on all of us


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