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Even though Kellie Leitch is not my MP (e.g., Rob Nicholson is) I noticed her website link to a very helpful Family Tax Guide at BLY (H/T Fay).

Since blogging will be slowing down over the holiday period (and I am still recovering from a knee injury), I thought I would put up a link to this amazingly helpful tax guide.

I am not sure if Dr. Leitch’s staff put it together or if it is available to all MPs — since I have been unable to find it on the Revenue Canada website.

However, since it was put out by a Conservative MP, I will credit the Conservative Government in general.

Now, for those who will complain that the Revenue Canada Agency already provides guidelines every year (check here, for example), this version is definitely family oriented and much easier to follow.

It’s called Helping You and Your Family Save More. Feel free to download it and keep it for when tax time comes around again.

2 thoughts on “Save with Conservative Government’s “Family” Tax Guide

  1. I suspect it is a faux pas of the MP in question — most MPs are not internet savy (a generational thing) and require their staff to edit such things. I have seen this wrt to all 3 major parties. some MPs appear to be out to lunch and they need to be made aware of such things.


  2. Gerry — I don’t see any part of this guide as a faux pas in any way. When I worked for the ONPC MPP, one of my duties as EA was to put together householders. We had a wide variety of ideas to chose from. I used to mix and match so that our householder was unique and not cookie cutter.

    If, however, you have seen the Guide used by opposition MPs I would be interested is having a link. That a householder template like this would be available to all MPs would be very interesting and a sign of bi-partisanship — although I am not holding my breath. LOL


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